Top 10 BEST Games like Stardew Valley -

Top 10 BEST Games like Stardew Valley

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Top 10 BEST Games like Stardew Valley
In this video, we gonna talk about the 10 best games like stardew valley.
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0:15 – Green Project
1:17 – Gleaner Heights
1:55 – Graveyard Keeper
2:48 – Sun Haven
3:30 – Kynseed
4:25 – Traveller’s Rest
5:15 – Undermine
6:04 – Littlewood
6:39 – Garden Story
7:26 – World’s Dawn

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  1. If you haven’t already I would check out pioneers of olive town. It’s the most similar to stardew than any game I’ve played but different enough to be amazing on it own

  2. Do you win for youtube?

    But which is the best game?

  3. Most of these games are not like stardew besides pixel graphics.

  4. Cool video, had a chance to play polity online on steam as a beta tester and became obsessed w it. Other than a farming there is a forestry and mmo feature, rly cool highly recommended

  5. There is one that i personally think is MUCH better than stardew valley 🙃 harvest town, there is a lot of different things to do, incredible monsters, a lot of new buildings, and you can have not just one pet but a a LOT, oh and the tasks are not so easy that makes the game more enjoyable. Idk of we can have children in the game cuz i am not married yet but is really the best pixel game i already played. (Just like stardew valley, is multiplayer)

  6. "…..postapokaliptic…sTimulator…":)))

  7. "Post apocalyptic survival stimulator" 🧐

  8. I really like Littlewood because instead of having a normal time cycle you are only limited by how much energy you have. There's no pressure to get everything done and when you start running low it changes to night, so not much chance of passing out accidentally.

  9. 0:29 – I do want to play some post-apocalyptic survival stimulator 😉

  10. I just wish the graveyard keeper and the green project is FREE😭

  11. Awesome video! So many great recommendations

  12. Dont forget Story of Season its legendary farming simulator

  13. What was the cartoon cutaway after the first game from?

  14. You said, "as you yourself grow old and eventually die!" so happily 😂

  15. Definitely interesting most of these are… Will try..

  16. I love Undermine, but I wouldn't consider it "like Stardew Valley" in the slightest.

  17. I like these types of games but wish they weren’t gameboy graphics. These types of games would be incredible if they had good graphics. It’s so sad 🙁

  18. Please do free games like stardew valley cuz green project is the most expensive game I ever downloaded

  19. did you say plague like plaa-gue? and then "survival stimulator" lol

  20. Timestamps (With Platforms)

    0:15 – Green Project (PC, Android)
    1:17 – Gleaner Heights (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, PC)
    1:55 – Graveyard Keeper (Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, iOS, PC, Linux, Classic Mac OS
    2:48 – Sun Haven (PC, macOS)
    3:30 – Kynseed (PC)
    4:25 – Traveller's Rest (PC)
    5:15 – Undermine (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, Xbox Series X/S, Classic Mac OS)
    6:04 – Littlewood (Nintendo Switch, PC, Linux, Classic Mac OS)
    6:39 – Garden Story (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Project xCloud, PC, macOS, Classic Mac OS)
    7:26 – World's Dawn (PC)

  21. Great list! I can't pick a favorite, I just put them all on my Steam wishlist haha.

  22. Ahhh yes, nothing better than playing a post-apocalyptic survival stimulator which takes place after a worldwide plag which has perished the whole of mankind…

  23. This lady has never played a game before in her life.

  24. Alot of these games are on sale in Steam at the moment. World's Dawn is 2.50, Gleaner Heights is 5$, Graveyard Keeper is 7$, Littlewood is 7.49, Garden Story is 8$. (in US pricing)

  25. I know this vid is a lil old but i feel like chiming in cause i've been playing one of the games on this list: Traveller's Inn has been keeping me entertained for quite a bit now, the artstyle has changed in game from whats shown in this vid and it currently looks spectacular!! Highly recommend it!

  26. I searched up Harvest Town (apparently it's like Stardew Valley I'm not allowed to buy games online so I wouldn't know) and clicked on this because my friend said they're pretty much the same thing. I have heard my friends talking about how much they like to play Stardew Valley so I sent this to them. They told me that none of these are like Stardew Valley and to not get any of them. Just thought you might want to know.

  27. is crazy to me how nobody remember Harvest Moon… crazy thing i dont remember any stardew valley feature that is not present in some of the Harvest Moon Games.. sadly i dont like Stardew Valley art style at all and the game´s popularity make hard to Harvest Moon to survive.

  28. I don't really like survival games that's why stardew is perfect for me. It's relaxing.

  29. What’s the first ame the video showed it the one that didn’t have a name

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