The Very Best Free to Play MMORPG Games of 2022 | What MMO Should You Play? -

The Very Best Free to Play MMORPG Games of 2022 | What MMO Should You Play?

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What free MMO should you be playing?
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Everyone gets to a point in whatever MMO they’re playing – Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, Lost Ark, Guild Wars 2 – where they’ve done everything. Or, at least, where they’ve done everything they want to do.
And at that moment, they boot up their web browser – typically Google Chrome, make their way to Youtube, and do a search looking for a new MMO to play.

Hey, my name is Stix and if you made it here.. then no doubt you’re looking for something to replace whatever MMO you’ve been grinding recently – however temporary.
This video is not an all inclusive “Best MMOs” list, as several of the best MMOs available are premium titles. Rather, this is a list of the best, easily accessible, free titles that anyone and everyone are capable of playing without restriction.
These games are a collection of different genres with different combat styles, graphical styles and general focuses.

MMOs included in this list:
Blade & Soul
Dragon Nest
Dungeon Fighter Online
Guild Wars 2
Lost Ark
PSO2 New Genesis
Star Wars The Old Republic
Swords of Legends Online
Toram Online

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  1. Crowd control should be something that is more interesting in PvE combat. Cc/enhancement is about the only way to make Trinity to something new.

  2. People still play rift? It was such a good game and had SWoTR had not come out when it did Trion’s original team still been there I think it would have compeated

  3. Wish Tera would release a sequel with unreal 5 engine

  4. Might as well take Tera off this list seeing as how it's getting shut down soon

  5. Pso2 ngs is the first game I downloaded when I first got my laptop and I’m so happy with this game (after almost 8 years without playing any mmo because I didn’t have a good computer). It was hard at the beginning getting used to using the shift key lol but but the Graphics, storyline, customization are just so good!!!

  6. Nice recommendations as always!

    btw you merged the timestamp of mabinogi and Lost Ark together.

  7. Looking for a good mmo to play is like browsing Netflix: it's entirely over-saturated with BS but you spend a few hours flipping through the whole catalogue and end up not wanting to watch/play any of it.

  8. Chrono odyssey is the name of the game from the intro trailer in case you also wanted to know.

  9. Runes of Magic was for me the best Mmorpg but gameforge destroyed it

  10. Honestly nothing has filled the void WoW left with WOTLK-Cata-MOP and I'm tired of looking at this point

  11. Runescape is such a game with a lot of history when it comes to the PVP and clan history and many legendary players who were apart of the PvP scene back in the 2000s and 2010s. However RuneScape has just turned into a game where players make in game currency and sell the gold to Chinese markets for real dollars.

  12. Does anyone remember the silent hill style mmorpg called Requiem? I loved that game. I miss RF-Online as well :/

  13. Lost ark is the best at the moment. Ive been playin it since now

  14. Are we going to ignore the fact that TERA is shutting down in June?

  15. TERA… Sorry but this video aged like milk lmao

  16. One game I'd recommend that is F2P and underrated: Elyon Online. They nickname it TERA 2.0

  17. This list mostly consists of old games that have been mentioned far too many times. If this is what you can come up with lately then it wasn't worth uploading in my honest opinion. Even the more recent games have been mentioned more than enough times. Give us some original material or don't waste our time please!

  18. maplestory is still very underrated imo. one of the only games of its kind and a ton of fun with it being f2p friendly with the reboot server. since its free i highly recommend u check it out it has an timeless look and tons of things to do

  19. i think i’m too picky on games.. the only one i found appealing in this video is soul worker

  20. You forgot to mention that TERA is gonna official shut down forever during this summer , I think it was July something …

  21. i feel like this guy always make the same video every couple months lol or im high i found this vid on google

  22. Bless Unleashed is better than most of these.
    SWTOR is pretty terrible… that is coming from someone who has played through KOTOR 1 and 2 over 10 times each.

  23. Not a single mention to Aura Kingdom? Its still active and very fun!

  24. You can add Broken Ranks released in 2022. I discovered this new MMORPG turn base, the combat system is very interesting and challenging. I recommend to give a shot if you are looking for something different.

