Top 10 Apple Arcade Games with the best graphics 2022 [4K] -

Top 10 Apple Arcade Games with the best graphics 2022 [4K]

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Here is my 2022 list of graphically intensive Apple Arcade games.
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Apple Arcade Games:
0:00 – Introduction
0:07 – Gear.Club Stradale
1:10 – Air Twister
2:25 – Horizon Chase 2
3:35 – Hitchhiker
4:34 – The Gardens Between
5:42 – LEGO Star Wars: Castaways
6:46 – World of Demons
7:58 – Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker
10:06 – NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition

11:27 – BONUS:
The Oregon Trail
Asphalt 8: Airborne+
Wylde Flowers

13:31 – Conclusion


  1. Hello ) playing for Mac what you say , it’s good playing ???

  2. Is there any open world game available like froza horizon,etc on iPhone.

  3. Pretty disappointing showcase when compared to consoles and Window PCs. I think Shovel Knight Dig and Gris+ is the best I have seen this year. Guess you are more into fidelity than overall graphic style? For Horizon Chase, it looks downgraded and lackluster on Apple TV 4K (first gen). MacBook Pro performs much better. You can find better graphics for Apple products outside of Apple Arcade. Will have to see if you cover those? Also, I think I would rather see the best overall Apple Arcade graphics, as I think we had better last year. Nice job on the video though, thank you!

  4. Air Twister looks like a reincarnation of space harrier

  5. Fantasian is too hard… I quit playing even if I‘ve invested a lot of time, some boss battle is very frustrating. Thanks for the videos, ah Wonderbox is awesome

  6. Nothing here tops The Pathless I think, which I see was your #1 last year. Manifold garden wasn't on either list though and that looks very cool!

    World of Demons does look very cool.

  7. Could you make a video of Project Zomboid on M1 Macs?

  8. NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition looks amazing! Been skipping on consoles since they are hard to find anywhere and man I can’t wait to play the NBA 2K23 on my M1 Mac on the 18th 👌🏽

  9. FANTASIAN, Baldo, Oceanhorn, Tunic were really games I enjoyed the graphics on. Happy some of those made your list too

  10. Thank you for your videos. I realy think you created the best channel for ios games on youtube. 👍

  11. Ya know if Apple pushing gaming better on t he Apple TV, specially now they just announced a brand new one with an A15 Bionic chip, could make a nice low cost gaming device. Imagine if you could do Genshin Impact, Call of Duty and even Mario Kart on this. I'd be sold easy. So many devs trying to bring their AAA games to IOS and yet you can't get them on Apple TV despite probably being a fantastic experience on the TV as well as mobile.

  12. “Nintendo vibes” 😂 You wish. I understand it’s a compliment, both for the Apple Arcade game and Nintendo, only it isn’t a Nintendo developed game. Nintendo developed games, in-house, are magic. Yes, I have Apple Arcade on my iPad Pro, but I’m also a diehard Nintendo hooligan. If I have some people made upset, please understand that this is my choice and preference. Goodbye.

  13. Thank you for sharing your APPLE gaming video I especially love how Vivid the Graphics are and I appreciate how thorough you reviewed the games 😊

  14. Samurai jack isn’t getting that much recognition as it should.

  15. Lots of great-looking games on Apple Arcade. The art styles are extremely varied, so plenty of different favorites out there. I like Little Orpheus!

  16. Thanks, you gave me a good reason to spend my hard earn money on a iPad Pro.

  17. i don’t have wylde flowers on my apple arcade,does someone know why?

  18. ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  19. I sure do wish there were more games on arcade. Personally I love the vintage looking games like that horizon chase too. I wish they would port and reprogram vintage games like contra, Mario 2 a few of the Doom games, Revolt… etc into Arcade giving them new textures, new game modes while retaining the original mode as well. L

  20. This is a very “well made” & “informative” video.

  21. I agree with your assessment of games. I personally play Castaways, Gear Club Stradale, and Clap Hanz Golf (now renamed Easy Come Easy Golf). All great games.

    I would like to include an honorable mention for Streets of Rage 4. This is a console-transfer to Arcade with all the same features and playstyle of the original versions of this series but with a more stylish, cel-designed look. And you can have either the new, more modern soundtrack in the background or the classic, uber-cool soundtrack as composed by the great Yuzo Koshiro. And the storyline picks up right where the original series ended. It's a really great fighter game if you like that genre.

  22. Im waiting for football manager touch 2023 on apple tv

  23. Wonderbox is dope and Asphalt 8 has the best gameplay(racers)despite not not looking as good as Club Stradale, the racing is much better. Great list tho as usual…I'll add that the games are getting better and more diverse on AA as time rolls on.

  24. Are you the bearded guy from viva la dirt league?

  25. I wish there were more realistic 3D games for the Apple TV, and more mobile ports from the iPhone to the Apple TV, such as Life Is Strange and more… Apple promised AAA games, and let’s hope they deliver, my fingers crossed I’m hoping that the Apple TV won’t be just a media box, but a gaming machine too!

  26. Oh boy my storage is gonna be crazy when i download each and every one of these

  27. I wish there was a MOBA game on Apple Arcade. That'd be very interesting! Thanks for the list, though. Good one!

  28. Air Twister looks like a Space Harrier knockoff and isn’t subtle about it either.

  29. Can I connect two gamepads to my iPad and play some games with friends on one display?

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