Top 10 best games on PSP -

Top 10 best games on PSP

Relic Ronin
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My list of what I believe are some of the best PSP Games
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  1. My favourite game on psp is Crash Tag team racing

  2. PPSSPP AND Aethersx2 :

    1)Change l and r button as volume up and volume down button in control mapping…
    2)Turn on vibration

    This gives feel as playing with joystick

  3. I would put persona 3 portable on the first place to be honest

  4. Great list here! Thank you for acknowledging the true brilliance of Final Fantasy Tactics: the War of the Lions. It is in my top five favorite games of all time, regardless of platform.

  5. Manhunt 2 gives me chills even though its still censored

  6. Why is daxter 8 you get the game for free is so fun

  7. I used to have one when i was youngg there is a game i used to play on my psp i rlly am desperate to find it's name😭 it had a G in the beginning it sounded like gourminy or smth like that it was abt a little girl moving to her grandpa's place and she finds a hall in a wall somewhere in the city and so she enters a place where there are monsters and stuff and she pulls out a rlly strong sword or smth like that

    Pls if anyone knows the name tell me😭🥹

  8. P3P, Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, FF4, Burnout Legends, Warriors Orochi and GoW Ghost of Sparta are my favorites.

  9. All games on psp are andventures not open world

  10. Sony PSP is better than nintendo Switch oled lite

  11. Tekken dark resurrection chahiye Xbox one x

  12. I would mostly get a PSP for the persona 1 and 2 since persona 3 portable is now on modern platform's as well as the remake for persona 3 coming out for last gen and current gen.

  13. PSP was awesome!
    For anyone who liked the music, it's Sarah, the Illstrumentalist – Turquoise Waves.

  14. ayoo whats the name of the instrumental bro, this beat fyre for freestyling.

  15. Y pensar que ningún género se repite.

  16. how dare you not putting Vice City Stories😡😡

  17. Daxter and Persona 3 Portable are wonderful.

  18. Number 1 crisis core final fantasy 7 or the 3rd birthday

  19. Liberty city is so overrated. I didn’t even finish that boring ass game.

  20. Dude, you don't know which is RPG… shame…

  21. Dark mirror is recommended you should get it if you have a psp

  22. What an awesome piece of handheld. If only Sony supported Vita as much as they did with PSP.

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