Top 10 Best RPG GACHA Games on Android - iOS 2020 -

Top 10 Best RPG GACHA Games on Android – iOS 2020

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Ranking my picks for Top 10 best #rpg #gacha #games on on Android – iOS 2020, drop a like and enjoy! Also let me know what your favorite RPG Gacha games are in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. Glad you guys like the video 🙂 Please consider supporting the channel by becoming a member (Next to the subscribe button) or joining my Patreon at, you'll get your name in my videos along with a ton of exclusive content like early access, sneak peaks and more! Much appreciated! 🙂

  2. If genshin impact was released when this video was made, without a doubt that would be in top 1.

  3. Hahaha 5gb honkai is a lie 😂😂😂

  4. Why Mei is so T H I C C on the thumbnail?? and also me suffering in the master tier in Honkai Impact 3 as an f2p

  5. Great list of games and gonna check out the bonus vidéo😃

  6. Number 1 is much deserved only a small bit of faults but hardly affecting the overall game.

  7. Awesome! Amazing List! I'm Playing FGO, Honkai Impact 3rd & AFK Arena. I'm Want to play Punishing: Gray Raven

  8. Is there any other games like another eden ? And yes the list is good but of the game arent free to play and you need to do daileys and so on i dont want that and i dont want farming over story or gameplay

    Like another eden you can farm level yes thats it nothing else and no energy system what is good

  9. Glad you accepted my advice everything is simply perfect now. I'm glad that your channel exists❤

  10. I think this guy just pick what gacha games have downloaded the Most..
    Imagine no Dokkan Battle, Azur Lane, Arknights, Epic Seven..

  11. top 10 or 10 gatcha games? i feel like you just randomly picked 10 games

  12. Gacha games? Or anime-inspired games?

    Sadly, my favorite gacha game is nowhere in this list: Moe! Ninja Girls

  13. Damm! i'm was looking for a game like Another Eden,i guess the quest must go on.

  14. I think F/GO JP is 2 years ahead of Global. Emphasis on I think

  15. Honkai impact 3 always no. 1 for me because i never unistall that game on my phone. Already level 85. Just to find game that look like Honkai.

  16. All games except Honaki impact 3rd, Another Eden, SAO Memory Defrag and 7 Deadly Sins is P2W. WHY the hell you added FGO when their gacha is a complete bullshit? Way to go shit game spot

  17. Sad that Epic Seven did not get any mention in the video.

  18. How much pay you to make this fake top?. Games top: 7 Sins, Saint Seiya are best.

  19. Afk arena is the best gacha game i've been playing 3 years

  20. Brave Nine – actually better than most of these games.

  21. I think that Saint Seiya Kotz need a special mention.

  22. Im pretty sure most of us know what dragon ball legends is right guys

  23. I was surprise no one knows. Literally no one knows about Onmyoji! This game is a summoners war killer. Seriously check it out!

  24. played all of em but no 1 still no 1 for me haha another eden really is a must play game

  25. Brave Exvius is probably the only mobile game Squenix did a good job at. War of the vision is so poorly optimized you need a high end phone and perfect ping if you don't want game breaking lag, Opera Omnia is becoming mindnumbingly repetitive and unimaginative and wtv they did with Nier is just boring, bad etc. It's sad really because I'm sure War of the vision is a good game when you can actually play it but I guess I'll stick to FEH for my strategy game.

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