Top 10 BEST Games like Heroes of Might & Magic | 2021 EDITION -

Top 10 BEST Games like Heroes of Might & Magic | 2021 EDITION

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Best version of Heroes 3 that supports all the best modern mods like Horn of Abyss: | While waiting for Heroes 8 – check these best 4X fantasy games

00:00 – King’s Bounty: The Legend
01:14 – King’s Bounty 2
02:17 – Age of Wonders 3
03:05 – Disciples 2
04:24 – Fallen Enchantress
05:25 – Disciples 3
06:25 – Age of Wonders: Planetfall
06:43 – Unicorn shark vampire elf
07:21 – Warlock 1
08:49 – Sorcerer King: Rivals
09:46 – Eador: Genesis
10:44 – Eador: Imperium
11:07 – Endless Legend
13:04 – Fanstratics

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  1. Disciples 2 is really great
    Too bad it goes down hill faster than HOMM 💀

  2. HoMM3 has my heart, and I still enjoy playing it.

  3. Planetfall was a sleeper hit for me. Ignored it for months, bought it randomly, its terrific.

  4. wow … 27 kg carrots for 8€, that's really cheap 🙂

  5. You forgot about ascension to the throne. Ukrainian game like heroes.

  6. one of those heroes or whatever games was a direct port og the Sega Genesis King's Bounty with a graphics upgrade. My brother and I rented it way back and the same music started playing even and we were like what? that sounds familiar lol. Same maps same sounds and music.

  7. I had very bad experience from Disciples 2.
    Maybe I'd played at wrong way and wrong method.

    Endless Legend is cheating too, in hard or above, AI cheats in productivity . in medium or below, AI cheats on dice.
    (even my units are in high ground, still can roll lower damage regular, plus always have critical hit when AI units have 1% HP..
    Why there're 1% HP enemies? Because my units hate to wipe enemies in my turn, rolled in lower damage or zero damage to PREVENT killing the enemy.)

    In Disciples 2, even in "medium"(?) difficulty, madness AI cheat with powerful armies, I was sending Kamikaze parties to weak them, final send my main squad to wipe it out.
    Then, AI rebuilt another powerful party……I have to keep sending Kamikazes, until my main take AI's incomes.

    Why I need sending Kamikazes? Because lower rank units are ALWAYS miss, 80% to hit? Sorry, only above 50% to hit in REAL.
    Even I've improved my main party with higher tier units with better hit chance, they're still misses A LOT, never reached the hit chance as unit shown.
    If I don't send Kamikazes, powerful AI mains can defeat my main party after struggle and I won't had any chance to rebuild another powerful party.

    When I was reached the campaign mission "alliance"……….than those dwarf have betrayed me(maybe I hadn't finished the mission related with dwarfs)
    But what kind of campaign allows your "allies" betray and war against you? If I've not finished the mission, they should be naturalized, not war with player.
    Maybe the story would turned the enemy into friend later, but how do I trust them later within couple hours?
    (In the real world, such diplomacy turns may take years or decades.)
    That's outraged, it's not my game, I'd fed up from this.

  8. top selection but … homm3 rules them all ^^

  9. I’d be happy for them to go back to non 3D graphics

  10. eador is such a good game with the new horizon mod

  11. AoW1+AoW2 are both great games and far more fun to play than later installments, where as AoW1 has the best story campaign in the entire series and AoW2(Shadowlands) the best possible gameplay. Just so people know, its comparable in homm terms to skip homm2+3 and play homm4 instead. Don't do this, the series aged like milk.

