Top 10 AMAZING NEW GAMES for Android & iOS of May 2022 | New Android Games 2022 -

Top 10 AMAZING NEW GAMES for Android & iOS of May 2022 | New Android Games 2022

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Download Puzzle & Survival :-
Hey Guys Today I gonna show you 10 amazing New Games for Android & iOS of May 2022 High Graphics (Offline/Online).
In this video we have picked games from different genres like zombies games, strategy games, arcade, action, open world game like gta 5, offline fps games, horror game, puzzle & open world game like Genshin Impact.
Sleep Walkers

Age of kita

Don’t steel my chicken

Vice Online

Freedom Strike Android:-

Carx street racing

Trial Xtreme Freedom 169mb | online Android:-

Endless Nightmare: Shrine h Android:-

Echoes of Mana

New Dawn (USA)

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  1. Great content thanks for the suggestions 👍

  2. Please try "Project Reunion" it's a mmorpg game

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  4. im gonna download them all and then forget to play any for several months

  5. I like Idle Siege a lot, can you make review on it?

  6. Vice online is a complete copy of grand criminal online

  7. I'd love if new dawn would have taken 15 Gigs on my phone at the cost of being offline playable

  8. Bro what do you use for the voice please

  9. Can u do games that u can play with ur friends

  10. these games are terrible, this video is also terrible

  11. Down to top please make top 10 games andventure offline and open world like limbo

  12. 5:33 I'm looking forward to playing it. When will it be available for Android?

  13. Mr: dumb to top why have you not been releasing video for some days i hope you're ok


  15. Games like sandrew valley please shoutout

  16. Why are you not making more,this games helps me

  17. Finally, open world racing games on mobile. I'm getting tired of replaying Midnight Club on PPSSPP

  18. Hello, how are you brother, I want to offer you a joint work between you and me, and this work contains a lot of money, give me your account on Instagram so that I can communicate with you

  19. Hi i am your new subscriber can you please tell open world games🎮 please🙏

  20. Are these games for kid bro what man size doesn't matter bro but pls bring good games 🙏

  21. That number one looks really good. W8sh it was offline 😔

  22. this is the age of the stupid virtual soldier.

  23. Can you please do top 10 most available games of ios

  24. Forza horizon on mobile after 10 years it happened

  25. hello friend how are you a question .. where do you see so many android games? because I have already searched for many games in the play store and many are repeated I am sure that there are other search platforms for android games could you help me with a platform or page to search for android games you would help me a lot thanks .. Greetings from Ecuador

  26. I'm not the only one who came here because of "HIGHEST BOREDOM AT POSSIBLE"

  27. vice online isent on android yet you have to register

  28. Wow this is cool keep up your work bro I support

  29. Come check out our new mobile open world zombie Platformer! Play as the zombie and eat brains traverse traps and dangers and help the hoard overtake the survivors. Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

  30. Which country is sleep walkers available in please tell me

  31. Video title : 10 AMAZING NEW GAMES. 45 seconds into the video : I didn't enjoy this game.

  32. couldn't they come up with a more original UI? 😂 i dont want anyone to think that I am playing gayshit impact

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