The ULTIMATE VR HORROR games list! // All the BEST VR horror games for Halloween 2021! -

The ULTIMATE VR HORROR games list! // All the BEST VR horror games for Halloween 2021!

Beardo Benjo
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If you’re looking for the best VR horror games ever to keep you terrified this Halloween then look no further, I’ve been playing the scariest VR games for years now & have compiled the ultimate VR horror games list to keep you screaming this month (and all year round). These VR horror games are the very best when it comes to scary moments, intense set pieces and their ability to get under your skin and leave you feeling like there might just be something watching you even after you’ve taken the headset off. The list compromises the best VR horror games Oculus Quest 2, PC VR & PSVR have to offer but if you think I’ve missed any big hitters out please drop them into the comments down below so I can check them out myself (I’m always looking for new scary VR games).

Strap in for a month of VR horror games and challenge yourself to play some of the scariest VR horror games & the best VR horror games ever by working your way through this list!

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0:00 – Intro
1:47 – Edge of Nowhere
2:40 – Wraith The Oblivion Afterlife
3:30 – Affected The Manor
4:07 – A Chair in A Room
4:39 – Resident Evil 7
5:26 – Subnautica
6:05 – Until Dawn Rush of Blood
6:52 – Arizona Sunshine
7:24 – Narcosis
8:11 – Surv1v3
9:06 – SCP Labrat
10:03 – Reikos Fragments
11:01 – The Persistence
11:49 – Into The Radius
12:46 – Organ Quarter
13:38 – Propagation VR
14:33 – Hello Puppets
15:31 – The Forest
16:32 – Forwarned
17:20 – Home Sweet Home
18:11 – Wilsons Heart
19:02 – Don’t Knock Twice
19:54 – Resident Evil 4 VR
20:33 – Face Your Fears
21:10 – FNAF Help Wanted
22:07 – Alien Isolation VR Mod
23:00 – Walking Dead Saints & Sinners
23:37 – Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul
24:33 – The Exorcist Legion
25:35 – Phasmophobia
26:29 – Layers of Fear VR
27:21 – Doom 3
28:22 – Dreadhalls
29:06 – lies Beneath
29:52 – Cosmodread

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  1. Please do drop any spooky VR games that I may have missed down in the comments below, I'm always looking for scary new experiences and would love to hear those recommendations =D

  2. I recommend "fnaf help wanted" for its repay value and variety of things to do

  3. The Mini-VanOsterum's The Mini-VanOsterum's says:

    Hey my first time ever being the first commenter and viewer. Lucky me. Jk. Always excited to hear what you have to say!! COLIN is excited to watch your new video. He says he like when you play games and don’t curse. Lol. Gotta love kidos.

  4. Although they're mods, Alien Isolation and Doom 3 VR are definitely the best VR horror experiences out there at the moment. Especially Alien Isolation.

  5. Im writing this before I even watch the video – One of the scariest VR horror games is 'Dread Eye'

  6. Dement. Still in development, with an overhaul in the works, but very Silent Hill-ish

  7. I need to try some of these, and I think the first one that I'll try is Cosmodread. But, you covered what I'm doing a series on my channel about (dropped the 1st one today). LIES BENEATH is nothing short of brilliant. I shall switch to my brown pants moving forward on my play through of that one. It's good, it's damn good! Criminally underrated. I'm mad I didn't snag it sooner! Great vid! 🍺

  8. I would say that Half Life Alyx is also pretty spooky at some points of the game. Great list!

  9. I want so badly lately to play TWD S&S, but they haven't put it on sale on quest since I put it on my wishlist though it's been on sale recently on steam and now on psvr, so I'm hopeful it will be sometime this month.

  10. Blair Witch in VR! How dare you not at least give it an honorable mention! Especially late game when it's dark and you hear noises all around you. Then you need to find generators for lights to be turned on and creatures appear and it's a rush and panic at the same time. Such a terrifying experience!

  11. Cool list! Really handy to get that halloween spook factor going on. By the way, what's your background track? Heard you using that in many videos!

  12. I'm kinda disappointed that Red Matter didn't get mentioned; it's primarily a puzzle/exploration game, but it has a fantastical creeping dread seeping throughout.

