Top 10 Best Games of 2021 -

Top 10 Best Games of 2021

The Completionist
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2021 was a year of milestones for me, with a decade of The Completionist and now a main host of G4TV, I bring to you my yearly video of the Top 10 Best Games of 2021. A lot of large titles were pushed back to 2022 and this game the chance for some indie games and fan favorites to really shine. This is my personal list, and I’d love to know your best games of 2021!

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  1. PSYCHONAUTS! I am so so happy about this game and I am so happy that it made it on your list. Psychonauts has so much heart and personality that it's well worth a play!

    Thank you so much for all that you have done and all that you do, Jirard and TOVG crew, I hope this new year is particularly awesome for you.

  2. Look I love shovel knight, propeller knight being my favorite knight, but I felt like it sadly made a lot of developers give up on improving the graphical element of their games and just slap, "relive the retro days" on the cover, just because shovel knight did well. Almost every indie game since then has used 8 or 16 bit and it really grinds my gears when it's not done well like shovel knight.

  3. bowsers fury is just a test/tech demo for the next mario game. its going to be open level no doubt.

  4. Wow It Takes Two has a pretty dubious story eh

  5. I was hoping to see ruined King on this list as I really enjoyed that game

  6. Despite me only having played one game on this list, gotta say, really cool selection.

    On a different note: Anyone who could give me a link to the track used for the nr1 entry? I have a playlist that needs it on it.

  7. I think metroid dread should have been game of the year and I am happy to see that other people share my opinion as the best game of 2021

  8. 16:47
    I’m cringe, and that’s based
    I’m not based, and that’s not cringe
    There’s no one I’d rather be
    Than me

  9. Am I the only one that thought House Beneviento in Resident Evil 8 was gorgeous? Ethan’s house in the very beginning is stunning too. I’ve been trying to find out what locations Capcom used as inspiration, but have been unsuccessful so far. All I know is that I’d love to have a house that looked like Ethan’s someday.

  10. Everhood, Deltarune Ch.2, and Isaac Repentance all came out this year and occupy my top 3 fav sports of all time.
    It has been a great year for games

  11. Valheim was an indie game that shined quite brightly

  12. This list is vastly different to the one we uploaded. Don't think we lined up on a single pick!!!! Cant believe with the year we had that so many good games came out. Check out the channel.

  13. I’m currently going through Covid right now been down 10 days now and still sick. And your videos are getting me through it!

  14. Who did the ending metroid mix? It's incredible.

  15. As a massive Metroid fan I'm also glad to hear anyone mention Insighted. Such an amazing game!

  16. What song plays during the Metroid part? I NEED TO KNOW

  17. I personally think Guardians of the galaxy is one of the best games this year

  18. My GotY is “It Takes Two,” which is shocking considering it’s co-op only, and a co-op only game has never before been my favorite of the year. It kept pleasantly surprising me throughout the entire experience. Psychonauts 2 is a close second.

  19. After that g4tv disaster I've lost a lot of respect for you, the soy smell was too strong! Unsub

  20. bro.. you actually put no more heroes 3 on this list? that game is ULTRA trash dude. it looks like a damn ps2 game. wtf is wrong with you.

  21. As a fellow Lebanese-American, I totally agree with you that seeing Josef take the stage to accept the GOTY award was super cathartic. Amazing stuff, truly a deserving game made by an amazing studio.

  22. Ooooo Girard, you missed the best game of the Inscryption! Play it!

  23. For me Psychonauts 2 and Resident Evil: Village are tied number one. I adore both games and can’t pick a favorite. I haven’t played Dread yet, gonna play all the others first, but it looks fantastic.

  24. Mans stays inside playing video games for a living and still got covid. None of us are safe

  25. Hmmmm. That into tho. I’m sorry Time to be the completionist we need.

  26. The powder at the bottoms of the wine glass 🤢

  27. Metroid Dread deserves its top spot on all the game of the year lists.

  28. Man, I forgot about these games. But watching this video made me feel more positive about gaming this year. Thanks so much!

  29. Completionist should go cardboard and do a 100% of a board game like gloomhaven for example!

  30. I get ya jerard, I was also covid-19'd at my house, and that is because of my mother after she was infected by one of her students in her sculpting class.

  31. I 100% gotta agree with your #1 jirrard. Metroid dread is easily my favorite singleplayer game on switch

  32. this is a really good list, lots of stuff i agree on and some i dont but thats just my taste in games, Also…


  33. Rift Apart was absolutely my GOTY. I’ve always been a huge ratchet and clank fan

  34. I’m happy to see deaths door on here. It was amazing

  35. g4TV sucks, bunch of loony liberals, I’m surprised you like No More Heroes games, they have sexy women, strong male lead character and no liberal bull cra p

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