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Top 10 Assassin’s Creed Games

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The Assassin’s Creed franchise has spanned the globe since it debuted in 2007, and entries have taken players from Renaissance Italy to Ancient Greece to the American Revolution. Along the way, the series has changed dramatically, from sequels that made good on the promise of past entries to entirely new takes on character progression. IGN’s biggest Assassin’s Creed fans came together to agree, argue, and eventually cull together our favorites.



  1. Unpopular opinion, unity's one of my favorites.

  2. Worst Top 10 ever made. You just don´t understand anything about AC, no wonder nobody that actually play this game don´t like IGN

  3. We want a new assassin's creed game like ezio story .. a gameplay with mix of modern world and history mixed.. or a complete modern world assassin game but with some old features … Because from "Origins" to "Valhalla" wears experiencing same sword combats and big wars … We like see old type stealth assassin's type one… "Syndicate" was awesome.. now need a change .. looking for a new gameplay in modern world ..story combined with historical events mixed.. please consider

  4. Black flag is my personal fav just completed it yesterday in fact xd.

  5. How in gods name is odyssey on this list and not ac3 and how the hell is it #3

  6. To me my favorite AC is A Black Flag especially the ending made me cry

  7. Assassin's Creed odyssey batter then assassin's Creed Ezio collection?? 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. oddessey is definitely my favorite, but ezio is still my favorite character

  9. Assassin's creed 2 is always gonna be my favorite

  10. The only games not on list is Ac1 and Ac3

  11. The whole world says AC Brotherhood is the best game in the series, and giving this game a low rating does not diminish the value of this masterpiece.

  12. Sad to know that you didn't even consider Assassin's creed 3
    For me it's the best assisin game so far

  13. This rating show that whole ign ratings are crap… Its not even possible to not imagine AC2 and etzio in first rank

  14. Assassin creeds origin is one of the best assassin creed games

  15. Personally Odyssey is the greatest game of all time

  16. this is the worst ranking video ive ever seen in my entire life lmao

  17. Let me make this crystal clear, there are ONLY 3 Assassins. Bayek, Altair & Ezio. Nobody else based on their game title's worthy of being called an assassin.

  18. The first one is my favorite, the entire series is epic though.

  19. AC Odyssey above AC2? Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life watching this dogshit video, IGN you morons.

  20. brotherhood is easily the best one no way its only 7th

  21. Just remaster brotherhood, revelations and black flag to 4k modern AAA quality, badabing badaboom, £60 collection right there. Everyone wants it, just do it. Those games were THE best. Idc what you say.

  22. Of course ign had to put odyssey on the top three

  23. When AC REVELATIONS & BROTHERHOOD are not top 3, you know how it's about to go

  24. For me the best in the series are Ezio collection. MUST PLAY

  25. Black Flag is the best totally agree on that but Syndicate??? WTF it should not even be at the top 10

  26. who else thinks assassins creed 3 shoudlve been on the list

  27. what if dated graphics are an issue but there's also like religious beliefs so origins or odyssey could be unsatisfactory, which game would you play nowadays if your first time for AC. like me.

  28. More than a "top 10 AC games (by relevance)", it seems like a "top 10 AC games you would enjoy if you play them today": Ezio or Altair not in the top 3 is just unforgivable

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