TOP 10 BEST Games to Play While You WAIT FOR GTA 6 -

TOP 10 BEST Games to Play While You WAIT FOR GTA 6

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TOP 10 BEST Open World Games to Play While You WAIT FOR GTA 6
Hello friends! Today, while you are eagerly waiting for the release of GTA 6, I shared with you the 10 best open world games you can play. These games offer exciting adventures, vast areas of exploration and gripping stories. If you want to pass the time while waiting for GTA 6 to be released, the games on this list are for you! If you are wondering which games are on this list, watch my video now and choose the one that is most suitable for you. You can play the games on PC, PS5, PS4, XB1 and Xbox X/S platforms. You can find the details in the video. Here are 10 BEST Games to Play While You WAIT FOR GTA 6..


00:00 intro
00:13 Cyberpunk 2077
01:32 Red Dead Redemption 2
02:35 Yakuza 0
03:31 Sleeping Dogs
04:24 Mafia Definitive Edition
05:20 Watch Dogs 2
06:12 GTA5
07:12 Lego City Undercover
08:12 Just Cause 3
09:00 Saints Row Series

NOTE: the order of the games is random #openworldgames #top #bestgames


  1. As Solo Player I can tell : Cyberpunk is ok nowadays, Watch Dogs 2 highly recommend to play. Red Dead 2 I Dont Know played a bit but i will give it a try some day. Sleeping Dogs I Dont Know I have to try, Mafia can be good its like ThePate, GTA 5 I dont know im grinding GTA Online CJ Outfit at the moment just played the story twice, Lego is not my thing had it back on ps 2 or even ps3 with star wars stuff that was fun, bought the new lego racing and its not that hard and fun for me its more for real chilldren, just cause is not my style but im sure many players have fun with it, Saints Row is also a funny game, but didnt played it long – guess it makes even more fun with a friend in coop

  2. Wish we had dystopian games like Cyberpunk.

  3. Where the hell is Wolfenstein new order, The new colossus?

  4. Far Cry, Uncharted, Outlast, Fallout series also

  5. I love your content man keep up the good work!!
    Can you review Ctiy driver 2023 , Thanks!😄

  6. Best game content channel.. Best wishes 😊👍♥️

  7. Gta 6 is just a myth, it'll keep getting pushed back & pushed back & never actually release. Rockstar are just straight up trolling with it now at this point

  8. Recommending Watch Dogs 2 over the Original should be a crime, 2 is NOT better than 1

  9. I just recently got back into gaming. For anyone who hasn’t played Skyrim in a while, you should really revisit it just for all the mods that are available. If you can think of something that you would change or add to Skyrim, there’s probably 100 mods out there that have done it!

  10. Ralph Baer is the person who invented video games first

    man i wish u be in heaven if there is one

  11. Hey guys what about like a dragon infinite wealth ? I have never played any yakuza game before, mostly I like campaign games should i get this it’s on sale. Does it have problem solving type gameplay or something interesting to get me the game

  12. Best thing about Cyberpunk you can customize your characters dick size so I got to 2nd hand experience what its like to have a big dick

  13. *Games youve already played 3 or 4 times already

  14. Just Cause 3 looks better than the 4 dont know how, i think they not gonna make another one😔 is a fun game with good physics

  15. For the record sleeping dogs is a sequel to True Crimes of LA, which had a spinoff/followup with True Crimes Of NY making Sleeping Dogs the 3rd game in the series but only connecting to TRLA.

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