Top 10 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games Of 2021 So Far -

Top 10 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games Of 2021 So Far

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Today we check out the best VR games that you can play on your Oculus Quest 2 right now. This ultimate list includes multiplayer, excercise, rpg, puzzle and adventure games that are going to blow your mind in VR.


0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Floor Plan 2
0:58 – WalkAbout Mini Golf
1:36 – Waltz of the Wizard
2:05 – Demeo
2:36 – Beat Saber
3:07 – Rec Room
3:38 – Pavlov
4:04 – The Climb 2
4:34 – The Walking Dead VR
5:06 – Population One
5:42 – Honourable Mentions

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  1. Who else is watching every single oculus quest video you can find just because yours is on the way

  2. Nathie I know you will not read this comment but let’s have a try can u gift me beat saber I am too poor to afford it pls nathie I love u keep the good content my oculus username is oculusloverwithhonet

  3. That population one game isn't all that awesome. Especially when you have to wait like 5 minutes to queue for a match. I played it like 2 days and got annoyed of it.

  4. Um which ones are free I do have a quest 2 but I can only get free games

  5. Do you recommend the OQ2 to someone that already have a PSVR?

  6. Beat Saber= one of the most over rated experiences/games ever….. alot of VR platforms advertise this as the game to play….. and its bad marketing. Cause it's a pick up and put down game. Its not a top 20 game… more of a tech demo……. who puts light sabers in a rhythm game

  7. When you don’t even have an Oculus but watch the video anyways- 💀

  8. Also would definitely recommend Blaston, the best game I have played on VR, it's like a 1v1 duel and it doesn't make you motion sick, it just works so well!

  9. Half Life Alyx.. still number 1 game ever.

  10. Are these playable without connecting to a PC?

  11. Hi, everyone! I've just sold my Samsung Odyssey Plus and plan to order Oculus Quest 2. If somebody knows is the Wi-Fi router TP-Link Archer AX50 will be ok for using it with airlink? Appreciate your feedback!

  12. Anyone have recommendations for non shooter games?

  13. I want to buy Oculus Quest 2 Because of this video thank you so match

  14. I got my headset yesterday, and I love it. Been playing VRChat non-stop. I had tried VR at a friend's house before, but the image was never in focus so I didn't think VR was all that great. Now that I have my own headset and i can focus it properly I'm having a blast!

  15. So the Oculus Quest 2 controllers have the Rechargeable Double A batteries inside them, and I heard that they last REALLY LONG. I’m wondering if normal Double A batteries have the same lasting time as the Rechargeable Double A batteries or not?

  16. Seriously Saints and Sinners number 1 looking forward to resident evil 4 latter this year.

  17. I like how this video is almost a complete one for one copy of virtual reality oasis's video.

  18. I don't have VR. But still I loved this video. Please some give me a VR. :'(

  19. Hi! I'm working on a video project for school, and I was wondering if you'd allow me to use some of the game play from this video for my project? Nothing would be monetized. It would simply be for a hw assignment. Thanks in advance.

  20. lol this list convinced me not to buy a quest 2

  21. Pavlov, realistic mechanics? Not really, not at all. Hehe.

  22. Have you tried TopGolf VR, it’s really really good!

  23. Straight to the point , no bs . Got a like and a sub

  24. Super Hot is amazing. Every time i play it i am out of breath at the end- great work out and really fun game!

  25. 10. Baby Hands
    9. Floor plan 2
    8. Pistol Whip
    6. Waltz of the Wizard
    5. Hand physics Lab
    3. Beat Saber.
    2. Gorn
    1. Saints and Sinners
    FAVORITE: Gorilla Tag

  26. Saints and Sinners number 1

  27. 10: contractors
    9: onward
    8: blaston
    7: population one
    6: rec room
    5: gorilla tag
    4: Arizona sunshine
    3: the walking dead saints and sinners
    2: beat saber
    Bonus: super hot, hyper dash, pistol whip, VR chat, dash dash world
    1: five nights at freddys help wanted

  28. These are the best… holy crap this system must really suck. These games look horrible.

  29. Rec room: may I enter
    Oculus: sure man just know 13 and older so no Jr account's
    Rec room: okay *croses fingers
    Me and the boys rollen up to best buy

  30. These are just the Oculus games.. you are missing out on some of the best! Half-Life Alyx is by far a away the best VR first person out there, you can get it on Steam (along with a lots of other VR games playable in VR, including MS Flight Simulator), and if you go to SideQuest, there are a TON of AppLab games and FREE games. Need to broaden your horizons.. Oculus only apps are very limited.

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