Top 10 Best Indie Games – April 2024 -

Top 10 Best Indie Games – April 2024

Best Indie Games
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Best of April 2024

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00:00 ► #10 Inkbound :
01:02 ► #9 Bellwright :
02:27 ► #8 Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes :

03:36 ► #7 Rusty’s Retirement :
04:25 ► #6 Content Warning :
05:30 ► #5 Spirit City: Lofi Sessions :
06:26 ► #4 Buckshot Roulette :
07:12 ► #3 :
08:18 ► #2 :
10:06 ► #1 :

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  1. Would running Rusty Retirement and Spirit City at the same time increase productivity, or decrease it?

  2. Frogmonster was my fav april game, maybe of the year tbh. It's this kinda giant solo-dev metroidvania that i live for – good challenge, tons of content, complex level design, good atmosphere. But the graphics are probably too wierd for most people.
    Minishoot was ok, it has wierd balancing were you just do the challenge rooms until you die and then you respawn with full hp and do other ones, it feels like you HP is balanced around doing several challenges but each one completed is saved even if you died. It's not that i want more tedium but it felt like i was kinda cheating, bosses are also go down in a 1-2 tryes even on hard, so i felt a bit underwhelmed.

  3. Wow to see Inkbound in the same list as Rustys Retirement…we need to redefine the word “indie” now. Or move most of the successful indie studies into AA. Inkbound dev Shiny Shoe makes an estimated $4.8 million a year in top line. Even 10% of that if it goes into marketing, it’s a half million dollar marketing budget.

  4. Eiyuden is the biggest dissapointed of 2024. Hype around this game was unbelievable and they just dropped the ball completely

  5. Oh shit Inkbound came out? I didn't even realise I didn't have it wishlisted shit, IM POGGING SO HARD.

  6. Just finished Minishoot Adventures the other day, was quite fun to explore into world while uncovering all the things to find. Story is straight forward with no real dialog but the different ship's reactions are fun to see and although it can get quite hectic, its never bullshit since you can upgrade and downgrade skills as you need it, and by the end you should have everything you need to dodge all the things while lighting enemies up. About 10 hours on file after a normal 100% run.

  7. Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes – Whatever the case may be comparing it to previous similar games, JRPGs usually deliver in every department for your hard-earnt money with story, art, graphics, gameplay and longevity. Looks like a top title.

    Manor Lords – Looks close to almost perfect. Definitely Top 5 games of the year imho. Combining base-building and rts battles and more into such a visual package the player can zoom in on and enjoy the action: Clear to see why it's popular.

  8. OMG i really love Minishoot Adventures soooo much <3 😀

  9. Minishoot Adventures is FANTASTIC.
    No pointless parts, no hours of backtracking for useless collectibles, no tons of boring characters and exposition dialogue.
    Tight and precise controls, fairly challenging (unless you are quite above average at bullet hell games) satisfying impact sounds and perfectly fitting music.
    You can 100% this game in about 10 hours and it's a blast from the beginning till the very end.
    My GOTY thus far for sure.

  10. reiterating others here, minishoot adventures is amazing. 10 hours or so to do 100% of the game, no fluff / needless content. Just 10 hours of pure joy, be prepared!

  11. I feel you about having too much to do. I'm trying to stream and make videos while going back to work full time and recovering from an injury. So it's hard to find the time. Totally get it so when you can make stuff, I always watch and read your newsletter!

  12. First one is SO damn good, it deserves a lot more attention.

  13. how tf am I supposed to compete with this =(? even if I would gather a team of a few guys, it would take more than a single year, and it could flop too

  14. ….love the classical music at the beginning !!! What it‘s called please tell me 🙂

  15. I wish minishoot adventures would come to the switch.

  16. said the best of all, before number #1 No Rest for the Wiked👌

  17. I've been enjoying Another Crab's Treasure Thanks for the video Clemmy! ♥

  18. Minishoot Adventures was brilliant – it drew me back to gaming after months of just uninspired browsing. Wondering if there's anything similar on Steam?

  19. Eiyuden is fantastic and exactly what I wanted. It has some old-school design sensibilities that I think it could have improved on, but when people tell you they want and miss old school PS1 RPGs they certainly get what they ask for. Plot could've been a little heavier but it's not bad, just doesn't feel as urgent as some might prefer. Impressive that they managed to do voice acting for so many characters, even if not all of them are top shelf; many of them are quite good. Feel free to ignore the usual whiners spouting whatever "woke" acronym has got their panties in a twist this week. Game is flawed but extremely entertaining if you like older RPG titles.

  20. I just finished Minishoot Adventures (still trying to complete the endgame) and I'd say that it's quite a beatable bullet hell kind of game, even if you are not a Touhou player.

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