Top 10 Best Games of 2021 - ProJared -

Top 10 Best Games of 2021 – ProJared

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Celebrating the year by looking at the BEST Games of 2021! I know there’s TONS that I missed. Like I still have an unopened copy of Tales of Arise just waiting for me. I swear I’ll get to it!

Game Footage taken from my Gameplay Channel and my Livestream! Be sure to follow and subscribe to those!

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  1. Holy shit, someone else played wildermyth! Its so good.

  2. Nice Metroid Dread is number one is a very amazing game

  3. This list is vastly different to the one we uploaded. Don't think we lined up on a single pick!!!! Cant believe with the year we had that so many good games came out. Check out the channel.

  4. I agree. Metroid Dread is my Best of 2021 as well 😀

  5. Metroid Dread had me shooketh.
    I'm so glad it was so well received, it took me back to simpler times.
    Also, Jared always manages to show the coolest game on the best of vids

  6. 3:00 MOBA was not the first to let you hide in trees to ambush the enemy. Battle Realms from 2001 did it earlier.

  7. Wasn’t there a crappy 2D Metroid on the Wii from team ninja or something like that?.. it was not super memorable but I swear it can’t have been 19 years?

  8. Deathloop, Monster Hunter Rise and Inscription are the ONLY good games this year.

  9. One of the best/most interesting lists I've found, not only because we have similar taste in videogames, but because all your explanations said a lot more than the ones from other lists. Great summaries that made me play almost every single game you talked about.

    Hope I can get them soon =).

  10. Endwalker wasn't just a video game. It was an experience. An experience that was the culmination of 10 years worth of story telling that we've been waiting to see coming to a close. And what a triumphant closing it was.
    And yet, somehow, when I turned in that final quest, I didn't want my journey to end. I was already missing my adventures… And that really is when you realize how special it is.

  11. The curse of being so articulate that you talk about something you’re passionate about, and it comes across like an ad

  12. I really don’t understand ffxiv and the hype around it, it’s good for an mmo, but I’d honestly play any other single player jrpg over it. Classes feel good starting at heavensward, and it feels good to get to that point, but most of the classes follow ability1>ability2>ability3 and that’s kinda monotonous, it’s a great idea to implement, but it feels more like a flowchart than a toolkit.

    Oh and finally, I’m sure the community is nice for other people that love the game (I really liked the people hanging out in cities playing music and chatting) but outside the game it’s an echo chamber of mindless praise and refusal to critique. Your game is definitely good, but it’s okay to criticize things you don’t like about it (like the ui)

  13. Metroid Dreds gameplay kind of reminded me of Shadow Complex. THAT game has been one of my favorite 2.5D Metroid-Vania games ever.

  14. The way you talk about these games really makes me want to play them lol

  15. Endwalker is 1000% my #1 pick. My god does it hurt. Every step is satisfying or agonizing in the best ways. It's making up for how infuriatingly hypocritical and bland Stormblood was and builds upon everything wonderful and painful and Beautiful that Shadowbringer brought us.

  16. I love 2D Metroid games, but, don't know what it is about it, I just can't get into Dread… It hasn't really… Clicked for me I guess. Not a fan of the E.M.M.I.'s. Solid list though.

  17. Before we start if monster hunter stories 2 isn't on this list you're a fake, a fraud a phony!

  18. My personal favorite has been Psychonauts 2. While there is a bit of repetitiveness and the hub world while open doesn't quite have that same charm; each level reminded me just how unique and creative video games can be and why I loved the original to begin with.

  19. Can confirn that Inscryption is damn phenomenal, along with all the other games on this list.

  20. Play Yakuza: Like a Dragon if you haven't, it's a ridiculously well crafted RPG game.

  21. And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27)
    Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7)
    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)
    The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. (Psalms 34:18)

  22. Monster Hunter Rise and Metroid Dread were games I thought I'd play for just a little while. But I keep comign back to them. I'm a very new Monster Hunter fan – I only really got into it with World (I made the mistake of starting out on Generations Ultimate), and now I am a Switch Axe main for life.

    Metroid Dread was another story – I've loved Metroid for a long time, but I've never been a speedruner. Dread was so fun to play that I actually broke the 4-hour mark completing a Metroid game for the first time.

    And Endwalker… Oh, poor Endwalker. A victim of it's own success. So popular now that the servers just can't keep up!

  23. At the beginning of this video you look very…420 friendly? Those eyes are a giveaway 😂

  24. Man I remember seeing wildermyth on my steam queue and playing it for the first time last 2020. I was initially saddened by the fact that since it was unpopular it had little mods. Looking forward to how the community grows

  25. How is kena bridge of spirits not on this list?

  26. Endwalker is my personal top of the year followed by Dread

  27. I forgot about Bravely default 2! Glad to hear you speak so lovingly about it. You said exactly what I liked about the previous games, so I think I'm gonna have a blast again!!

  28. Bravely Default 2 my favorite RPG of the year…

    Follows it up with FFXIV.

  29. awesome list, i do agree with most of them and number one

  30. to bad my pc doesn''t have the specs to play age of empires 4

    Just bought bravely default 2 because of your videos jared, thank you

  31. Still think Metroid Dread should’ve won GOTY

  32. Dread was fun but the bosses were too hard. Nonnrw game plus either. Thankfully I beat it in time so I could return it for a full return with Amazon. Zero replay value for me

  33. Metroid dread. Best selling Metroid game ever. About time this masterpiece got recognition.

  34. I don't know what I expected but the FF14 story was way too anime for me. The cosmic stuff which I hate the most is what everyone seems to like the most.

  35. Valheim is a wonderful game. It reminds me of the feeling I had when I first played minecraft many years ago, but it's unique enough to keep me engaged. But man, I hate the swamp.

  36. Man, I don't even recognize Final Fantasy games anymore; I haven't for many years. WAY TOO MUCH going on.

  37. I disliked bravely default two.. The Story was just so boring and the characters had half the charm of bravely default 1.

  38. Nanananana pokemon snap took away all the cool mysterious puzzles

  39. Wildermyth on this list has made me so happy, amazing game that everyone needs to play if into rpgs.

  40. ►► THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT FOR THE YEAR!! Seriously. I couldn't keep doing this without you. Every single click, view, comment, share and subscribe does wonders for me and it means SO SO much. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!
    ► All of the game footage came from either my Twitch Streams or from my Gameplay Channel. Links to those in the description!

    ►► I know I missed some games this year. As the comments have already pointed out, Tales of Arise, SMT V, No More Heroes 3, Deathloop. TONS I missed. Some of these I already own and just haven't opened them! Any other ones I should know about?
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    ► I've already finished playing through Final Fantasy XII, so that'll be the next major video coming up. After that, only a couple of Final Fantasy games left! Can you believe it!?

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