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“Top 10 Best Mobile Games 2024 – Best Mobile FPS Games 2024 (Games Like Call of Duty Mobile) Games Like Call of Duty on Android & iOS – Games Like Warzone Mobile! Best Android Games 2024 Offline/Online Multiplayer – New Mobile FPS Games 2024 (Mobile Gaming Video) Gaming Top 10 New”


Hey everybody! ExxotikGaming here – hope you’re all having a great day today! Today I’m finally back with another mobile gaming video (apologies for taking so long) and it is yet another top 10 video! Today we will take a look at the top 10 BEST mobile FPS games like Call of Duty for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) right now in 2024. Most of these are playable right now, but a few aren’t available yet…they will be soon though! There are some awesome games that might even be better than Call of Duty Mobile you have got to check out. What do you think? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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  1. Could you do 2023/2024 fps games with controller support

  2. Bro I'm watching his video after 4-3yrs, it's been a long time since I hv watched his, back then I used see his content for codm updates now I don't play codm at all

  3. Carnage war is good but there like nb playing it:/

  4. I love bloidstrike but the game has 0 fucking content barely any guns,barely any good camo thats worth grinding besides gold camo,and the good skins are just for those people who wasted their bank account for it there no good skins for f2p,barely any maps….. literally not alot of modes too to be honest if you guys play bloodstrike for the first time it will look fun but then you realise its complete dogshit but it can run your device well so no problem there

    My rating om bloodstrike is just 3/10 its just dissapointing

  5. Battle prime should be your sponsor, did you get any contact with the dev team before? The game is cool but they are small team I guess. Thanks for the advice I will try a couple of them

  6. Battle Prime characters are paywall'd…so eh kinda trash

  7. How to get fire front mobile on iOS i can’t find it

  8. any news for the upcoming mobile revolutionary game “rust” ?

  9. Warzone mobile runs better then combat zone💀

  10. Why didn't you include bad business roblox fps, that game is 10000 times better than polygon arena, 1 mag left, carnage wars combined.. pls include that next time

    That game is literally combat master but in lowpoly

  11. Polygon arena is everything! And p2w.. Polywar way poly shooters…. Try " Mega Zombie M" bro

  12. Okay, you should really move on from First Person shooter games now. Give us games like FIFA (or FC) or something else like platformer games and all. Bored of fps.

  13. They took sniping away in battle prime ?that’s why I deleted it

  14. i have a low end device but combat master doesn't run very smoothly😭

  15. Battle prime u cant get characters anymore like fr everything is pay to win

  16. Wzm should add DMZ @exxotikgaming do you think DMZ will ever make it to wzm

  17. combat master is not so optimized for low end devices

  18. @ExxotikGaming pls how to log in… In csgo mobile with china id


  20. hey exxotikgaming i found someone copying you like literally the same name and profile picture of the channel

  21.…thanks for companies making games….waataa bless….no need ps5…4 naaaw😂😂😂😂

  22. Bro not just benefit but your explanation is so clear 💙love from India ❤

  23. Thank you for adding my game to the list man! Very much appreciated dude ❤

  24. i thought combat master was call of duty warzone

  25. Combat master is too unoptimized for my phone😅, my s20 cant play it properly , my graphics is a mess, my settings wont save , so i gave up after playing like 20 games. Blood strike is so amazing i have it 😁 just wish it would officially launch in my country south africa

  26. I downloaded combat master but it's stuck on the load screen😢

  27. Make a video about what happening about Warzone right now.

  28. Can you make a video of games like warzone mobile on Motorola plz I have that phone and 90 percent of the games you suggested I couldn't play so it would help if you can make that video

  29. If you lads want to play carnage wars like Modern warfare i have a sound mods for it… Might want to check it out!

  30. Bloodstrike really surprised me. Straight banger of a game

  31. Blood Strike is so crazy optimised it rums super smooth on my phone that is a few years old and loads as fast as stuff like hcr2.

  32. awesome video i actually discovered some new ones thank you

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