Top 10 Best PS5 Games | PlayStation -

Top 10 Best PS5 Games | PlayStation

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The best Sony’s latest console has to offer.

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  1. Trump WON the 2020 “Election”!!! says:

    "Keep my favorite games out your f*cking mouth!"

  2. Curious what the list would be if you didn’t include any remastered games

  3. So this is an April's fools joke. GT7 in number 4? Really?

  4. Until PSVR2 arrives, I feel my tastes are too niche for PS5. There seemed to be a lot more for me on PS4.

    On this list, GT7 is the only game that really interests me. Everything seems to be third person at the moment. Where are all the good first person games?

    I've got to be honest, I'm disappointed with my PS5 at the moment. Hurry up PSVR2!

  5. Here are my honorable mentions that didn't make it on this list.
    Hitman III
    Far Cry 6
    Immortals Fenyx Rising
    Resident Evil Village
    Nioh Collection

  6. Returnal is the worst form of Psychological Torture I have ever endured and after trying to beat Biome 3 over and over I have no desire to play it ever again.

  7. Am I the only PS5 owner that doesn't like haptic feedback? I find it annoying and it takes me out of the game

  8. obrigado senhor eu realmente aprecio o seu trabalho para mim

  9. obrigado senhor eu realmente aprecio o seu trabalho para mim

  10. A ps5 game ranked #1? 😂 I agree with most of these but not that

  11. Where did you get that intro song ?? Sounds like faze nio intro!

  12. This is why I'm holding out for a PS5 despite having plenty of chances to get a XSX. It's all about the exclusives and XSX doesn't come close to PS5.

  13. Spider-Man reternal doom eternal rift apart horizon west re8 mk11

  14. Horizon Forbidden West above Eldin Ring…trigger SoulsBourne Fanboys in 3…2…1…

  15. Miles Morales was a GREAT game but it was so short. It felt like a DLC for the previous game

  16. They need to remake all the PS1 Greatest hits, they already did FF7 and tomb raider for few

  17. Elden ring to me is by far the best PS5 game so far of 2022, forbidden West is amazing but I find myself addicted to elden ring which makes me choose that over forbidden West, GOT is one of my favorite games ever but since it came out last yr for PS4 it doesn't really count for me

  18. I have a question after completing ghost of Tsushima can you still free roam and kill enemy’s after completing main quest and side quests

  19. Damn i have took one for free on an giveaway is so nice and the games are at the next level!:))

  20. Only reason Returnal & Horizon Series did not do well is bc having Female lead. This liberal ideas is destroying Gaming Experience. I and my gamer Friends did not even buy these games. and Very wrong message to woman out there, who think they can survive in the world with them being alone. Can't defeat the nature.

  21. kena bridge of spirits should be in this list

  22. sony is dead to me. scalpers have ruined video games

  23. Elden ring should be 2nd if not 350 hrs in and still enjoying every moment of it

  24. This mf talks your head off… I just need some names not a full documentary gd

  25. Can someone make a top ps5 games that is just ps5 games and not ps4 games on a ps5?
    Being this happy to play non next generation games on one of the most powerful consoles ever made is crazy!
    Ps5 is the best ps4 ever made, not seen one game that is truly next generation!!!
    Rachet and clank is a sequel, it's not new.. but it looks better so everyone 👏
    Games used to change with new generations guys!

  26. I wish they would get rid of Rachet and klank. It’s not that great of a plat former

  27. Gran Turismo 7💙 And hoping to see Tekken 8 and Tekken Tag 3. And we also want a PS5(& PS4) remake of "Death By Degrees".

  28. I was recently lucky enough to Marry the woman I'm with, and as a wedding gift my coworkers pitched in and bought me a PS5! I couldn't believe it. I still can't! So that's why I'm here, to see what I need to get into 👀

  29. Unless you're a 12yo girl don't waste your money on a console. Gaming is dead, they tailor it for rainbow fruits that scream into microphones on youtube for children.

  30. I’m not buying this “PS5” bullshit… I have never seen one, they do not exist.

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