Top 10 Best Games of the 2021 College Football Season -

Top 10 Best Games of the 2021 College Football Season

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A Top 10 List counting down the best college football games of the 2021 season. These games featured top teams, thrilling endings, or a combination of the two! This list is all based on my opinion, I did not use any “metric” to rank these games. If you disagree with the list, feel free to express your opinion in the comment section. Also, do not forget to check out the honorable mentions in the pinned comment! Enjoy!

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  1. Great list but disagree with #1. That game was closer to 4 or 5 but honestly all of these could be different depending on who you're asking and where they went to school haha

  2. Texas-Oklahoma was much better than Alabama/Texas A&M

  3. I definitely think the UTSA vs UAB game should have been up there. I mean it all came down to a game winning touchdown also.

  4. I think Tennessee at Kentucky deserves to be mentioned here. It was an incredibly entertaining back and forth game.

  5. 3:37 I remember I was watching this live while at an ice fishing store in Minnesota. Even though I wasn’t cheering for either team it was still stunning to see OSU fall 6 inches short from a victory.

  6. Not on this list: Any game played by Nebraska. Sorry college football world, we are just not "there" yet…and may not be for a LONG time!

  7. Ohio state and Utah was the the best game last year I respect yall…yall came to play had me scared for my buckeyes but to me that was the greatest rose bowl I ever seen

  8. I was at the OU v TX game and I’m a huge OU fan, that game was the most stressful thing I’ve ever witnessed.

  9. What's crazy is that #3 and #4 (OU/UT and Ark/Ole Miss) games were going on at the exact same time and I remember watching both on 2 TV's and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Incredible

  10. Need to watch SOCO ETSU vs Kennesaw State crazy ending 2021 1:45 left 4 quarter ETSU 17 Kennesaw State 31. ETSU wins 32 Kennesaw State 31. Heck of a game.
    My grandson is Alijah Huzzie #28 his cousin is Will Huzzie #9.

  11. Y’all missed the Iowa vs Penn State game!!

  12. If everyone stops on exactly 9:29 you will see a bull call. Tennessee won that game! I'm a Oregon fan and I even saw that. His knees nor elbows were touching before he reached for the plain!

  13. No Nebraska vs Oklahoma

  14. If you ever need a game to represent a “never give up” message, use OU’s end of the game with Texas.
    Against all odds they came from waaaay back and beat a team who’s QB had 5TDs and a mile of yards.
    Looking back at the treachery that was ongoing with Lincoln Riley at the time, that makes it all the more unbelievable.
    He didn’t lose this one like he lost the OSU game so he could blow town the next morning. If they’d beaten OSU they’d have played against Baylor in the Big 12 Championship Game.
    That didn’t fit Riley’s schedule so he – I think intentionally- lost the game to OSU.
    10-2 with your HC planning a devious move is a pretty damn good year. Thanks Bob Stoops!

  15. I think the Texas OU game was number 1. If not number one then definitely 2

  16. if you watch slowly covey was never down he could've won us the rose bowl but we got shelled by the refs

  17. That ND vs FSU was good asf but my NOLES lost 😞

  18. Never seen worse run defense discipline than UM in that first game against MSU, made KW3 look like Darren McFadden

  19. Fresno state ucla one of the best college football games I've ever seen.

  20. Man that oklahoma Texas game was something else

  21. Tennesse got robbed by the refs. He was in no doubt, ball outstretched over the goal line while on top of somebody

  22. Red river showdown.
    More like Red River Shootout

  23. Some more great games: WF UNC, Bama Florida, OSU Mich, and lowkey BC Mizzou

  24. That McNamara interception still pisses me off

  25. DBs suck now for the most part. That’s why teams started passing and the games are so high scoring. Look at all the helpless DBs in this video that just run near the receiver and don’t try.

  26. Tell me you’re an OSU fan without tellling me you’re on OSU fan💀🤣

  27. How the hell is Iowa Penn St not on here

  28. this years rose bowl could potentially become one of the greatest rose bowls ever

  29. I’m a Ute and was at the Rose Bowl, sat around a ton of Ute and Buckeye fans and we were all high fiving each other the entire game and at the end of the game those high fives turned into hugs and good games. There was only one Buckeye fan that was belligerent and annoying. I became a fan of Ohio State that day at the Rose Bowl because of OSU’s awesome fans, I’ll join a group of people like that any day! They were without a ton of key players and so were we and both teams fought to the death, it was awesome! Utah is better this year and I assume OSU fans feel the same about their team. No more Rose Bowl, we get the rematch for the National Title this year, both teams undefeated! OSU #1 and Utah #2 after OSU spanks Georgia in the playoff and Utah spanks Alabama just like in the ‘09 Sugar Bowl but this time it’s in the playoff! Can’t wait to see you in the ‘ship Buckeyes! Rematch of the century and I picture it being just as good of a game! Utah 34 OSU 31! Utah gets their first Natty! Just a little biased…Go Utes and Buckeyes! I want a rematch!

  30. I hate that I missed the OU v Texas game because I gave up on it so fast. We were down so much so quick and I left. I had a whole day and I check my phone later and see we won. Insane!

  31. Bedlam not making the top ten should be a crime

  32. The bedlam game was wild so glad my boys took the win

  33. Def a solid list. The Oklahoma texas game was maybe one of the greatest games ever. Couldn't even believe it happened. The shootout at the end was sick.

  34. Anytime someone beats bama its their national championship

  35. That Music City Bowl between Tennessee and Purdue was one of the worst officiated games I've ever seen.

  36. So the Georgia vs Alabama National Championship game was not good enough to make the top 10

  37. bruh why does my team fsu always gotta have games like these my heart cant take it

  38. OU Fan here… I think that UCLA Fresno St game was the best one I watched. If you get a chance, watch the whole 4th quarter. Haener could barely stand up. He was so injured, and he kept thinking he'd finally won the game, but he had to keep going back in to score again and again. Poor dude. He's tough as fuck though

  39. Joe Tessitore: How bout it, Superman? Welcome back home
    Me: lol

  40. 4 and 3 happened at the same time and 2 happened later that same day

  41. Honorable mentions:

    Kansas vs Texas
    North Carolina vs NC State
    Houston vs SMU
    Iowa State vs Texas Tech
    Alabama vs Florida
    Arkansas vs Alabama
    Illinois vs Penn State
    Georgia vs Alabama (NC)
    UAB vs UTSA
    Clemson vs NC State
    Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State
    Oregon vs Ohio State
    San Diego State vs Utah
    Oklahoma State vs Notre Dame
    Coastal Carolina vs Northern Illinois
    UCF vs Louisville
    Texas A&M vs LSU

    There was so many great games this season, choosing the top 10 was really hard. Let me know if you disagree with any of the picks on my list!

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