TOP 10 Best Mobile Games Similar To Genshin Impact 2023 -

TOP 10 Best Mobile Games Similar To Genshin Impact 2023

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Hey there, gamers! In today’s video we’re gonna be looking at games like genshin impact or games that bear resemblance to it.
As we all know, Genshin Impact was inspired by Zelda botw and now games are taking inspiration from Genshin instead because of its success. This list contains MMORPG, ARPG, RPG and anime games like genshin impact that give similar vibes as the ones you get when playing genshin impact.

Of course these games are not totally the same as that would get them in trouble but they do remind me of genshin impact in some ways. so here are the top 10 mobile games like genshin impact in 2023. enjoy!


Top 10 Best Anime Games 2023:
Top 10 Open world Anime MMORGs:
Top 10 Best Graphics Mobile Games 2023:


*Now these are just my opinion and also based on people who share similar thoughts, not everyone has the same tastes. please be respectful and not be toxic*

Games listed & Chapters 👇

Intro: 0:00
Stella Fantasy 0:28
Playstore: Not yet available
Appstore: Not yet available
TeeTINY Online 1:20
Somnolent: Action RPG Fantasy 1:58
Playstore (US):
Appstore: N/A
Dragon Trail: Hunter World 2:32
Manasis Refrain 3:21
Crystal of Atlan 4:01
Dawnlands 5:03
The Legend of Neverland 5:42
Wuthering Waves 6:31
Tower of Fantasy 7:15
Grand Honkai Sword Impact 3rd 8:11
Playstore: (I can’t find it on google play anymore but you can find apk by searching on google)
Outro: 8:55

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  1. tell me you're tired of genshin without telling me:

    i went to take a look at it and AUGSJWJ the visuals and combos look so gorgeous, probably wont drop it as much as i did genshin lmao

  3. Remember when Genshin Impact was sooooo intensely compared to Breath of the Wild!!! Now other games get compared to Genshin.

  4. never ever talk about the legends of neverland

  5. I cannot search for game which doesn't work in my phone but the legend of Neverland pops up and im really happy im playing🎉❤

  6. Bro where can i download this game i wanna try 😭

  7. I play Genshin on PlayStation not mobile lol

  8. The best games that are very similar to Genshin Impact are Stella Fantasy, Manasis Refrain, Crystal of Atlant, Dawlands, The Legend of Neverland, Wuthering Waves, and Tower of Fantasy. The most similar to Genshin are Stella Fantasy and Tower of Fantasy.

  9. Stayed with genshin because of the lores, the world quest the overall story not to mention how f2p is not shunned totally.

  10. Just from a glance, the UI design on these games are so terrible they just lack a certain 'charm' and 'feel' to what makes Genshin feels more polished and high-budget.
    Their assets (world/3D/characters) look great though.

  11. The main reason why no other Genshin clones or similar games WONT EVEN COME CLOSE to genshin is its budget..
    Genshin's profits are in the $2B+, So they invest atleast $100M+ in making genshin better..

    the music, the design, the voice actors, the Trailer, the promotion etc etc….the Big budget simply cant be beaten by small developers…. and good to see they are trying their best.

  12. The only reason i searched this is because i can't download genshin (it's available but it says error even though i have space)

  13. I think tower of fantasy only can play with other players in same map cuz it’s open world + mmo game not co-op game

  14. The last time I played TeeTiny Online was in 2019 and it was a beta test.

  15. Did you know locations in genshin are designed like actual locations? It caused me to enjoy those places in game and world more.

  16. The big question is:
    Will it fit in my storage?
    Everyone MMO game has too much GB for my little old phone. Even the additional download pack can't be download. Lack of storage for mobile gamer 💀

  17. Aww wuthering waves doesnt Exist on play store

  18. where i can dl stella fantasy and crystal of atlan?

  19. Damn wuthering wave is still not release yet 😢 lm waiting

  20. WITCH one are you the most? Vote👇
    Withering Waves 🤩
    Tower of Fantasy 😍
    Genshin Impact 😑

  21. Some reminded me, not of Genshin, another games, like PSO, or order and chaos 2 redemption and other titles. That has some green environment or some places look like Sumeru or Chasm, doesn't mean Genshin to me.

  22. Did anyone else notice at 5:57 the girl literally did Barbaras EXACT normal attack💀😭

  23. Once I played Noah’s Heart and it was quite the experience,I loved the game and it reminded me a lot of Genshin.

  24. Anyone guys when I found on thumbnails? Its on shadow floor

  25. Hot take, I know, but I actually enjoy ToF a lot more than I do Genshin. But, I still like and do play both.

  26. Wuthering Waves will be able to beat Genshit with no sweat

  27. I don't like switching characters even in genshin to prock skills or damage

  28. I will only recognize Genshin, Honkai, (maybe ZZZ as well?) as the God of all games, everything else are just bullshit

  29. Im offended cuz you just showed Beta stuf from Tower of Fantasy and only beginner characters. Not really what in going on in the game and how cool the fight system is and how the characters are designed. U JUST SHOWED GEN 1 models..🥲

  30. Wait, what is this sorted by?
    Tower of Fantasy at No. 1 seems quite questionable considering how much it dropped, literally causing the game to plan a complete overhaul in the near future xD

  31. u guys do know bbefore genshin, there were alot of rpg like that… it wasnt started from genshin..

  32. Genshin is better for me. Other games doesn't have a character like Arlecchino. I play Genshin for her 🥰

  33. except that MC of wutheriung waves is actually an MC. meaning he is strong, unlike our (genshin impact) MC

  34. I’m basically at my end game in genshin…I’m bored all I do is build characters which is easy for me

  35. Hey, thanks for the advice tower fantasy. Pretty good game

  36. Dawlands is like Zelda Breath of the Wild.

  37. Wuthering waves is the best . waiting for release and auto delete genshin

  38. Discovering Tower of fantasy was quite something , especially when you look at the lastest cutscenes today Holly Lord … Hoyoverse should be worried about it s buisness !

  39. is it open world with very little area limitation? Yes
    does it have smooth movements, beautiful graphics, and pleasing lighting? yes
    do the cutscenes have voice acting that isnt halfassed? yes
    does it have a gacha system? yes

    tada, genshin clone

  40. I play tower of fantasy after I played genshin and forgot my log in account. I love tower of fantasy

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