Top 10 BEST Games 2013 -

Top 10 BEST Games 2013

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The all mighty and long-awaited List! 10 choices that’ll make you either: (1) Salute in my honor, or (2) Turn keyboard warrior whilst genuinely hoping I choke on the bowl of porridge I’m about to consume.


  1. numba 1 "Call of duty ghost" phh ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS  i lost it

  2. Yeah, Saints Row IV is fun to play with friends when he isn't a dick who is "always right" and "can do no wrong".

  3. ialmost died when he said call of duty ghosts XD 

  4. The Last of Us haters are Causal games that don't care about story or characters and other ones are the Xbox fan boys who can't see a good game on PS, TLOU is best game EVER not only best game of 2013

  5. Bioshock infinite one of the best games ever !

  6. this is a good list, the last of us is probably my favorite game of that year if not all time

  7. why last of us i hate it – a billon out of ten

  8. i think call of duty ghost should be number 1

  9. you scared the shit out of me at the end 0_0

  10. Beyond two souls should have been on the list, I don't care where but it should have been on it.

  11. Nepamiršk už ką mes kovojome Lietuvi! says:

    um i didnt enjoy bioshock infinite or the last of us or gta 5 or far cry 3 blood dragon is every thing ok with me ?

  12. Omg I heard the music for The Last of Us and was like heeeell yeah! And then COD came up.. if anyone saw my face, it was priceless.. Then it showed up as TLoU and I was happy again xD Thanks for the scare dude. 

  13. I wouldn't call Bioshock anything more than a boring CoD clone that fails to capture the very essence of anything 'Bioshock-y'. Plasmids range from 'do damage to enemy' to 'place a trap to do damage to enemy'. The weapon restrictions and lack of variation within the enemies made this game feel like something that was trying to play it safe. Zero new ground was broken and frankly, the game took multiple steps backwards instead of trying to pave the way forwards in terms of gameplay.

    The racism presented in the story was too lacking to make any lasting impact. The mention of racism is not the presentation of racism. So what if the black man has to feign stupidity in front of whitey? He still cleans and lives in the home of the rich, why should I care about his plight? The interracial couple is being abused by the townspeople? Oh wait, no they aren't, the racist guards stopped the racial abused before anyone felt too uncomfortable.

    Infinite did away with the idea that Songbird would have been a final boss because (and this is a quote from one of the lead game designers in an interview) a final boss would have been to "videogame-y". From a bland story with disjointed characters, a pointless ending that literally made no sense (there will always be Comstocks within the INFINITE NUMBER of parallel universes, how does killing Booker stop any of them?), contrived, derivitive gameplay that fails to aid the narrative in even the slightest of ways, terrible animations, crappy sidekick (in terms of gameplay), limited gameplay mechanics and a team that made a game that was received so poorly that Irrational Games was actually put out of business, it's a shame that people put BI anywhere above CoD: Ghosts. Frankly, it's just another testament to the average brain capacity of the average gamer today.


  15. lol battlefield 4 was on the most dissapointing games and the best games XD

  16. Why is he criticizing every title. It's like he hates every game on the count down. Or at least assassin's creed and battle field

  17. I shit my pants when he said call of duty ghost! Lol

  18. lol almost exed out of google once you said cod ghost 

  19. "Call of duty ghosts. bffff, whattaya fockin nuts!" That cracked me up xD  

  20. Just finished the last of us and it really blew me away, what a game and what an experience!

  21. One of the main problems with Tomb Raider 2013 is that it's a story-focused game, and the story is bland as hell. The old Tomb Raider games (including Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld) didn't have this problem because their focus wasn't on story, it was on gameplay. The old Lara Croft was just a cypher, and for that her characterization worked well, she was a two-dimenisonal James Bond/Indiana Jones archetype. That was a great approach because it allowed Core Design and Crystal Dynamics (back when they were Eidos' umbrella) to put the level design first… the real star of the early Tomb Raider games were the levels themselves, not Lara.

    By contrast, the star of Tomb Raider 2013 is the insipid and cliche storyline, and the gameplay takes a backseat. That alone makes it a poor game, without getting into many of its other problems. That's why I think Tomb Raider 2013 is the weakest in the series.

    On that note, my favourite Tomb Raider game is Tomb Raider Anniversary.

    I mean, sure it has its flaws, such as the jumping accuracy being wobbly at times, but Tomb Raider Anniversary is, was, and will always be one of the better video-game remakes, right up there with the 2002 GameCube remake of Resident Evil 1.

    Besides, Tomb Raider 2013 doesn't have New Game Plus, and the new Lara can't even fucking swim (at least, not until the upcoming sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider), both of which completely ruin that game for me!

  22. I thought Black Flag was one of the two worst games of the AC series other worst one was AC3 Not because of the story, but because Assassin's Creed was supposed to focus more on an Assassin-type feeling. I dunno about other people, but I sure as hell don't think of a pirate when I hear "Assassin." I also thought it was a completely pointless story. It didn't really add on to what the the first 5 were about, other than Edward being Conner's grandfather, same as AC Unity, though Unity is my favorite one. It brought back the ACII feeling, where it took place in a city, and always in a city, and not having to sail from place to place, or wonder in the boring-ass forest.

  23. Wow pretty nice list but to be honest i hate saints row. It's just not my kinda game but that's my opinion so nobody kill me please

  24. when he aid cod ghost i was like tf? but phew thank god he was joking

  25. Haha jaz I love the way you just lampooned the boob element of tomb raider XD

  26. When I Buy Games What I Want Is A Good Single Player Experience A Good
    Storyline And Replayablility . Fuck Multiplayer And Extra Game Modes

  27. 《MIGZ ★𝔾𝕏ℂ★ SWAGGAKING》 says:

    how can i get gta v

  28. cringed when he said battlefield 4 and cod ghost

  29. I nearly shit my pants when he said Ghosts…

  30. I agree with most of this save for The Last of Us, its just a series of cutscenes connected by random bits of gameplay…. too much exposition over atmosphere, It is much more impressive (IMO) to tell a story trough the mechanics of its gameplay rather than just flat out tell it.

  31. gta5 should be 1 because it was the world best and fast selling game COME ON JAZZ

  32. Lmao my reaction when he says ghost , 10/10

  33. I literally lost my shit when he said CoD:ghost

  34. lat of us was definitely number one. I was waiting until 9 and when i heard the music i knew you had great taste!!!!!

  35. They should make a game were the beginning the 10 year olds mom puts him to bed then sleeps and wakes up and he's in the middle of nowhere
    With a whole bunch of other kids in there own bed and wake up and lost there memory is that already a game if its not someone should make it does anyone agree

  36. Lol all the GTA fan boys don't know what a good story is I mean I liked GTA but if you knew any thing about GTA its never been about the story it's the freedom of killing people steling cars etc but most of you probly have never played the last of us so I don't see how you can sit there and talk shit BC its honestly way better the GTA 5 it has a better story it is actuly emotional and just overall a grate game

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