TOP 10 Best Nintendo Switch Open World Games to Play in 2023 -

TOP 10 Best Nintendo Switch Open World Games to Play in 2023

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TOP 10 Best Nintendo Switch Open World Games to Play in 2023
Hi guys, for those who love open world games, in this section, I have listed the best open world games that you can play on Nintendo Switch in 2023. You can find the names and download links of the games below. Please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel. Here are the best open world games on nintendo switch …

Game list and Download Links:

00:01 intro

00:06 L.A. Noire
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, PS3, XB1, Xbox X/S, Xbox 360, PC

00:49 Immortals Fenyx Rising
Platform: NS, PS5, PS4, XB1, Xbox X/S, Stadia, Amazon Luna

01:48 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, XB1, Xbox X/S, PC

02:56 Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection
Platform: Nintendo Switch

03:59 No Man’s Sky
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, PC

04:53 Monster Hunter Rise
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, PC, XB1, Xbox X/S

05:34 Dying Light Platinum Edition
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, XB1, Xbox X/S, PC

06:32 Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Platform: Nintendo Switch

07:19 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Xbox One

08:25 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Platform: Nintendo Switch


09:54 Super Mario Odyssey
Platform: Nintendo Switch

10:48 The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Platform: Nintendo Switch


NOTE: the order of the games is random #nintendoswitch #bestgames #top


  1. There is literally no reason why gta5 is not on switch other than rockstar being lazy.They would make a ton of money day one.

  2. Why are you using an AI voice for the narration… not a fan

  3. LA Noire's open world is not empty. There is not much to do besides Landmarks and Hidden Vehicles, but the World feels alive.

  4. Hitman WOA is open world excluding being cloud based it have great locations, that could’ve been introduced in this video

  5. No love for saints row 3 and 4 on the switch nor the grand theft auto collection? Geez brutal

  6. Good games. You forgot Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen.

  7. Does the Witcher 3 take forever during loading screens like it did on Xbox one? I might be thinking of metro exodus?

  8. Lmaoooo he could not get that flurry rush to work!

  9. You need to practice your flurry rushes, down bad

  10. Rockstar is lazy they will not give Nintendo any good games LA noire aside they lack

  11. Dragons Dogma gets no love 😢. Its by far one of the best fantasy Open World games available on the Switch, easily top 5 in my opinion.

    How most people overlook it is way beyond my understanding. Worse part of this is the fact that this list excluded Dragons Dogma and included Monster Hunter Rise, which isn't even an open world game to begin with 😂.

  12. Foenix rising was unplayable for me after zelda. What is up whit that camera. It’s a mile away from the character.


  14. Rockstar needs to drop Max Payne part 1 and part 2 for the Nintendo switch this would be agreed move this game has a cult following

  15. LA Noire in switch suuuuuuuuucks. Is horrible, framer ate suuuuucks

  16. JCB pioneer: Mars
    Subnautica 1&2
    Lego City undercover
    Lego marvel superheroes 2
    Borderlands 1 & 2 and soon-to-be 3
    Vampire survivors
    The Grand theft Auto trilogy
    Red Dead redemption

  17. Bless you, Skyrim.. forever one of my favorite games

  18. Lego City Undercover should have had a look in. Especially for everyone who’s less keen on fighting baddies 😅

  19. We can play gta5 with switch5. See u soon.

  20. Great list, I had never heard of some of these.
    I only have Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom, Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
    I've beaten Breath and Odyssey, and I'm most of the way through Tears, but because of my backlog I haven't even started Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
    La Noir, and Witcher 3 look good, possibly No Man's Sky.

  21. I feel more Bethesda games should make the jump
    Fallout 3 new Vegas and maybe even 4 can run on the switch

  22. The AI voiceover is almost believable if you got your pronunciation better. Is this just a computer reading the top “x” of a certain category? Seems lazy

  23. Bro rockstar has to get gta 5 on the switch. They got la noire and red dead 1 into it, and if an old ps3 can run gta 5, switch should too

  24. Como se llama el primer juego para comprarlo

  25. They should pur Microsoft flight simulator on the switch, also starfield

  26. Surprise Saints Row wasn't even brought up or GTA

  27. Skyrim… Pokemon Arceus… enough said.

  28. Literally just dont get a switch for playing anything thats not nintendo or nintendo adjacent. It's not worth it, they almost ALWAYS run like dogshit and the portability doesnt mean anything cause i GUARANTEE you dont travel enough to get use out of it. Nintendo and nintendo adjacent, 3rd party will never be good.

  29. I pre orderd a Nintendo switch lite… Is it worth it???

  30. Bonus super Mario? Dragon's Dogma, GTA colection, DCUO.

  31. Wah menghibur banget bro gamenya lucu baik aku suka sukses selalu amin.

  32. I would rather have Bully than GTA 5

  33. isnt it better to buy a laptop for same money then nintendo switch ?
    at least the screen is full hd if nothing else.
    and you can play same games anyway.

  34. Played these games 10 years ago on console! Overrated 😂😂😂!!!!

  35. I would also recommend saints row 3 and 4, ac 3, ezio trilogy, dbz kakarot, the upcoming hogwarts legacy and arkham trilogy

    Edit: I almost forgot red dead redemption is also a must play for those who havent tried it yet and wanting to play it on switch

  36. Stfu la noir SUCKS. Walking around all day wishing I was playing gta…fuckin hate la noir…’s the nerd version of gta no freedom no control old slow ass cars…’s a technical waster piece. Let’s use all this graphical power. To DO NOTHING.

  37. If you played Skyrim on Xbox a lot, you’ll hate it on switch, they messed up the controls. I could never get used to it!

    I played botw and totk afterwards, and was killing it, so I’m not dumb or so.

    Do not pay for switch Skyrim

  38. dying light was so fun, highly recommend

  39. Mario Odyssey is not open world.
    And Breath of the wild is not the best

  40. I have l.a noire and it never felt empty 2 me, it felt really huge tho.i love this game.

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