The WORST and BEST Games of E3 2021! - Final Thoughts -

The WORST and BEST Games of E3 2021! – Final Thoughts

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This year has been ROUGH for E3 but I wanted to find the best and worst games that were shown and dive deep on the experiences that hopefully will be fun to play!

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In this video DreamcastGuy gives his final reactions to E3 2021 now that the event is over with more in depth talks about Elden Ring including interesting details from developers interviews, fanboying over Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 now that we have seen gameplay on Nintendo Switch, deep dives on why all this DLC at E3 2021 kinda sucks and beating up more on Pixel Remasters of FInal Fantasy and Guardians of the Galaxy somehow being so bad, and also more talks about the great multiplayer looking gameplay of Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series X and talk about the rough gameplay of Babylon’s Fall which is coming to PS5 next year.


  1. Gotta be honest xbox n bethesda was the best e3 delivering gameplay trailers.

  2. the final fantasy collection should be remade as hd-2D games like octopath

  3. After I closely looked at the sprites from FF Pixel Remaster I have to say that they are pretty similar to the old sprites. Yes, they have some minor differences and they are somehow brighter than the SNES versions, but they totally OK – x milion times better than the mobile versions of FF5 and 6! I really do not know what DREAMCAST guy was talking about. ……For example, the new FF1 sprite – it's based on the original NES sprite – no the PS1 sprite, so that is why they are different. DREAMCAST guy always says he is the biggest FF fan but couldnt tell this lol…

  4. Felt like I went back 15 years in time. Most FPS games I have seen in years and I am like "ok neat but I want different game styles".

    Metroid 5 and shin Megami Tensei V made the direct easily the best moment for me and we got variety there.

  5. Fallout 76 was trash and isn't that bad no more.

  6. With e3 going downhill, covid being such an impact, and actual next gen games still being far off, i put low expectations on e3 this year and im glad i did.

  7. Only two things surprised me, Forza and Metroid. Honestly E3 was pretty lame. Every other game, sad to say, looked kind of meh

  8. E3 winners
    Microsoft number 1
    Nintendo a distant second the stuff they showed was mostly good but a lot of missing games (Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4,) The Mario Kart Team has been working 3 years on something but nothing was shown
    PC game showcase and the indie showcase was good
    The rest was mostly awfull with some sparkles
    The worst E3 stream was the 2K panel – which was completely out of touch with what E3 is about.

  9. The first Breath of the wild was not perfect though, I mean not being able to go back to Hyrule after beating Ganon was a huge let down.

  10. I don’t know why but I thought you were holding an opossum for a hot second

  11. I actually think Guardians of the Galaxy looks pretty good. It's hard to tell if people really don't like the game or they're upset about how the avengers turned out.

  12. Halo looks neat but Elden Ring looks awesome!!!

  13. Yeah I miss the days that E3 was about new games. I too was annoyed by all the DLC.

  14. So no one is going to mention that his frames doesn't have lenses in????? Like why?

  15. DreamcastGuy Most other genre's got love other than the FGC!, No NRS new game news KP3, SF6 we want a nice next gen fighting game that's why I got a PS5!

  16. If were calling indie game of the year. Im voting for tribes of midgar every since that game was showed last year ive wanted to see more.

  17. No man Guardians isn't done by one of the writers of the comics. They brought him out, but he's done no work on the game, they basically just said "Hey look, not Avengers, and the writer of the comics and Marvel have looked at our game and approved". (Like Avengers wasn't approved by Marvel too)

  18. MS and Nintendo are the only ones I watched.

  19. Elden Ring was surreal. Nothing could top that for me. The only thing that could come close is GOW5.

  20. As a playstation user this e3 was lame. The third party output was weak. Lets hope the 8 july event from Sony will do something.

  21. MICROSOFT WON! Gamepass is too good a value for money!

  22. I dont care about graphincs, give a good story and great gameplay and im good

  23. I think one has to lower expectations a bit, i mean last year was a pile of crap, that mustve affected projects in development

  24. I feel like if there wasn’t “filler” DLC content in E3, DCG would be mad that E3 had no content, I would be curious what his perfect E3 would be

  25. No one talking about playstation and the fact that they just released an actual next gen game… not told us about stuff coming out in the year and a half…

  26. Nothing surprising at this e3. Excepted for A Plague Tale Requiem.

  27. I'm sorry but I don't trust DCG opinion about jokes and acting. He said that the voice acting and the story of Days Gone was awful and it was the complete opposite

  28. The True winner of E3, the dog :p
    For me Nintendo won E3
    Though some smaller scale projects not shown in the conferences either out now or soon caught my attention. One is the Forgotten City I believe, its apparently something that originated as a Skyrim Mod that is now getting a full fledged game which looks really cool.

    The 2nd game that caught my eye is the indie game Dark Deity that has since been released. Its a Fire Emblem style game if you yourself are interested in trying it out

  29. Sometimes I wish I could have gotten a Twilight Princess 2.

  30. Halo looks awesome, even better is that Halo always plays better than it looks.

  31. How dare you call Metroid a “metroidvania” !

  32. Im honestly not that impressed with halo infinite. Im more excited about metroid dread and the remasters/remakes of advanced wars 1 & 2. Replaced looked absolutely amazing as well.

  33. .wowwww GOTG is the absolute highlight for me

  34. I'll buy a new Xbox just because of Halo! It's just soo good.

  35. Gaurdians looks fun to me

    edit : i went back and rewatched the Gaurdians gameplay thing in 4k and id say i'm even more into it, i think it looks good.
    getting some oldschool bioware vibes with it.

  36. Dude, a couple of days ago you tried to say Ninentdo won E3 because of Metroid. OVER fcking HALO BRO?

  37. “I’m being objective”…no, opinion is subjective.

  38. Um you're point of view is 'subjective' not 'objective' but yeah all good 🙂

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