The Top Ten Most Played Games On Steam Deck: April 2023 Edition -

The Top Ten Most Played Games On Steam Deck: April 2023 Edition

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The Top Ten Most Played Games On Steam Deck: April 2023 Edition. At the end of every month, Valve releases its list of the top Steam Deck games by overall hours played

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  1. Elden Ring is not a masterpiece. I plan on getting it next sale but from what I heard… it's not fromsoftware's best game

  2. I came here to look for something interesting to play but damn these games are basic af😅

  3. God I hate vampire survivors way better games out there to play it’s just not that fun it is for a bit but just gets stale same gameplay loop

  4. This didn’t sound like a real person reviewing. Sounded a bit artificial.

  5. Been playing Age of Wonders 4 on the deck and it's a lot of fun

  6. The heck is that #1 game? They might as well play a gameboy

  7. A good one would imo would be star bound, specifically with mods as the modding community is still very much alive. It's like terraria but in space with a fully procedurally generated universe. Works really well on steam deck

  8. whats the cheapest handheld console where you can play games for ps4-ps5 xbox and what not ? assassins creed, gta iv, rdr 2, and what not ?

  9. Imagine hiring a voice over with the charisma of a cardboard sandwich

  10. Been playing Asphalt 9, The Little Shop (Winkeltje), Wreckfest and Time Wasters quite a lot on Steam Deck.

  11. Aren't you guys finally bankrupt? I'm waiting for the day

  12. That dialogue that shows up on GTA 5 🤣😂

  13. I’ve been playing Forest Fire a lot on my Steam deck the last couple of days, it’s really addicting

  14. I can’t stop playing Age of Wonders 4 and Darkest Dungeon 2… neither are Verified yet (both are working on it with Valve) but playable nonetheless.

  15. Of course! Now people can play hades on the go like on switch but with the power of a PC!

  16. Wouldn't have been surprised of you lot put tears of the kingdom in there too lol

  17. I played through prey on the deck this past month. Ran great at high setting with a good 60 fps.

  18. I've just ordered one …. have i made a mistake or are they awesome ? also can you have all console games on there for eg xbox and ps games ? also what games would everyone suggest me to get when i recieve it next monday , any information would be highly appreciated, thanks all ✌🏼

  19. Battery life is an issue for me. Unless it can push 5 hour, then i will pass. And no, charging and playing ruin the battery so no thank

  20. Wait so you cant actually logg into your steam accoumt and play games from steam , does only have like its own games and another question i have is if you can use platforms like youtube, google , netflix … on it ?

  21. So…. games that I can play on my PS5? No thanks.
    Meanwhile steam deck has no FF16 and spiderman 2, yes it will ported to steam, but when? i dont play late.

  22. Hey Kotaku; where's the pre-release review of the new Zelda lol

  23. Thinking of playing either hogwarts or Elden ring next on my steam deck, how's the experience on both games so far?

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