TOP 10 BEST Games of 2021! (So Far) -

TOP 10 BEST Games of 2021! (So Far)

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This year has already been packed with some great games but which ones are the BEST? Well I am going to try and find that out by counting down the TOP 10 Games of 2021!

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In this video DreamcastGuy talks about the best games of the year in a review style format including talks of story, combat, and general gameplay of stuff like Resident Evil Village on the Xbox Series X, Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo switch, Returnal on the PlayStation 5, Hitman 3 on PS5, Bowser’s Fury on Nintendo Switch, Little Nightmares on PS4, Nier Replicant on PlayStation 4, Oddworld Soulstorm beaten on the PS5, Persona 5 Strikers, It Takes Two played fully in co-op, and other games like Days Gone on PC and Mass Effect Legendary Edition are mentioned.


  1. Have you found the best cloud games to play on your cellphone? Or are you hesitant on getting a controller and controller mount clip designated for your phone?

  2. Rise is also my GOTY so far. It is just so fun. It really is hard to explain.

  3. So far for me it’s mass effect legendary edition. I gotta look at it takes two!

  4. Who else loves DreamcastGuy while dropping mad dunggers

  5. Same person who describes TLOU II as a " mindless fun game " puts RE Village 2nd on his 2021 top games list, ironically 🤷

  6. Playing “It takes two” with his best friend? What about his fiancée?

  7. Sooo… basically 10 of the bigger releases this year.

  8. My favorite game this year so far is hands down Atelier Ryza 2. Kinda sad that only larger, more well known titles/franchises made your list, cause that game is better than at least 5 of them here.

  9. "Put on your gaming hats and your empty glasses frames ladies and gents!!!" lol

  10. Nier Replicant for me, nothing else comes close.

  11. always love your reviews dreamcastguy keep it up

  12. Whenever DC guy does his countdowns I prepare myself for the way he says the number and title of each entry

  13. Why is Balan Wonderworld not on this list???!!!

  14. Returnal is game of the year IMO. The game play is hard to beat. Some people down rate this game because it frustrates them and they realize they aren’t as good of a gamer as they thought. It’s an amazing game and I’ve never played a game like it before.

  15. New Pokenon Snap is better then half these games

  16. MHRise is excellent suprised it was your #1 but I agree. Of all the games I have played this year this one I have sunk the most time into. Love it!

  17. I so agree! Monster hunter rise is just amazing! GOTY! I got in such an arguement about re7 and re8! Its my 1 and 2.

  18. Resident Evil 8: Village was something else, I loved finishing it on Village of Shadows Difficulty!

  19. My favorite game so far is persona 5 strikers!

  20. I disagree with a few choices, but meh each to their own. Good vid dreamcast guy

  21. can everything res evil village be unlocked in the extra store do you get All CP pionts to buy out the store get everything in the game?

  22. Yeah Resident Evil Village is one of the best games i've played in years, couldn't agree more, i would have changed a few things in the story but combat wise that game gets everything right, i am so excited to see what kind of dlc Capcom releases for it in the future, hopefully some story add ons where you get to play as Heisenberg or Chris.

  23. beginning the list with Returnal on 10… cmon Max, I know its all just opinion but this is just objectively wrong

  24. Great vid man, but I'd love to see a top 10 Sony games, regarding their exclusives and their IP. I think it'd be interesting for the other platforms as well.

  25. I love rise but just can't keep jumping in again.. didn't even get to hr4.. not played in ages

  26. I loved RE8 that's my number 1, but I'm almost certain Ratchet and Clank about to take that spot next week 😏

  27. Do people really think June is halfway through the year? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Everything was great until you added RE Village.
    At that point, I threw up.

  29. #3 is the… one of the many reasons why bethesda is single minded. FO4 could and should have a coop option.


    "NUMBER TEN…. RETURNAL" In the most nasal douche bag voice ever… That had to be on purpose Dreamcast Guy, That was soooo funny for some reason hahaha

  31. Smh dude included a 60$ port with a small DLC but didn't even mention Binding of Isaac Repentance

  32. I was honestly disappointed w persona strikers. It lost all the charm from persona 5 and I feel the majority of the game is scrolling through lame cheesy dialogue. Still trying to force myself to finish it

  33. Drinking game: take a shot whenever DreamcastGuy says ‘gigantic’ in this video

  34. Where are dese magnifico hombres come to save de veellahaj

  35. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is my favorite ❤️

  36. More Videos Like this Please.
    Love Best Games Videos.
    Great Video

  37. I’d list these almost in reverse. Loving Returnal even though I suck at it.

  38. Man. Why does your gameplay footage always look so bad ? Returnal and hitman do not look like that. That mario game can't be that blurry.

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