Top 10 Best Games Coming To PC In June 2022 -

Top 10 Best Games Coming To PC In June 2022

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What new games are coming to PC in June 2022? This is our list of the 10 best games launching for PC this month.

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  1. This was a very enjoyable video! Hilarious! Well done.

  2. Unfortunately, all of these games that you have listed don’t really look that exciting.

  3. You still give Diablo the benefit of the doubt? Cycle Frontier is by far the best game of the month!

  4. Imagine recommending diablo immortal, the biggest most predatory game of all time. Rock Paper Shotgun, tell me you're a corporate sellout without telling me you're a corporate sellout

  5. We're in trouble if these are the best 10 games. Thanks for the video.

  6. Greetings, now in June there will be a demo version of Parallel on Steam😅✌🏼it's the game I'm producing since january 2020

  7. Do keep in mind the co-op in the Quarry has been delayed.

  8. Well, to be honest the worst thing that could happen with Diablo: Immortal is that it could be free to play but then gouge you for everything you want to actually do in the game (probably via post-launch patches to let the reviews go away & get people hooked). I can't say it seems like Activision Blizzard have learned any lessons in any sense of late, but you never know.
    I am looking forward to The Quarry though; that could be really good fun. I still despise quick-time events but at least Supermassive tend to use them creatively.

  9. Card Shark looked the most interesting out of everything this month. Another great roundup

  10. Starship troopers seems like a big omission unless it's slipped it's June release date

  11. For what it's worth, I appreciate the theme video. It would be great if you did one every summer just to officially kick off the season. Also, it baffles me why more big games don't release during the Summer, when a majority of the target audience (kids, teens) are off and can play them? I know Holiday sales are important, but you'd think by now the industry would know it's demographics and identify lulls in the market place. Keep up the good work!

  12. the intro was too long and made me dislike and move on to another guy with no intro video.. Good job!

  13. wish they'd release puzzle fighter on Steam or PC

  14. diablo immortal is a dumpsterfire. full of afk players and speed hackers

  15. Wish someone would write what games are mentioned in this video, so I know if I should watch or not (since there are many others who make videos like this and sometimes games overlap, watching the same thing over and over isn't fun right?)

  16. Not showing the names of the games covered in the description to google afterwards is a miss.

  17. Who puts socks on after the beach weirdo?

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