Top 10 Best Games of the 2022-23 College Football Season -

Top 10 Best Games of the 2022-23 College Football Season

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Thanks for watching! These were the 10 best games from this College Football season. I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Great list. I would probably include TCU/Michigan and USC/Tulane.

  2. How is a 22 point home loss to Michigan a "Great Game"

  3. Clemson easily should've and would've beaten sc and Tennessee by 20+ if they had good coordinators, a better o line, and wrs that want to try to get open. Either way, go tigers. We'll be back lol

  4. South Carolina vs Tennessee should have made it. Carolina hands Tennessee its worse SEC loss in program history. Carolina becomes the 7th team in FBS history to be unranked and beat 2 top 8 teams in consecutive weeks….

  5. half of UH's seasosn was insane but nothing at stake ever really

  6. its criminal that tulane vs usc isnt on there.

  7. also houston vs memphisand houston vs smu

  8. Thanks for this. 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  9. This was a really good video and I know you can’t fit all the games but I do think Georgia vs Tennessee should have been in there.

  10. Oregon-Oregon State should be here. Huge comeback WITHOUT THROWING A PASS

  11. Fordham at Ohio was quite the match, Definitely a top 10 in my opinion

  12. How is OSU beating Michigan by 22 a top 10 game and the semifinals in the playoffs isn’t 😂😂😂

  13. Tulane vs usc Tulane vs Kansas state should be up there

  14. I totally love these best college football games and da videos and that is straight facts 💯

  15. Much love and support for your hot homie and that is straight facts 💯

  16. These are da best plays of college football games and that is straight facts 💯

  17. Every time bama losses it's a great game but states bowl game is #1 RIP legend Mike leach

  18. We needed to fire the kicker and the returner in the FSU game

  19. We’re missing Oregon vs Oregon State, Texas vs Alabama, and USC vs UCLA. All three of these games were better than Michigan vs Ohio State this year. Michigan won by 22, while these three were all one possession.

  20. Man, what a great list. The ONLY games I would reverse is the UGA/OSU game to #1 and the TENN/BAMA game to #2 because of the magnitude of each. Thorough. Good job.

  21. For usc vs Clemson game the second my grandma left usc scored and we all started jumping and then her puppy peed all over the floor it was hilarious

  22. This season had so many good games here’s my top 10 for you
    10 USC vs Utah p1
    9 arkansas vs Kansas
    8 North Carolina vs app state
    7 clemson vs wake
    6 Michigan vs TCU
    5 LSU vs FSU
    4 LSU vs alabama
    3 USC vs Tulane
    2 Alabama vs Tennessee
    1 Georgia vs Ohio state

  23. How you didn't include Tulane VS USC is beyond me.

  24. There is no way that blowout of Ohio State was one of the best games of the season. Every other game one the list was separated by a single score and the TCU/Michigan game wasn't even on here. Are you a Michigan fan or something?

  25. The Tennessee-Alabama was the best game of the season but the announcer made it seem so boring

  26. TCU’s kicker was clutch in that moment. Horrible time management and the kicker says no problem watch this.

  27. Tennessee vs Alabama was the game of the decade

  28. There’s a couple Tennessee games that were intense. Tennessee Florida was really good, and Tennessee Pitt (Johnny Majors Classic) was epic too.

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