Top 10 BEST FPS Games Like Call of Duty for LOW-END iOS/Android 2022! High Graphics! [Free Download] -

Top 10 BEST FPS Games Like Call of Duty for LOW-END iOS/Android 2022! High Graphics! [Free Download]

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“Top 10 Games Like Call of Duty for Android/iOS – Games Like Call of Duty Mobile (Games Like Call of Duty Android Offline and Online) Best Games for Android (Low-End FPS Games for Android) Low-End Games Like COD Mobile 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM – New High Graphics FPS Games for Low-End Android”



BattleOps | Offline Game
iOS – No plans for an iOS version as of right now!
Android –

Shot Dawn: International
iOS – Coming soon…currently undergoing private testing!
Android –

NOTE: For Shot Dawn, you’ll need to download an updated version of the app. After you open up the app, it’ll take you to a website where you’ll download the latest version. Follow the steps there and you’ll be set!

Battle Prime – Epic Modern FPS
iOS –
Android –

POLYWAR (Early Access)
iOS – Coming soon…currently undergoing private testing!
Android –

Modern Combat 5: Mobile FPS
iOS –
Android –

MaskGun: FPS Shooting Gun Game
iOS –
Android –

Combat Master Mobile FPS
iOS –
Android –

iOS – No iOS version available. Try PUBGM or BGMI instead!
Android –

Kuboom 3D: FPS Shooter
iOS –
Android –

Bullet Force
iOS –
Android –

Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel! Today I am bringing you all a highly-requested video: top 10 FPS games like Call of Duty Mobile for iOS/Android…specifically designed for low-end devices! All 10 of these games in the video work great on devices as low as 2GB RAM (some even on devices with 1GB RAM!), and are perfect alternatives if CODM simply lags too much. What are you waiting for?! Check out the list and try out some of these awesome games! 😀

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  1. I tried out Battle Ops and I'm not a fan, even if you remove ads it puts the small banner ads in the top right corner of the screen in-game. Also, I found out it's completely offline, meaning the multiplayer isn't really a multiplayer. I thought I was playing online but I clocked the ad by accident, and it completely paused the game to the point that the countdown timer didn't even go down anymore

  2. Isn't this supposed to be a video about games that run smooth on low end devices. Cuz when I downloaded battle prime, the game was very laggy and I couldn't even play . But the game is good ngl

  3. Nope combat master istn for all,for my devices there aren t

  4. But combat master in my phone not supported😌

  5. I highly recommend fz9 timeshit and modern combat 5. These games are so good. download them right now. 👍👍

  6. Let me list games Dead Trigger 1 Dead Trigger 2 unkilled and Into the Dead they're both really good games

  7. I've seen polywar in February (the game was early access to February)

    I also play Kuboom in 2021

    The original developers who made these games is NOBODYSHOT ™

  8. I got Battle Prime though, is there a first person mode?

  9. Cod YTs: this game is gonna kill codm 😱😱😱
    Also cod YTs: oh. nothing happened to the Codm

  10. I have played the game modern combat 5 I enjoyed. There are missions and some cutscenes and I like it

  11. Mask gun I played before when codm I tried I thought it was gone because when I try to search it and it's gone but they change there profile pic for the game

  12. my 3 fps shooter games are: Battle Prime, Sausage Man, New State Mobile.

  13. I reccomend "POLYFIELD" its an ww2 open world game that has a great graphics and controls you just gonna adjust the graphics on settings and sensitivity etc..the game is a bit low framy sometimes buts its good can be online and offline

  14. kuboom take 800mb
    space in my phone phone😂😂

  15. Battle prime is not There in my phone lol

  16. MCVS I highly recommend you, it's supper good, the controls is kinda clunky, you rly need to get used to it, but the mb it eats is SUPPER LOW!
    and the graphics kicks different, would highly recommend it for you to play!

  17. Amazing videos as alway. Keep up the good work.

  18. Nuh bro combat master has a lot and a lot of problem player played it when it start the match it came back to the home screen or screen well I play it too and it's true other phone or mobile phone would work but other phone doesn't work like mine

  19. Combat master i just🤤 omg i have no words

  20. Yo ExxotikGaming you forgot about Stand Off 2

  21. what contries are shot dawn available in?

  22. Hey can i ask does the number 7-8 games are offline??

  23. When battle prime was first released I played it snd it was tpp, it was so good but they extended the size and I had iphone 6 taht time so……

  24. Battleprime is actually the best Online FPS game I've ever played on a phone.
    The game mechanics, the animations, the graphics and the optimisation, top notch, stopped playing it because of limited game modes and maps. Would be back in a snap if the game pushed an update releasing more content for the game.

  25. What countries is shot dawn available in?

  26. My favorite low end game is frontline commando d-day

  27. Best gaming YouTuber who always care about both High and low end device

  28. Off the road but put it in low graphics lol I use ultra

  29. I have an issue with battle prime since when you get in a decent rank you face pro players which i don't like since am not like . God at video games like you don't face players the same skills which is not good

  30. Modern combat 5 is a classic I remember when they were selling it now it’s free.

  31. tysm i download the battle ops 😀

  32. Idk why playstore didn't make a 32 bit ver. of battle prime so i cant play it

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