  25. Given your recent video your comments about aion didn’t age well already lol

  26. cant forget rift is a dead game also it is mostly pay to have fun and stuff actually unlock and cant forget dungeons are pointless to level up in due to the instant raid u can get into at level 10 to max level without ever needing better gear then lvl 10 due to the raid scales u up so it lets u get better with ur abilitys… also needing to pay to unlock like earings ect… needing to pay for vip to have access to lower level dungeons again which it wasn't use to be like cause the game has a scale down mechanice but now u got to pay to have fun with that… i dont know why u aint speaking about anything about the cons of the games just mostly the pro's

  27. Not trying to stir anything up here, but Soulworker isn't an MMO. It's an online co-op brawler/dungeon crawler. Putting the term 'hub' in with MMO doesn't make the game any more MMO'ish. The maps are smaller than the smallest maps in Diablo 3. It's a mislabeled game mislabeled by the devs themselves, intentionally, to draw a bigger crowd.

    Been a game-tester for over 20 years and have worked for various companies, not just as a game-tester i might add. Soulworker is not an MMO. Having an extremely tiny social 'hub' that can hold upwards to a whooping 20(!) players, doesn't make it anywhere close to it being an MMO. MMO = Massively Multiplayer Online. Remove Massively and you're on the right track for Soulworker.

    TERA is shutting down next month. Already announced through their website.

    Sad day for some, a good day for the industry in my book, when an extremely predatory game such as TERA is shutting down.

    It used to be an amazing and fun game to play until they decided to add an overpriced subscription that cost 4 times that of the original subscription and gives you the exact same benefits or less, as well as an overpriced battlepass that you have to spend real money on in order to level it up before the end of the 'season', to an already dying game, and that's on top of the overpriced loot boxes.

    They turned TERA into an online, virtual loot box casino.

  28. You can take TERA off unless you want to play on a private server; TERA is closing on June 30.

  29. I cannot speak on several of these, as I am watching this to get some ideas about a few to maybe try. I have dabbled in about half of this list and only really seriously played Dragons Nest years ago and PSO2 as of recent. I wanted to give my 2 cents on Dragons Nest because I don't think this video really gives a good look at its current state.

    In Europe and US regions combined, this game sees an avg player base total of about 21 players daily per month on Steam according to Steam Charts. I can back this up after returning to this game that I once loved and seeing the main hub empty and queuing for various group modes and finding no one active in them. The game has bugs that were never present back during my original tenure with the game. Various visual bugs that make the game unplayable are present with no fixes available or online to remedy the issues.

    In short, for Dragons Nest, while I also can agree it is one of the best Action MMOs to date with my personal favorite combat system. I feel that it should be a hard pass for anyone considering. Dragons Nest 2 already is a thing and as of now has zero plans to come to the West. Eyedentity Games has all but abandoned support for the original and I doubt it will ever see its glory days.

  30. Remember Dekaron/Two Moons?
    Still has a pvp market.

  31. Rift, Tera, and Aion are all going offline forever. with how old these games are and the fact you are recommending Tabula Rasa too.

  32. Flyff is just like Fiesta Online. Simple with a lot of potential. Fiesta has better graphics skills classes and gameplay. That’s ab the only difference. Even the zones and mobs are similar

  33. as a long time blade & soul player i got to say the main story is great!
    you wil like characters,hate characters etc
    untill you reach the endgame paywall!
    after like lv65 HM10 or something it wil take insanely long to level up!
    boss beter gear drop are pretty low and its always a betting fight to get! that (you wil give up the bet because other players bet over 1000 gold or higher for it)
    bosses have been buffed and abuse push back, stun attacks now with the engine4 update.
    also PVP is insanely unfair! 1 stun from the other player = death!

  34. Just had to post that when I first saw the thumbnail for this I read "The best F2P MOMS in 2022!" The fact that there were 3 ladies there as well didn't help! XD

  35. I started Mabinogi last year, it's fun with friends, but I'd like to have a guild to join to lol. Sadly my GPU is all what's keeping me from playing Star Wars the Old Republic, which I find weird that my PC can play BnS and not that. PSO2 I play on Xbox and it's cross platform with PC from what friends told me, graphically New Genesis looks good. But my new friends and other people in the community all say base game PSO2 is better by far in terms of story. Everyone in PSO2 all say that New Genesis is a incomplete game, at least the long term players I've talked to share that opinion with the combat and graphics the only good things about it

  36. Hello sir i want to ask, what best free mmorpg for asia server

  37. Meh.. all these games suck. Cant believe there is no better games in 2022…

  38. Just a warning though if you play Tera though, it will be fully shut down after June this year

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