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Top 10 Best Driving Games On PS4

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Our recommendations for the 10 best driving games on PlayStation 4! From taking your amazing looking cars out of the garage for a spin, to purposefully crashing into others to make sure they don’t win the race, all of these games will test your driving abilities in multiple ways! Let us know if you agree or which games you think should make the list in the comments!

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  1. How to change startup pictures in Gta V in Ps4

  2. Snowrunner sounds like a strand type game

  3. Ok so…I didn't know that forza horizon 4 was not on playstation or that I couldn't transfer my 2 years worth of progress not that it matters anyways 😫

  4. How and why is Assetto Corsa not in the top 10? It’s way better than any of those games.

  5. Thanks Rob, was craving something that isn't gran turismo for onbce and completely forgot wipe out was a thing, still got it for ps1!!!

  6. Rob with that cortex N on his head and getting in a hissy is quality, if only he had Simpsons skin he would really be neo cortex

  7. Nathan still looks like that guy you see pictured on the contents page as editing the articles in ps2 magazine

  8. I have gt sport and burnout paradise but they don’t have the fh4 vibes

  9. F1 2020 has to be my pick for the best racing game on PS4! Love that thing

  10. You bunch of clowns, not only should Driveclub be in the list its head and shoulders the best racing game on PS4 full stop.

  11. I’m literally gunna buy an Xbox just for forza

  12. Need For Speed: Most Wanted is my most favorite game. Imobilizin police cars is a lot of fun. I racked up 1. 5 million in infractions. About .500 million in insurance claims, another million I other things in that game. My Z28 has been towed twice. If it happens again it will be gone forever. I like the option to race bosses for pink slips. You win, you take their car!

  13. If Dave is playing GT, why is he using an XBox controller?

  14. I just want to be able to drive normally with trucks, like ford, chevy, dodge, etc….also a game that can help me learn roads….

  15. Plz anyone drop the summary I don’t wanna watch the whole video

  16. Can you play these games with the steering wheel for PS4?

  17. The crew two has all the same acceleration concepts sounds

  18. @7:00 ahhhhhh memories… Blur and Split Second were two of my favourite games on the PS3

  19. Need for speed biggest racing frenchies but doesn't have cockpit view great job🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  20. Forza was such a relaxing game man so fun used to have an Xbox then switched to PS4 because all my friends had one the game I miss the most is forza what a game

  21. I have Gran Turismo Sport in my PS4. Absolutely worth the price.

  22. I have snowrunner and it's damn near impossible to get anywhere. I find it pretty unplayable when you get stuck in the mud and cannot move anywhere 95% of the time, but hey I'm sure there is some trick to it, have zero idea what that is though

  23. Hey what should I buy for my first car game? Please help me

  24. Are these games supported by logitech steering wheel and shifrer?

  25. I don't understand why the hell the new 'Need for Speed' game is so underated and why nobody talks about it. I played NFS Crew 2 and within one hour I thought hah it's better to play NFS second time than to play Crew 2 first time.

  26. Beautiful breakdown, Rob!!! 😃😁👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 You're the best game reviewer "on any platform!" 😎🥇

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