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Top 10 Best PS VR2 Games

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Looking for the best PS VR2 games on PS5? Then cast your eyes on this list (take off your PSVR2 headset first). These are the PS VR2 games that have taken over our lives. What makes the best PSVR2 games? We’ve picked the games offering the deepest thrills, the coolest use of the PSVR2 hardware and those that teleport us to exciting new worlds. From the chills of Resident Evil Village VR Mode and Switchback VR to the immersive magic of Gran Turismo 7 and Kayak VR, there should be something here for everyone.

These are our just our personal picks for the best PSVR 2 games – we had too many favourites to cram into this top ten. So please do let us know your top PSVR games in the comments below. And for those looking for a handy list of our picks, you need only look below.

00:00 – Top 10 Best PS VR2 Games
01:00 – Horizon Call of the Mountain
02:48 – Cosmonious High
03:58 – Gran Turismo 7
05:50 – Resident Evil Village VR Mode
07:03 – Kayak VR: Mirage
08:52 – Drums Rock
10:04 – Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition
11:21 – The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
12:40 – Before Your Eyes
13:54 – What The Bat?

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  1. Lmao, this top 10 is one fifth of the ENTIRE PSVR2 catalogue. I love my headset though, swinging my axe into a zombie skull for the first time was peak gaming.

  2. I'd have to put Pistol Whip up there as one of the best games. It's absolutely brilliant, especially if you want to feel as badass as John Wick.

  3. Games that are 'missing' of the list
    The Light Brigade
    Both The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners games
    Puzzling Places

  4. no reason psvr2 selling so slow. grand turismo had bad reviews nonvr. psvr2 really needs strong titles. one or two isnt enough to get this to sell

  5. I'm pretty sure anyone interested is already more than aware of the main games already out for the new VR. But what none of us know is what Sony has coming in the future for the system, maybe that would grow some interest?

  6. Been playing Gran Turismo 7 every Friday night! We play for hours in a points-based racing league; my PSVR2 stays on the entire night & I can safely say I have no issues playing for so long. It really is impressive. 💯

  7. There are many must-plays missing from this list, including Moss. I love Drums Rock but as rhythm games go Pistol Whip and Synth Riders are more popular. However, it’s a good cross-section of the variety of games available.

  8. Drums Rock really surprised me. I started with the demo and afterwards immediately purchased it. This is game is currently tied with Switchback for my favorite PSVR 2 title. I also enjoyed Cosmonius High more than I should have. 😊

  9. The Light Brigade should be on here and, honestly, I don't think Switchback should be…

  10. Not a fan of the child like animation games. Demeo is my current obsession. That and Grand Tourismo. Kayak VRR is amazing but I don’t find myself going back to it as often as I expected to. It needs more locations to explore.

  11. Ok so in short ,there are like 3 worth buying….

  12. I played a bit of Before your Eyes and that game surprised me with how good it is!

  13. How is "The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners" not on this list?
    Ok it was already on PSVR1 but the title doesn't say best "new" games… It's my 2nd favorite game in VR right now, right behind GT7 (nothing beats racing in VR in a sim rig). I haven't played the VR1 version so it's all new to me and it's an amazing game!

  14. You guys should add.. replay value for each game. It’s a big deal for how pricey the VR2 is, and how much each game cost.

  15. honestly, No Man's Sky is crazy with the PS VR2 headset, that and GT7 are my favorites. NMS took some getting used to, but the immersion is wild.

  16. PSVR2 was kind of a disappointment, the resolution is still low and the helmet cumbersome, you still get hot and nauseated fast, you can’t remove your glasses if you wear them.

  17. Resi village is mind blowing, I can't wait for Resi IV VR.

  18. Puzzling Places has become one of my favourites. I’m also looking forward to playing Walking Dead Saints and Sinners 2.
    (Yes I know it’s out, I just haven’t purchased it yet)

  19. It's very fitting having Rosie do the "what the bat" entry, a game that is basically a Caddicarus video

  20. the 3 must plays are Demeo, the light brigade and RE

  21. Playing Resident evil village VR made me feel like a kid on a new console every time I played

  22. After completing Resident Evil Village in VR… I want more!

  23. Resident Evil 8 is by far the most amazing VR experience ever in VR

  24. The drums rock platinum had me sweating

  25. Just purchased my unit. Getting today! Not an April fools joke

  26. I hope the VR 2 is not a Flop…
    The Sales are not good, the price ist to high

  27. Cool mix of games. I really like Pistol Whip and would add that to list, but good to see spotlight on Cosmonious High – the Owlchemy team really know how to have fun with VR.

  28. Oh resident evil 7 that easily could have been placed on psvr 1…. Wonder why they waited

  29. I can play resident evil 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8 in vr with mods on pc and what the bat is on pc as well why would I spend 550 on a headset with practically no games when I can buy an oculus quest 2 for 350 and have access to thousands of vr titles using airlink for pc

  30. Song in the Smoke is one of the coolest VR experiences I have ever had. It pairs perfectly with the eye tracking and haptic feedback you get with PSVR2.

  31. Just give me an update to Star Wars squadron, please

  32. How is saints and sinners not on the list 😂

  33. Can't wait for Metabourne one game to launch!

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