Top 10 BEST Oculus Quest Games! - Part 2 -

Top 10 BEST Oculus Quest Games! – Part 2

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10 Great Games on the Oculus Quest! What to Play?!
A Ton of Great Games on the Oculus Quest Store it can be tough to know what to play. Even more Games Coming Soon!
If you are new to the Oculus Quest this video could be very helpful and if you are a Quest Veteran perhaps you’ve forgotten or not played some of these titles.

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This top list is my personal opinion anything you think should belong here please comment below for all to see.
We all have different preferences so we may have different opinions. Let’s Discuss

The Climb
Path of the Warrior
Espire 1
Arizona Sunshine
Death Horizon Reloaded
Radial-G Proteus
A Fishermans Tale
Thrill of the fight
Death Lap
the Under Presents
Synth Riders

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  1. Does climbin in 'The Climb' have a similar effect to that of Vader Immortal?

  2. My quest comes tomorrow!! I have an htc vive that I share with my brother but I wanted my own headset so I went with the quest.

  3. I have absolutely not a single game you mentioned

  4. I have a video idea: Ways to make a quest more comfortable i have been looking for things but can't find anything to good ☹️

  5. I feel like Espire wasn't finished, not just because of the bugs it had, but because the campaign is so short they had to extend the playtime by forcing you to do the challenges to continue, and then it has an abrupt end that seems like it was the set up for a unique level that you wouldn't use an espire unit in, but no, that's the end of the game. Honestly, I wish I could refund my purchase, because it just doesn't feel like a full game at the length it is.

  6. The climb really impressed me, I still need to try path of the warrior

  7. Lol I love how tree lights were freaking out just like you

  8. Thrill of the fight plays better than Creed, Creed looks nicer, but I would have put thrill on the list instead of an honorable mention

  9. I think raidel g looks like jooooooooooooooojo

  10. Love the video, I'd agree with a lot of the list. I'm really enjoying Arizona Sunshine and Vacation Simulator!

  11. I really enjoy the enthusiasm and energy of your videos. Got myself a Quest for Crimbo, and enjoying a lot of these games! 😁

  12. Im Kris That guy that watches u on twitch says:

    Hey Steve, got a question. Can i run oculus link on a 1050ti? Is it just a minimum spec or is it not gonna be compatible? I got the gpu a month ago and my parents will kill me if I ever mention needing a new one.

  13. I'm going to be getting my first job this summer. Should I save up for a really nice gaming laptop (I need a laptop instead of a desktop due to divorced parents and switching houses each week), the Helios 300, or the quest?

  14. I crying rn bc I dont have a quest and it's the one thing I need in my life rn

  15. i almost punched my printer when i was playing the creed demo 😂

  16. Top ten youtube channels:
    samic memes
    samic memes
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    Like if you agree

  17. Hey ! Just ordered a Quest but i have a question. I bought Espire 1 for my PSVR and i'm actually enjoying it even if it's buggy. Should i buy the Quest version just for bug-less and better tracking ?

  18. Death horizon is better than Arizona sunshine

  19. Thrill of the fight is great for getting in shape

  20. I haven’t even got one saving up for one though!

  21. Arizona sunshine is a bad and ugly game don't buy this shit

  22. Why can’t my characters have arms in the shooters. The just hands drives me crazy!!

  23. watched this video and immediately bought espire 1 – thanks for the help !

  24. I get ps2 vibes from a lot of these games. Idk why but I like them more because of it

  25. You forgot “virtual viruall reallity” game, its an amazing inseption like game but instead of dreaming you go through vr headsets. By far the best game out there, j really loved playing it and you should have added that one to the list

  26. Sadly there isn't a co op mode for death horizon yet but it's coming out soon… I think.

  27. I'm watching this even tho I can't afford a quest😂

  28. Can you add songs to beat saber using side quest??

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