Top 10 BEST Games of 2021! -

Top 10 BEST Games of 2021!

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HERE IT IS! These are the Top 10 BEST Games of 2021!

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  1. Those obviously fake, flourescent white teeth look ridiculous on everyone.

  2. Joe, I love your videos, but have to strongly disagree with infinite being number 1, it's a fun game, but compared to the originals it feels like a copy and paste, with overpowerd bosses, the elite bosses where fun though, other than that, it's just not as good as the old halos, there's just something about it, it feels soulless, maybe I'm being overly critical, as this was made during covid and it's been tough on everyone working from home without face to face human interaction. It's not a bad game, but has a lot of problems, other than that, thanks for uploading a good watch.

  3. Road 96 was my best game of 2021 : ) I found its secrets. And more scenes.

  4. The Top 10 games you have never heard of. Or I was transported to 1987.

  5. What EA putting out an amazing game and NOT being greedy while doing it. What a weird year it was lol. I loved It Takes 2

  6. The Elden Ring demo is my goty for me lol

  7. I disagree with two of your choices.. I absolutely despised Kena and Resident Evil: Village .. Those were two shithole games for me .. I much preferred 7 over 8.. 8 was just lame..

  8. play hardcore mode with no unlockables that ups the horror a million fold on RES VILLAGE when guns are almost useless on level 1 enemies.

  9. Yeeeea these are some very fire games but damn it this is another reason I hate exclusives and hate it even more cause I cant get a God damn ps5 f**king scalpers f**K you….

  10. Deathloop > Returnal anyday

    Hated Deathloop and Last of Us 2 before you even played them, so not surprised.

  11. My OTP: Alex/OJ

    I enjoyed FFXIV in 2021.

  12. My girlfriend and I played through It Takes Two together. We play alot of games together and that one is definitely a favorite. So many funny moments, genuinely a good time. 😊

  13. Honorable mention has to go to Guardians of the Galaxy from Square Enix. They butchered Avengers… but GotG is so damn good lmao

  14. "Pushing the limits of the PS5's SSD technology"

    Nevermind a former developer said nothing in that game couldn't have been done on the PS4.

  15. Joe: "game that everyone already like" (On the subject of Resident Evil)
    Me: "I don't like Resident Evil…"

  16. i didn't play much in 2021 but i liked The world ends with you tales of arise and streets of rage, i really need to catch up, i was predisposed from gaming for a lot of 2020 so i'm behind, yeah
    Ifinite somehow was both underwhelming and surpassing of my expatiations at the same time it met my hype it's so much of a good halo game, but it still ain't really halo, The campaign is fun as hell untill you get sick of boss fights, i didn't even beat it, and the multiplayer is sick as hell untill you relize there's only 5 maps, it's give and take it's like an 8 where 1-3 were all tens all year every year

  17. I didn't love re8 not as much as 7 but it did some things better

  18. Ratchet and Clank reboots, new games, movies…meanwhile the Jak and Daxter fanbase are playing the same 3 or 4 games we've been playing for over two decades. Not even updated graphics. Just…the exact same games.

  19. The souls games are not nearly as good as their hardcore fans say they are, change my mind

  20. He gave RE8 a 7/10 and it’s number 4 on his list? Okay…

  21. Pretty new here but pretty sure Joe is thee blueprint for making angry reviews.

  22. Its really cool a lot of indie games made this list.

  23. How to ruin Kena life adaptation by Hollywood production.

    1.Make her a white girl with blond hair.
    2.Add a merchandise opportunity that didn't exist in game.
    3.Add a pssy male character so the director can feel the sexual tension
    4.Change all the spirit into an evil man to empower women.
    5.Forcing a sequel at the end of movie.
    6.1/10 on rotten totamo .

  24. I played It Takes Two with my fiance in January and I just loved it

  25. 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  26. Nearly 4 years later isn’t what I would classify as “immediately following”…

  27. As always, one of the more accurate GOTY lists out there. Thanks Joe.

  28. Did you never review Returnal?? Couldn’t find it on your channel? Would have thought it being the proper first next gen game you would have?

  29. just played it takes 2 and game back to see if he put it in cause i coudknt remember, dissapoinnted

  30. the thing i hate with forza is how unforgetting driving offroad is.. you can climb mountains in a sports car. and lose now power and very limiated grip going into the gravel. they should realase a realistic version of it.

  31. 2022 Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, God Of War Ragnarok,

  32. Good Games: HappyJoeShow
    Unfinished Games: DisappointedJoeShow
    Crappy Games: AngryJoeShow
    1/10 Games: RantingJoeShow

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