  13. BB coins another very valuable phrase, "Horror games are not just for Halloween" 🙂 Great list, thanks.

  14. I'm too chicken shit for VR horror at the moment…..I have downloaded Lies Beneath but I'm too scared to start it but Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year 😁

  15. This is really the only VR content I watch on YouTube anymore. Thanks for your reply on the community gaming question, btw.

  16. Yea baby its october thank you beardo benjo for your response fav vr youtuber out there thanks man have a good day

  17. Subnautica is terrifying even in flatscreen, i want to play it because it looks hella fun but i can't handle it
    Into the radius 2.0 is now entirely playable on the beta branch btw

  18. They fixed paranormal activity and the movement issues

  19. i wish there was dead by daylight vr , well atleast for the killer side

  20. Dead space was a brilliant game. until EA messed it up. im not going to bother with the new version as I see it as EA just trying to milk it for money

  21. Highly recommend Wraith. I loved the story and gameplay and thought the pacing was really good. I really hope the devs go back to fill in more of the story there.

  22. This is a great list. Edge of Nowhere was the first full game I played on my original Rift (which came with an Xbox controller since the Move controllers weren't out yet). It still holds up well to this day. Dreadhalls was one of the first I played in 2015 on the Gear VR innovator edition which worked with a Samsung Note 4. That game still terrifies me after all this time too.

  23. Dude I wanted to like Wraith but it was just too slow for me It really wasn't captivating to me at all. I ended up refunding it. I do see that you saved my favorite two horror games for last though haha

  24. YES COMSODREAD!!! I was scared you were gonna forget to mention it. It's my favorite!

  25. What Wait? "Face Your Fears II" was not on this list?? It was Sooo Much better than the short original "Face Your Fears". It had Two lengthy stores in the same creepy house and it play on multiple fear. There's section for people that fear spiders, a section for snakes, a section for people who fear getting attacked by rats. There is so much good scary fun that I'm shocked that it didn't make the list. o.0

  26. Congrats, great List! 🙂 I add to it : Face your fears 2 ; Five Nights at Freddys ; Last Labyrinth ; Transference.

  27. theyve since fixed the controles for paranormal activity on the quest 2 btw dude

  28. Daaaamn Benjo, thanks for the SUPER extensive list! I'd only heard of less than half of these. I'm kind of a big wuss as far as horror games go (ESPECIALLY in VR), but I am determined to try out at least a few of these this month before Halloween is over. Wish me luck, heheh…

  29. I hope someone comes up with VR mods for Amnesia Dark Descent and Outlast. Those would be truly terrifying in VR!

  30. I watch you play horror games so I don't have to lol!
    I tried the Friday Night at Freddy's one and I didn't even make it out of the first room before I was like nnnnnnope. Hahaha

  31. Not sure is it horror but I had creepy feeling almost whole play through the Red Matter.
    Other nice "wave shooter" is The Brookhaven experiment.
    When you want to see how you can die in VR test "Last Labyrinth" puzzle game only with head tracking and trigger.
    Some shooters can become horror if environment is right. Waiting VR version of Agony, want to see that hell in VR and do hide&seek with boss.
    There were lots of old games from 2016-2018 that is almost forgotten but horror was best category that worked low resolution headsets.

  32. thanks for the awesome list bro!!!! happy october and halloween too 🙂

  33. I found the quill theatre animation called Okiku to be pretty scary. It’s inspired by the Ring.

  34. All horror games should be random every time you play them. Scripted horror only works once.

  35. resident evil 7 vr was only meant to be a 1 year sony contract…still have no idea why it never got ported (there is a pc vr modded version I think). hopefully with quest 2 resident evil 4, we may 7 resident evil 7 vr make itself to pc…or even quest (just something other than very blurry psvr would be nice). it's probably too much to hope for resident evil 8 vr

  36. So pleased you spoke about Cosmodread. That game terrified me so much that I am having difficulty plucking up the courage to play it again after it frightened me so much!

  37. Nice to see Into the Radius on the list, I love the game and the devs are working on v2 and improving a lot so I hope that more people find it.

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