This Deck Has The BEST Late Game - Legends of Runeterra -

This Deck Has The BEST Late Game – Legends of Runeterra

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Sett Karma Serene Skysinger



00:00 Game 1
07:31 Game 2
18:44 Game 3
24:01 Game 4
28:09 Game 5

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Snnuy, Mogwai, MajinBae, GrappLr all play Legends of Runeterra. Ranked, seasonals, the best decks, deck guide, new event and new decks. LoR is a card game based on League of Legends champions.

Legends of Runeterra is a 2020 digital collectible card game developed and published by Riot Games. Inspired by the physical collectible card game Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

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  1. This deck is amazing. Just copied it and played 3 games. All won so easily xD. Casual Sett "This is gonna hurt" attitude.

  2. I think Samira's followers will have their voiceline in the future. Some of the recently release follower unit don't have voice or voiceline when they come out, for example, dancing droplet and Atakarn.

  3. I hate this deck it's so anti fun to play against

  4. waiting for the secret keepers deck snnuyyy 🧡

  5. You should try out Jack Nami with formula, prize fight and the spell equipment

  6. which one better? with Targon, PnZ, or Freljord?

  7. Definitely disagree with Sett’s skin not being good.

  8. had the pleasure of playing vs that

    I wish they rotated karma and sett this set

  9. I know this is unrelated, but I have finally gotten my exposure to fame, when I destroyed Lady Pickl with my Samira/Sejuani
    Also cool video, bro 🙂

  10. this deck is really fun to play but turns take so long late game i cant stand it

  11. I kinda hate this expansion. Brash is hard to deal with, Samira is busted. I understand taking a lot of power and clutter from regions but it feels like they just gave it all to plunder. Elusive, draw engines, card generation, healing and pings. (Also, why wasn't akshan rotated)

  12. That warning shot in the first game XD How can you be so much into strong decks and not learn how those cards work ^^'

  13. Sunny playing Karma. That's what rotation did to him. Hope you're proud, Riot 😂

  14. If you ever make another jack and sett deck you need to call it 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure'

  15. Everyone: ohhh no my decks
    Chads: press f for Vlad decks

  16. Followers without lines are giving major "We don't want to invest in this game anymore" vibes.

  17. why does burble still exist? I don't understand it

  18. this deck is toxic and i hate it, same as fizz samira, there is only 2 deck in the game right now :c

  19. Honestly i don't know whst riot were thinking by not rotating Shelly and blubberfish. Those two have been breaking the game over and over again, but instead they chose to get rid of Aphelios because he's too good aparently. After years of playing the game non-stop, this is the first time i'm quittng the game till meta is fixed. Playing standard it's just miserable

  20. i play into samira decks dragons with the new 1/4 unicorns but also stony supressor. +3/3 and 2/2 buff card with silverings (because its exact copy) usually if i get more than one stony in mulligan they just rage quit turn 4.

  21. shame you can never get to the fucking endgame and runeterra is designed top to bottom to appeal to card spamming aggro dummies

  22. I'm a free-to-play player and I recently spent two weeks of reward savings on a Lissandra deck (including champion cards). I want to cry and I have nothing to play after the rotation

  23. I absolutely love sett, but hate Karma and spell spamming iona decks, so I wish sett's strongest deck wasn't thus

  24. Psst Snuyy, i'm here to tell you to play Sett Yi
    There is no synergy but pls do it 🙁

  25. This deck is gas, but I'm always bothered when not playing a champion of each region. I'd probably play 2 of Karma and 1 PZ champion in it so it doesn't feel so wrong.

  26. this is probably already in my top 5 decks all time, its all i have after ez rotated

  27. #voice4inferna probably my favorite card of the expansion.
    Like yeah I'm out of cards, but having Inferna on board is like having your whole deck in hand sometimes.

  28. Hi, I liked karma+Matt, but what kind of deck would you recommend if there aren't enough resources, I'm a newbie

  29. I hate the Samira fizz thing , it's just elusive with plunder , bring me back gp and let me at least see plunder with him and seju I am sick of it .

  30. I love Sett Karma tho been playing it with freljord instead! Its been super fun to ramp up and then slam like double feel the rush. So happy to see Sett Karma picking up o3o

  31. 17:32 for me you should have tried to stop the fizz with your spells. You know he has 3 cards in hands so he needs exactly 3 spells to stop you, and you also have 3 spells that stops him for a total of 7 mana (you can also start drawing more if he by miracle had 3 spells to counter yours)

  32. Александр Блазуцкий says:

    This deck is so toxic to play against…

  33. Idk if you ever talked about this but content creators like you would be able to get attention of the devs. I wish runeterra had a classic mode like hearthstone. I just want to use tryndemere

  34. Can i ask why not run attentive accountant instead of pit professional?

  35. So we back to Elusives Abusers era again🤡, Thanks Samira/Fizz🤡🙏

  36. Never been more excited from a snnuy intro till now

  37. love all these brainlet aggro players flocking to samira fizz after the aggro rotations like moths to a flame, free wins

  38. cool a few days in and we have already a deck with 2 heros and 3 units and all other are spells

  39. I just realized the only champions in the outro are Zilean and Viktor…

  40. I don´t realy get how this deck wins, played a bit of this and the Targon version, and they do very poorly for me.

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