THIS Is One Of The Best Games You Might Have Never Played -

THIS Is One Of The Best Games You Might Have Never Played

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Hello and Welcome to Downloadable Content! Have you ever played Sea OF Thieves?! Well you should because it is a load of fun!


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  1. Dude I’ve been playing sea of thieves for years, I’m glad you made this video because more people need to know this game exists (I know people know it exists but not as much as it should)

  2. I saw the sea of thieves thumbnail but only realized it was your video when I heard the voice lol. Love this game, been playing since beta

  3. Their is a vr pirate game called sail vr you can try its getting multiplayer sometime in the future

  4. I am glad to see some recognition for what is probably my favorite game ever. 800 hours and counting

  5. I low key thought this was a vr game for a few minutes😂

  6. there is a vr game called sail that might be a good vr pirate game you can try

  7. Sea of thieves is more than a game, it’s so so amazing I can’t describe

  8. if you like this you should try sail vr

  9. dude you should have more gameplays of sea of thieves and you should play more games besides blade and sorcery but continue making vr videos you always makes cool videos

  10. Warning from a SOT sweat, don't play 100+ of this game it gets so unbelievably grindy, enjoy ur journey to Pirate legend and then let the game go TRUST ME, oh and play the tall tales those are great.

  11. It's already weird enough to see you playing VR games other than B&S, but now you tell me you play flat games, too?!

    Great game, though, but damn, we really need a good pirate VR game.

  12. I used to play this game. I had like a few million coins in it. There are so many things to do in it. Like I played this game for 2 years and was still having fun.

  13. I have 3000 hours in this game. If anyone is thinking about getting this, please listen to me. The first couple hours will be the best you experience in the game. Please do not rush to pirate legend. The grind will be more fun if you take your time with it. I made the mistake of mindlessly grinding the same thing and then not liking the reward as much because I didn’t enjoy the journey towards it. Also if you can get a couple friends to play with you it is 10x better. Have fun.

    Edit: also definitely do the tall tales before anything. It is the closest thing to a tutorial in the game. If anyone tries to kill you just tell them you’re new and doing a tall tale. They will most likely leave you alone. But at the end of the day you can’t get upset if someone sinks you bc the game is called sea of THIEVES.

  14. I’ve actually played Sea of Thieves a LOT, and I’m glad it more attention

  15. Welcome to the sot community my guy! cheers!

  16. I wonder if I’ll se you out on the waves? Just by luck lol

  17. I have the same username on sea of thieves as my user here, Cebbat, if you see my sloop or galleon, please say hello! I have dog or fox I’ll let you hold :>

  18. hey so next monday you should showcase the dynamic breakables mod in b&s by hugh johner

  19. Hey drifter maybe I could play this with you someday

  20. Holy shit! That was one of the funniest videos of Sea of Thieves I have seen yet. Keep us up to date with your adventure. I know it's not vr, but I would definitely like to see more of this.

  21. Bro is enlightened in the ways of the plunder asunder.

  22. Funny stuff drifter it really had me laughing a lot. You got two crew mates standing in the ready if you dare the seas again!!!

  23. Hey if you ever need someone to play with hehe well I could show you the emergent storytelling of burning your ship down by forgetting a chicken drumstick on the stove

  24. Day 3 of asking for this
    Cow boy dungeon run idea- mods:
    Winchester lever action mod
    Mmp huntsmen knife
    And finally 1851 colt navy revolverx2(u can fan it and spin it for maximum cowboy effect). Love the vids man 👍🏻 been here since 15k

  25. Yes I love sea of thieves, I bought it back when it first came out and just recently got back on

    I will say to anyone who hasn’t played it it’s fun by yourself but can get a little boring alone so if you have friends get it with them. It will make the game so much more fun

  26. Man vr sea of thieves would be amazing there is one that trys but isnt even close to what it could be!

  27. This has been on my radar also, but I haven't played it due to it being a multiplayer game, and in my addmitedly limited experience the communities in multiplayer games tend to be a nightmere.

  28. Honestly I haven’t played because I like playing solo I would like a solo adventure with a story that you don’t have to PvP in I’m not a big fan of PvP especially when I’m solo.

  29. Yeah not likely to get a VR port of this game because it's strictly Always Online Multiplayer

  30. I'd love it if You streamed this on youtube or at least posted the saved stream here. I wanna See more pirates

  31. Mannnnn take me back to the first time me and the boys played this game… TAKE MEEE BACKKKK

  32. I don't blame you for liking wind waker. I don't own the game myself, but from the streams I see, I know it's very fun.
    It kinda makes me wish I had a talking boat.

  33. I just found out you got 100k

  34. That one person who Air-Drops you memes says:

    Oh my lord. I didn’t realise you played SoT. One of my fav. games of all time, and I love it so much, I got Pirate Legend and it felt… satisfying. Also some friendly advice: when approaching an island, don’t lower your anchor, but instead raise your sails when the name of the island shows up, then raise sails because you keep up momentum. Shaped clouds are events so when you feel confident in the combat, then attempt some of them. Get an emissary flag ASAP, but until you’re ready, don’t raise it if a reaper ship is on the server (Reapers show up on the map as a red ship-shaped fog) and final tip: ALWAYS stock up before you leave the outpost you spawn on.

  35. Just FYI it's better to keep your title to 60 characters or less or else it runs off into "…" on the home page


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