Top 10 Best PSVR Games -

Top 10 Best PSVR Games

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Our recommendations for the 10 best PSVR games on PlayStation 4! From helping an adorable robot rescue all of his buddies, to having a knife shoved in your mouth… All of these games will give you completely different and amazing experiences in the wonderful world of VR! Let us know if you agree or which games you think should make the list in the comments!

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  1. Where is job simulator??? It’s too best game!

  2. I do feel headmaster is a little out of place here but I’m not complaining

  3. The announcer in Soccer Blocker sounds like Mister Gutsy from Fallout 3

  4. I picked up oculus Quest 2 last year and just got a ps vr today, I'm excited to jump in 💪🏿

  5. Wow im watching a video about something i dont even have😭

  6. I think PCVR has way more and better games

  7. La noire vr should be on this list, amazing experience with very few bugs.

  8. No man sky is so beautiful in VR. I love it in VR

  9. Headmaster? How about Wipeout Omega Collection? How about firewall or Farpoint instead of Keep talking. 🤣 mostly a great list but two games made the list that aren’t even top 25 PSVR games let alone top 10s.

  10. You can also play no mans sky on controller if you dont have a vr

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