THIS Will Be THE BEST JOJO GAME To Ever Release On Roblox... (Better than A Universal Time) -

THIS Will Be THE BEST JOJO GAME To Ever Release On Roblox… (Better than A Universal Time)

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There has been a lot of new Jojo games on roblox that have failed, but this one is THE BEST I have ever played, and from what I can see it’s far better than a Universal Time. Project star is going to take over Jojo’s bizzare adventures games on roblox…

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  1. should've compared this game to yba since yba has leveling and stuff, while aut is just grinding and shit like that

  2. No no no it being the best jojo game relys on if the scripters are good

  3. Is this the same dudes behind project slayer and gpo or are games just following the GPO build

  4. Oh really think that you are that lucky this stupid trash game will pass AUT?
    7 PAGE MUDA:

  5. ShiverAway:Project star is the best
    Aut: I would like to dissagree

  6. AuT is unbeatable hell nah this game gonna defeat it

  7. just like 'better than a universal time' AhEm are u sure?

  8. василий зеленевский says:

    Finally good jojo game

  9. Aut is a game for people who want a wider variety of abilities and play styles
    While this game is for people who want to play a game that's completely based on Jojo
    Everybody has their opinions so stop saying one is better than the other.
    Both are amazing
    Anybody who says one is better than the other before they are released are complete clowns

  10. Pov: people think joining aut in the station map is oj

  11. I don't care how good aut gets no matter anything stand upright is the number 1 jojo game.

  12. dude did 3 m1s and called it the best game lol

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