Top 10 BEST FPS Games for LOW-END iOS/Android 2023! High Graphics! [Free Download] -

Top 10 BEST FPS Games for LOW-END iOS/Android 2023! High Graphics! [Free Download]

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“Top 10 Best FPS Games for LOW-END iOS & Android 2023 – Games Like Call of Duty for Android/iOS – Games Like Call of Duty Mobile (Best Games for Android/Low-End FPS Games for Android) Low-End Games Like Call of Duty 1GB & 2GB RAM – High Graphics FPS Games for Low-End Android”



Arena Breakout (Lite Version)
iOS – No lite version; change App Store region to China to download!
Android –

Rush Legends Parkour PvP FPS
iOS – No iOS version yet, but stay tuned for a download!
Android –

Brutal Strike (PvP, Warzone, CS:GO, etc.)
iOS –
Android –

POLYWAR: 3D FPS Online Shooter
iOS –
Android –

Sausage Man
iOS –
Android –

Bullet Force
iOS –
Android –

Pixel Strike 3D – FPS Gun Game
iOS –
Android –

Special Forces Group 3
iOS – No iOS version yet, but stay tuned for a download!
Android –

1v1.LOL – Battle Royale Game
iOS –
Android –

iOS – No iOS version yet, but stay tuned for a download!
Android –

Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel! Today I am bringing you all a highly-requested video: top 10 FPS games for LOW-END iOS/Android! All 10 of these games in the video work great on devices as low as 2GB RAM (some even on devices with 1GB RAM!), and are perfect alternatives if CODM, Arena Breakout, or even PUBG Mobile simply lag too much. What are you waiting for?! Check out the list and try out some of these awesome games! 😀

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  1. Polyfield somehow feels like battlefield, even more than battlefield mobile.

  2. After playing the beta for Special forces group 3 I'm hyped for the full release!

  3. Thanx for the list , is there any FPS game that supports mouse and keyboard natively ?
    Just curious

  4. 12:20 finnaly the game that i requested its really an underated and only 1 or 2 is developing this game…

    theres an update coming in this game

    I think next update will be great base from their sneak peak imo…

  5. Special Forces Group 2 ahh yes the nostalgia my gaming started on that game

  6. You know what you so good person exotic gaming

  7. Hey heres a game for low end devices its called:local warfare re portable its a realistic shooter just like codbist a cool game though and cane by played offline with up to 9 bots

  8. If anyone is looking for a battlefield 1 type game I totally recommend PolyField.

  9. Arena breakout lite is awesome. It doesn't feeel like am playing the lite version

  10. I make a video on the best offline fps game just now go see it

  11. You need to talk abt kontra it just droped its like cs 1.6

  12. Is rush legends able to be played offline

  13. I'm still playing codm 5hrs a day and I still feel like a noob

  14. Tencent so good that it made a better cod then the main devs

  15. Do you know when rainbow six Mobile comes out

  16. Day 12: of getting exxotik to heart or pin my comment

  17. Thank you very much for this update!!!

  18. Bro can do you mid range games, i have a 8gb ram phone, i played all of the high graphics games like codm, battle prime, combat master, bullet force, pubg, free fire

  19. I really liked the games mentioned on the video today
    It's rare but true

  20. I am playing on Nokia and my phone exploded when i tryed to play these games

  21. The poco f3 is very affordable with a snapdragon 870

  22. If You know The news game Coming is project Bloodstrike The game Like call of duty Warzone

  23. is Arena Breakout online? and multiplayer?

  24. ;;;;;;;;;; 2 Esdras2: 31-100 ''''''''''''''''''''''';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  25. Finally someone showed Rush Legends in a top _ FPS games…

  26. I have 8 gb Ram
    And snapdragon 778g
    Can it handle warzone mobile in global launch

  27. What about people from india…can we play arena breakout lite too???

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