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Top 10 BEST Games of 2018 | The Completionist

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Let’s have a big cheer for 2018! This year had another huge impact on gaming, with surprises until the very last months. Now let’s take a look at my Top 10 Games of 2018!

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Again this is just my list, and there’s been a helluva lot of games that’s been considered. My top 2 I had to struggle with. And even this year I’ve come to have some new favorites that have either dethroned or clashed with games I’ve previously considered the best. It’s been a wild ride, and I can’t wait to show you what we got in store for 2019!

Let me know what your Top 10 Games of 2018 are down below!


———– SPOILERS for the list ————–
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Mega Man 11 review:
Marvel’s Spider-Man review:
The Messenger review:
God of War review:

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  1. Origins is better than Oddessy in my opinion also made with passion is the last thing I would say about oddessy I recommend fizhy videos on oddessy

  2. Garfield kart better be number one

    Edit: god dammit Jirard.

  3. Did know one know dist Jacksepticeye

  4. Wow! Red dead at number 4? You got some balls, dude!

  5. Sorry but a Nintendo fighting game doesn’t belong close to #1, especially over RDR 2 and God of War. RDR 2 has one of the BEST stories and endings of all time!

  6. Wait Sora’s not in Smash YET? Do you know something we don’t, Jirard?

  7. Holy crap a Baten Kaitos reference. I’m replaying that game now for the thousandth time.

  8. Ted – you look sexy in green. If you swing my way, shoot me your # 😀

  9. Mario party was really awful though. It was soooo slow.

  10. You def needed to include CrossCode. Have you guys not played Crosscode? It didn't get the press it should have but it's amazing

  11. Watching this after the WORST games of 2018 is so trippy.

  12. Lol in his worst video games he was like "2018 was a horrible year for games"

  13. Was that an attack to Baten Kaitos???

  14. Just here to say that God of War is overrated, bye.

  15. You guys have fun in the office, LUCKY

  16. Wooww nostalgia i still have my baten kaytos

  17. Why can't there be a racing game in a Top 10 that isn't only for racing games ;w;
    Horizon 4 was and still is so goooodd


  19. The Peloponnesian war was a real event…

  20. Wait, am I minsterpreting what you said? BEcause the peloponnesian war is real

  21. 10:58 actually the red dead series is a trilogy with the first game being the little talked about red dead revolver

  22. I smiled so wide when I saw octopath. Its amazing

  23. Hold up did you play Monster Hunter World

    Top tier game

  24. Spider man was the best this year in my opinion

  25. For me it’s
    1.Super Smash Bro’s
    2.The messenger and God of War 2018

  26. Mario Party is a lot of fun at first but gets old pretty quick playing the same 4 maps over and over, I wish they had DLC something

  27. Now I love that you put in the messenger, probably my fav indie, but WHERE DEAD CELL

  28. OMG, number 1 made me wish I had a Switch with the copy of the game SO FREAKING BAD!!!!!


  29. Why didn't u review red dead redemption 2??????????

  30. This man literally just said smash is better then one of the greatest games ever made

  31. God 2018 was such a great year in gaming, we will never see another one like it for a while

  32. Super Mario party was blee i still have only gotten 2 of the 5 diamonds.

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