Top 10 BEST Dinosaur Games coming in 2022! -

Top 10 BEST Dinosaur Games coming in 2022!

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Welcome to the Top 10 Dinosaur Games of 2022 where you’ll be able to find out about all the big Dinosaur Games coming this year!

Link to Steam Pages / Websites of the games:

– PaleoPines,

– Jurassic Architect,

– Isles of Yore, or

– Project Ferocious,

– Primal Dominion,

– Deathground, or

– The Lost Wild ,

– Instinction, or

– Ark 2 (No official Website),

– Dinosaur Fossil Hunter,

– Goner,

– Unannounced Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Game (No official Announcement),

– Prehistoric Kingdom, or

Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:18 10. PaleoPines
02:55 9. Jurassic Architect
06:12 8. Isles Of Yore
08:25 7. Project Ferocious
10:24 6. Primal Dominion
12:34 5. Deathground
14:27 4. The Lost Wild
16:54 3. Instinction
19:21 2. Ark 2
22:44 Honourable Mentions
22:49 Dinosaur Fossil Hunter
23:20 Goner
24:06 Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous The Game
24:22 1. Prehistoric Kingdom
26:09 Outro & Thank You
26:57 Patreon Shoutouts

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  1. palopines gives me good old dino ranch vibes
    (also dino ranch is a kids tv show)

  2. I'd love a new turok or caddilac and dinosaurs vame

  3. Prehistoric kingdom makes me think if JWE2. Probably cause they’re both large park builders with dinosaurs

  4. I would love to know if aklaim makers or any other TUROK 1 classic the first one another remake would make but just thefirst one in a new graffic but but exacly at that classic style only , we saw on TUROK 3 or evolution were not that good becouse aklaim took another direction that was there downfall but if somebody else would like to make the new remake??i think alot fans of the first classic would love to see again becouse most stil play TUROK 1 the most

  5. The isle evrima is the best dinosaur game in my opinion

  6. Jurassic Architect reminded me of Terranova TV!

  7. i think you forgot one jurassic world evoltion 2

  8. I bought Jurassic world evolution 2 19.99 USD… but they are saying verify your sever I can't verify it 😔

  9. Jurassic acchitect reminds me of the TV show Terra nova

  10. Boy u so lucky ark was in here or I was going to unlike this video.

  11. I never understand why they don’t just make an Alien Isolation-style game set in Jurassic park. The closest we have so far is Jurassic World aftermath.

  12. The title should be top 10 best dinosaur games not coming anytime soon


  14. sad that the lost wild is actually coming out in 2024

  15. Ark 2 is coming out in 2023 not 2022 🙂

  16. I’m so glad I’m a adult and I can actually buy some of these rad games I just love dinos man

  17. I either want Dino Crisis to be remade or Turok to come back! The last turok on 360 was badass loved the knife fights

  18. Jurrasic world evolution 2! Already out I got it

  19. Jurassic Architect, its a Terra Nova game. like, 100% Terra Nova

  20. I really wish they'd make more dinosaur games where they're just chill and cute. I hate the action packed ones where you're fighting for your life. I love dinosaurs but I hate those types of games 😭 I don't even mind the ones where you collect them and battle against people with them, I just hate how most dino games are shooters. Not my personal cup of tea. It would also be nice to have more of them come to switch

  21. I want a game similar to the hunter call of the wild, but prehistoric times

  22. I want a new Torok the weapons on that old game was sick as hell would be great to see a newer upgraded version.

  23. Is there a Dino game where I can live as a dinosaur

  24. Me skipping through most of it to see if they have ark. 2 on it

  25. Playing Ark Survival Evolved always watching for another game like it.

  26. Pretty damn sick of seeing the exact same promo footage for Goner and Deathground for like 2 or 3 years. At this point I'm thinking they're not actually planning on releasing anything new.

  27. Alguien sabe cuando sale la de deathground?

  28. i think the "camp cretaceous game" is really an interactive episode, the lost wild looks awesome and i am SLAMMING that onto my wishlist

  29. Deathground and The Lost Wild are the best

  30. I have Jurassic World Evolution 2 there's a new update of Jurassic World Dominion

  31. Ahh I see the new Fast and Furious/Back to the Future crossover is coming along nicely.
    "Dom! We've gone so fast we've gone back I'm time!"
    "That's okay as long as we have family"

  32. Ark: II – Twice the cheating & Duping than in Ark: Cheating & Duping Evolved with double the bribes for the GM's.. cough.. pocket devs!!

  33. Imagine a Jurassic Park game like Alien Isolation, that would be sick

  34. Some of these titles, such as: The Lost Wild, Instinction, Project Ferocious and Deathground, look really promising, but…

    Man, I wish Universal would allow for a Jurassic Park survival game! At the very least, remake/remaster Trespasser…

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