Thrillseeker’s Top 10 BEST VR Games from the Past Year (2023) -

Thrillseeker’s Top 10 BEST VR Games from the Past Year (2023)

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Here is my annual “Best of VR” video. Every year I have been taking my top 10 Quest games and putting them in a list, but this year is special! EVERY SINGLE GAME ON THIS LIST IS STEAMVR AND QUEST 2. That has never happened before and it’s kind of crazy. So, doesn’t matter whatever headset you have, whether applab, the official quest store, or steamVR, here are some truly AMAZING VR games that you can enjoy.


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00:00 Intro and Rules
00:50 Sponsor Segment
01:59 10. RUMBLE
03:19 9. MotherGunship Forge
04:08 8. Shores of Loci
04:57 7. Guardians Frontline
06:22 6. Arcaxer
07:11 5.
07:52 4.
08:47 3.
09:33 2.
10:39 1.5 BONUS GAME
11:26 1.
14:24 //ERROR// SYNTAX??


  1. Thanks Thrill… I'll have to try some of these out once I can drag my butt out of Modded Minecraft VR (Vivecraft). Have you tried that yet?

  2. i was so happy to see into the radius, its my favorite game of all time and probably always will be

  3. I can’t comment on the other video but here it goes, I’m so happy to have you thrill to be our community leader , you Call Facebook out all the time and they’re anti-consumer practices we really appreciate this and we’re definitely Sharing

  4. Glad to see Compound finally getting love

  5. One of my biggest regrets in vr is watching someone play the last clock winder before it landed on oculus 😭

  6. Thanks for the list. I bought Shores of Loci yesterday. Very satisfying – I cranked through it in 2 sessions (3 hours total). Looking forward to checking out the other titles that I don't have.

  7. I love how trillseeker just gave up giving out names in chapters at #5

  8. My top 10 quest list(I got potato pc)

    1. Contractors VR
    2. Into the radius
    3. Resident evil 4
    4. After the fall
    5. Medal of honor a&b
    6. Doom 3
    7. Dead effect 2
    8. Wraith the oblivion afterlife
    9. Black hole pool
    10. Smash drums

  9. Wolf “it’s not a horror game.”

    Me “I beg to fking differ m8”

  10. Can you recommend any games like the last clock winder and we are one. Where basically you are your own team

  11. It really annoys me that rumble still isn’t on the quest

  12. I couldn’t find where to download rumble vr on oculus quest 2, it isn’t in the normal store and neither in sidequest

  13. bro also sponsored martincitopants secretly for free

  14. C&C Renegade was the shit! I'll have to find that guardians!

  15. Much respect . You’re the most trustworthy journalist in VR imho 🎉

  16. Rumble honestly looks fun and not easy which i like, sucks how its not on quest.

  17. Thank you so much for making me discover the last clockwinder. It's truely a wonderful little game. Couls you make a video on it specifically? I think it really deserves a shout out.

  18. Love the vid mate, some new games for me to try.

  19. Wait is pc vr link not going to work for literally no reason after the quest is discontinued? That makes no sense but meta just being evil.

  20. As a huge vr enthusiast, I’m wishing so bad for a temporary solution to motion sickness so I can play games like these. It sucks so bad. They all look amazing!! Great video

  21. Next year is gonna be just PSVR2 and PCVR.

  22. Omg YES Last Clockwinder is true Native Medium goodness, massive inspiration for me as an XR Interaction designer and just such a delightfully fun time.

  23. I usually hate puzzle games but shores of loci is amazing, and when your baked or shroomin' its soooo much fun!!

  24. COMPOUND was the first game that made me really love VR, knew as soon as I jumped into the demo I was buying it

  25. best of quest? err pico 4? we're not all fresnel fans on standalone

  26. that black bar on the right side during vr gameplay is amazing for my ocd

  27. Just picked up Guardians Frontline a few days ago because of this video.
    And I definitely do Not regret it, it is an incredibly fun game with RTS, FPS, and Tower Defense, And level creation aspects all in one.
    And every single aspect of the game is Co-op, yes, even the level creator/ map maker is co-op.
    It has some jankyness and bugs atm but still.
    Very Worth the Purchase.

  28. another year passed, still no VR games that can hold a candle to pc gaming

  29. Good job with the number 1 slot being Clocktower.

    I wholeheartedly agree. I bought this because I love puzzles, but I got it so my wife could try it. She loves plants, so i thought she would enjoy it. Of course, I had to try it out and didn't stop until I couldn't. I love the story, loved the feeling of the gameplay there. Love the list, I hope that the 2024 list is even better!

  30. Got it hand it to ya, these games are great, but a game that is amazing is run of mydan, free and amazing! Polygons but the best graphics, simple yet amazing.

  31. Green Hell is a good game but there is so much eating and sleeping that i feel like i cant progress through the story

  32. I just wonder how hard it would be to get on this list next year

  33. Download Opera GX for free: Thanks for sponsoring this video!

    Also my bad! RUMBLE is not out on Quest yet! Adjusted title to reflect.
    I almost Guarantee you will find a new VR game you'll love here in this video. Have you played any of these games? Going to pick up any new ones?

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