THIS Will Be THE BEST JOJO GAME To Ever Release On Roblox... (Better than A Universal Time) -

THIS Will Be THE BEST JOJO GAME To Ever Release On Roblox… (Better than A Universal Time)

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There has been a lot of new Jojo games on roblox that have failed, but this one is THE BEST I have ever played, and from what I can see it’s far better than a Universal Time. Project star is going to take over Jojo’s bizzare adventures games on roblox…

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  1. AUT and Project Star cool both. Stop saying what this game better than AUT or AUT better than Project Star

  2. Shiver just don't use that title again it'd just disrespectful

  3. a universal time isnt a jojo game you're also comparing 2 games that arent public

  4. Dude can people stop comparing things to AUT it’s not even released so you wouldn’t know if this game is better

  5. Stop comparing aut with the new jojo game

  6. Idk why ppl are comparing aut and project star kur did say not to compare them both and im in with that it doesnt matter if the game is better than aut with graphics or effects theres no point in comparing them both there both good games and the developers of them both have put effort into there games

  7. Please stop comparing aut and project star they are 2 different genres of jojo games it just doesn’t make sense plus neither of them are out so what you said is pretty much invalid

  8. Aut is more of a collect them all fighting game. Project star is a grinding game so don't expect balanced pvp. These games are so different that it's impossible to compare.

  9. this game and AUT will have different styles but I LOVE BOTH OF THEM

  10. Ight bet, you better not say the same thing about aut when it comes out

  11. The better than aut wasnt needed- but eh idrc

  12. Meh IN MY OPINION i think aut better, but if this game keeps get better it will b one of the best jojo games if not the best

  13. This game looks great but I'm way more hyped for AUT, I just think project star is another extra thing to look forward too.

  14. I actually laughed when he just started and fought the first enemy and immediately goes "Yea this is the best JoJo game on the platform".
    Don't get me wrong the game looks good, but I think the combat looks way clunkier than AUT combat and it seems like another arrow simulator to me.

  15. Well it depends in everyone preferences, Project Stardust is more like a Storyline and Level Grinding, and AUT is more a PvP and Item Grinding game, so comparing Project Star with AUT is just innecesary, especially when the 2 games have the same good points, a nice balance, isn't boring, and have a nice roster of stands, the only one thing i would say is AUT better is in creative obtainment methods, models, and the fact isn't just a JoJo game, so personally i like A Universal Time more than Project Stardust

  16. ive never played non of these game but project star is all about killing bandits thats all

  17. Roblox YTbers be like:

  18. I like how it has a tutorial instead of just sending you into the game he says as the game just sends him into the game

  19. Aut: i just beated up yba 😎😎
    Yba: nawwwwww
    Aut: yes whine like a baby
    Yba: im not whining like a baby cuz of you im whining cuz of that god
    Aut: what go-
    *project star has joined the video chatg

  20. should've compared this game to yba since yba has leveling and stuff, while aut is just grinding and shit like that

  21. No no no it being the best jojo game relys on if the scripters are good

  22. Is this the same dudes behind project slayer and gpo or are games just following the GPO build

  23. Oh really think that you are that lucky this stupid trash game will pass AUT?
    7 PAGE MUDA:

  24. ShiverAway:Project star is the best
    Aut: I would like to dissagree

  25. AuT is unbeatable hell nah this game gonna defeat it

  26. just like 'better than a universal time' AhEm are u sure?

  27. василий зеленевский says:

    Finally good jojo game

  28. Aut is a game for people who want a wider variety of abilities and play styles
    While this game is for people who want to play a game that's completely based on Jojo
    Everybody has their opinions so stop saying one is better than the other.
    Both are amazing
    Anybody who says one is better than the other before they are released are complete clowns

  29. Pov: people think joining aut in the station map is oj

  30. I don't care how good aut gets no matter anything stand upright is the number 1 jojo game.

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