These are the best games from out childhood/ when growing up… 👀🔥 -

These are the best games from out childhood/ when growing up… 👀🔥

Michael Storen
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  1. MarioKart Wii was so fun, also Wii Sports. I just remember me and my brother would play for hours back when times werent so hard.

  2. current minecraft is better than old minecraft imo.

  3. I still think prime fortnite was better ir was the first game I could play with all my friends then playground came out and that made it even better

  4. Nah thats like saying youtube is my favourite video

  5. Also so many others dude rdr2 god of war ghost of tsushima and a lot of others

  6. dont forget TF2!1!1!1 (also im a kid and i have never touched fortnite in my life)

  7. I know that this is only my opinion but wii sports IS THE BEST GAME TO EVER EXIST AND YOU CANT CHANGE MY MIND

  8. Honestly I love og fortnite equal to old minecraft it was SO fun

  9. Wii sports ain’t a game it’s an activity

  10. roblox 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 new roblox 😕

  11. DayZ, sea of Theives, forza, sniper elite 4, basically every game in existence is better than Fortnite

  12. Sadly most of thos games are gone not at but s9me

  13. you forgot halo one of the greatest games i have minecraft on the play station 3

  14. Anyone else remember the ORIGINAL copy of Minecraft on the Xbox/ PlayStation? It had the Halo Texture pack and everything

  15. Im missing the Japanese mariokart wii player that are literally teleporting to the end

  16. sad to think that there will never be a game like prime fortnite ever again 😔😔

  17. Next time Genz are ganna tell kids in the future to what game swere the best

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