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Top 10 Best Pokemon Video Games

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The Pokémon franchise has been around since it first debuted in Japan in 1996 and has released numerous main series games, remakes and spin-offs–but which of those Pokémon games is the very best, like no game ever was? IGN’s resident Pokémaniacs got together and ranked the Top 10 best Pokémon video games. Newer games such as Pokémon Legends: Arceus and New Pokémon Snap enter the discussion alongside classics like Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon Emerald and more. With so many Pokémon games in the debate and various factors to consider, it was a tough whittling our list down to just the ten best Pokémon games. Check out our picks on the top Pokémon video games and let us know which ones you would choose in the comments.


  1. Wait. Did Pokemon Platinum didnt exist on this timeline?

  2. Bro one doubt that top 8 pokemon sword and shield but is not coming

  3. Where's pokemon collesuem or XD or Battle revolutions

  4. What? The original Pokémon are not There…? Yellow,red,blue,pokemon snap and even no
    Pokémon stadium.Whats his this top 10….

  5. There should be a honarable mention
    Pokemon rangers
    Pokemon mystery dungeon
    These games are also great

  6. Pokemon Go's graphics is way better and also my favourite!!

  7. I'm going to buy a new pokemon game for my switch please give suggestions if you have any 🙂 Rn I'm tilting towards pokemon legends Arceus

  8. True rank top from fandom for fandom :

    1-soul Silver heart Gold
    2-Pokemon Platin
    3-Pokémon Arceus
    4-Pokémon emerald
    5-Pokémon Fire red
    6-Pokémon Black/White 2
    7-Pokemon Mistery Dungeon
    8-Pokemon Conquest
    9-Pokémon Colosseum
    10- Pokemon Ultra sun and Ultra moon .
    Special guest : Pokémon Ranger and Pokémon go

    Black cheap: Pokémon Sword, Pokemon XY, let’s Go. Pokémon Pearl and Diamond .
    That’s how my heart feels .
    IGN you silly goofs

  9. Pokemon puzzle…Pokemon go…Lol wtf is this list

  10. Ultra Sun Ultra Moon is my best pokemon game of all time not as hard as black and white black 2 white 2

  11. No Pokemon Yellow??? That was the best of its time by having all the starter Pokemon

  12. They put Pokémon legends in this list? Bad start

  13. Wow this list is just like IGN; missing and uninformed content.

  14. Why pokemon revolution online not in this list.

  15. Why is sword and shield on this list and not platinum how!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Pokemon Brick Bronze, The game that was stolen from us.

  17. 5. Firered / Leafgreen
    4. Colosseum
    3. Heartgold / Soulsilver
    2. Platinum
    1. Emerald

  18. emerald black and white 2 heart gold platinum

  19. the top game for me would be Platinum followed by emerald

  20. Putting sword and shueld on this list is garbage 🗑

  21. Whats the pokemon game in intro where treeko battling zigzagoon

  22. Y’all really put Puzzle League and New Snap on this list, but not Generations 4, 6 or 7? 🤨 Wild. At least half of this list was put together by casuals, surely.

  23. brick bronze on roblox is the best pokemon game inside and outside roblox

  24. Ruby fav gaming experience. The trick house was amazing. And region was perfect.

  25. Pokemon emerald is the greatest pokemon game ever made and it's not close

  26. It’s a shame that Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness and Pokémon mystery dungeon explorer of sky aren’t on this list.
    Those are my spin off games, maybe even my favorite Pokémon games overall

  27. Pokemon Arceus ranked 10th is a crime! It elevated the pokemon series game for me.

  28. Pour quiii ? Meilleurs jeux Pokémon pour qui ?

  29. 10. X and Y
    9. Coliseum
    8. OG Diamond and Pearl
    7. OG Ruby and Sapphire
    6. B2W2
    5. FRLG
    4. Emerald
    3. ORAS
    2. HGSS
    1. Platinum

  30. Bro all offense intended but Pokémon GO doesn’t belong on here. That’s not a Pokémon game. It’s a retrofitted geotagging game with a Pokémon skin.

  31. Why don't Nintendo give game development to insomniac then we will get a game like Spiderman ❤

  32. Sword and Shield are not better than Legends Arceus

  33. What’s wrong the you. Putting puzzle league on here

  34. Best in your dreams fake videogames experts XD

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