Top 10 BEST Games 2013 -

Top 10 BEST Games 2013

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The all mighty and long-awaited List! 10 choices that’ll make you either: (1) Salute in my honor, or (2) Turn keyboard warrior whilst genuinely hoping I choke on the bowl of porridge I’m about to consume.


  1. in your other video Battlefield 4 is one of the most dissapointing game of 2013, in this video is the number 6 in best games of 2013

  2. Rockstar should definitely make a pirate themed game and maybe partner with Ubisoft since they made AC:Black Flag, which is probably the best game based around pirates to date.

    Also, I almost lost my shit and unsubbed when you put COD: Ghosts on here, but it was obviously just like the game…a joke.

  3. dude… your calling these the best games of 2013 and then your telling us how badly each them suck.

  4. hell yah! I LOVE THE LAST OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Am I the only one who doesn't like GTA IV or V that much? I stand by the fact that Saints Row 2 was way better

  6. I almost killed myself when he said cod ghosts lol sorry infinity ward and all of the cod ghosts fabs

  7. I really want to like Last of Us more than I do, but the zombie apocalypse scenario has been so overdone in other mediums, which that is not the game's fault, because it takes a terrific approach to the whole concept. It's just that other games, shows, and movies have used it so much, they have pretty much ruined the game for me.

  8. Have to disagree with Tomb Raider. Honestly, it felt like "Other M", where, instead of the confident woman exploring dangerous ruins and finding lost treasures, we have a character who is shooting people in the face with a bow and arrow while sobbing about how she's broken all three of her kneecaps for the second time in the past five minutes. Not sure why the writers have a torture fetish, but I didn't enjoy it.

    So much of the game was so cinematic that I couldn't tell if I was actually playing the game or watching a cutscene while pushing the forward button or holding "Grab". That's not immersion when I have to let go of the analog stick to see if I'm still playing. I liked the exploration off the beaten path and the climbing and acrobatics without being pinned down by a bloated narrative.

    If only they could make a whole game that felt like the hidden tombs that you could explore and raid, like you were some sort of…"Tomb Raider"…

  9. Jo pls guys what is the song at 8:22? It is not a bioshock music but it sounds beautiful i need to know it?

  10. This video's got a nice deep/bright color easthetic to it..
    How did you manage that?

  11. You were doing ok, but as soon as I saw battlefield at number 6 I had to stop watching. You were either getting paid for this or are a complete fucking idiot.


  13. Looking back at 2013, it was one of the best year for AAA games…

  14. Why would you want rockstar to do a pirate game? So that you can kill your captain and become one yourself? Kill your friend or the guy you've been working with the whole game, like every rockstar game ever?!

  15. My heart stopped beating for a second when he said cod ghosts.

  16. I played far cry 3 blood dragon, it was boring

  17. They don't make stuff like this anymore nowadays… Thanks mate for this video

  18. Call of Duty : Ghosts is really good game, stop joking about it.

  19. the last of us will always be in the number 1 spot I love it so much

  20. what the hell
    gta 5 should be 1 for sure

  21. I still play black dragon I'm legendary on that game

  22. Wait wait so cod ghost isn't here? Thats pathetic

  23. my top 10 games for 2013
    number two – call of duty ghosts
    number one – god of war ascension
    no seriously i actually enjoyed them honestly but my real list would be
    4 – tomb raider
    3 – ac black flag
    2 – gta v
    1- the last of us

  24. The last of us will be the best game FOREVER

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