  12. If you`re interested in Disciples III, take notice: there are 3 different versions with very similar subtitles. Original, The Renaissance, is shit. Unbalanced, (infinite polymorphs on every enemy in combat, yay) monorail maps, no sea/ships – you get the idea. Second, The ressurection, adds undead as a playable race, slightly imrpoves on the original in every way. Finally, The Rebirth (or Reincarnation), is basically the game as it was supposed to be from the start. It`s a remake. They remade every campaign map from reincarnation, added ressurection content as a single bundle, worked on balance, leveling system, fixed bugs and such. Maps are now branching, with tons of side activities for optional leveling, artifacts to find and so on.
    So, Reincarnation is actually good. D3 got this reputation of a failed game, but it mostly because of the original problems, which are now fixed. It was too late, though – very few people tried out Reincarnation, and it still have this brand of a dissapointment. Of course, there are also other things besides listed problems – many hardcore fans disliked new batllefield style, for example, saying that it`s just ripping HoMM (D2 didn`t allow units to move, D3 indeed made it similar to how HoMM operates). However, if you have a chance and at least slighly curious, i suggest you check Reincarnation out.

  13. honestly im not looking to play old games or i would just replay the original Heroes games. would be nice to have the release dates next to the game titles in the description box ..

  14. I'm actually here because I'm thinking about re-creating HOMm IV but with few tweaks, obviously game in itself would be of totally different name, factions, units, mechanics but very similar to classic HOMM experience, let me know what exactly you would like to see in this game 😉

  15. Disciples 2 is underated Turn Based Strategy for HOMM fans, i played it a lot. Fantastic music too

  16. Disciples 2? Love it.
    New Disciples are coming out soon. I'm afraid of what they will do with this game.
    There is also upcoming Songs of Conquest!

  17. Nothing could suck the day away like playing Heroes of Might and Magic. I can't believe how quick time would disappear when I played those games.
    I start to play and then, next thing I know, i'm hungry and I need to shave.

  18. Unlike quite a few youtubers… I like how you get right to the point at the start of your video… rather than explaining what the subject of the video will be for 5 minutes… As if we can't read the title.

  19. Nic nie ma podjazdu do heroes 3, pozdro 😉

  20. +2,4 тыс.+ Not bad man, thx for time! 🙂

  21. My favourite game series is King's bounty, and I can say, it has a lot of reasons… 😀

  22. All I want is remastered HOM3. Nothing else will satisfy

  23. I wish we could get Heroes 3 fans to rally around VCMI; the open source recreation of Homm3. It is really quite nice, runs on everything, including things like AndroidTV and being open source, can be developed in perpetuity, unlike the original Homm3, where they actually managed to lose the source code for their expansions. VCMI currently requires original game data, but if we had a large group of supporters chipping in, we could have a fully independent version with the option of using original game data. One of the things that could be improved dramatically, is AI. Imagine single player against a neural network that doesn't have to cheat, but actually is good.

  24. age of wonders III is beyond awesome. It really is, Use classical turns, craft item that dominates (charms) and increase difficulty over time.

  25. I came for the games and stayed for the commentary. Thank you my Russian friend

  26. Eador Genersis has an ultra cool mod called "New Horizons". It expands and improves literally every aspect of the game, adds a lot of stuff which is well thought out and balanced. One can argue with this mod Genesis is even better than Eadoe Masters of the broken world and Emperium despite lack of animations.

  27. You're not easter european. youre baltic european. stop confusing people.

  28. That m&m like IO game should be on this list though

  29. Battle Brothers should be in this list

  30. Heroes 2 and heroes 3 will always have my heart.

  31. Disciples 2 is my favorite in this genre. It's different enough from HoMM that I can enjoy them both as seperate experiences. (the sequels to disciples 1 and 2 are bad)

  32. I love how vampire shark unicorn elf got its own timestamp xD

  33. Planetfall is an excellent game. Currently going through Desciples Liberation and loving it!

  34. I tking King's Bounty is by far the best game of its gender

  35. This video reflects all nowadays phobias of the american society: not as loved as your sibling, girl that out of your league… WTF is wrong with you, americans?

  36. Age of wonders was, I am embarrassed to say, too difficult for me. Yet everyone hypes it up, so maybe I need to sit down and really give it a solid try.

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