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TOP 10 Best Samurai Games You Should Play!

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TOP 10 Best Samurai Games You Should Play!

We have prepared a great video for those who want to feel the samurai spirit and dive into the feudal period of Japan! In this video, you’ll discover the 10 best samurai games that excel in every aspect, from epic battles to in-depth stories. The games we added to the list will fascinate you with their visual quality, gameplay mechanics and atmospheric worlds. Here are the Top 10 Samurai Games You Should Play…


00:00 intro
00:06 Ghost of Tsushima
01:02 Rise of the Ronin
01:59 Nioh Series
03:03 Trek to Yomi
04:04 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
04:59 Katana Zero
06:02 Total War Shogun 2
07:06 Samurai Shodown
08:10 Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun
09:05 Like a Dragon Ishin

NOTE: the order of the games is random #top #bestgames #samuraivideogames


  1. Just here to throw in my love for Afro Samurai (game and anime)💯 Way of the Samurai was the first game I ever played on ps2 though

  2. Best Samurai game so far is Ghost of Tsushima

  3. Why trash game is on 1 place ghost of thushima is better and should be 1…

  4. Finished Sekiro last year and played many sword fighting games since then but I didn’t enjoyed any other game as much as I did Sekiro’ though I was aware of Ghost of tsushima but it was an ps exclusive so I never got a chance to play it but when I heard the news that it’s coming to pc.. I got really excited and finally it released. Bought it on day 1st and really enjoying it so much that I can’t even express, the open world , the combat and side quests literally everything is perfect in Ghost of Tsushima. A true masterpiece indeed

  5. What are you talking about … Sekiro was released before Ghost of Tsushima so how can it bear resemblance from that 🤣

  6. I think you should of included and mentioned Kengo Master Of Bushido and Genji: Dawn of the Samurai. Genji alone should of had at least 5th or fourth on the list.

  7. Ghost of tsushima, and the rest are non existent. Which I'm fine with it, it's one of the best games ever made and gonna get a sequel.
    Sekiro is one of the greatest as well, but he is not a samurai.

  8. Do you know what are similar for every western Samurai games? They all have wrong placement of katana sheath( always on the left side ) while in reality it was supposed to be on the right side, it doesn't matter if you're left handed or not because you're using both hands to wield katana

  9. None of those games are true Samurai games; they're all morally dogmatic fantasy games.

    Samurai killed for fun, for practice, to impose fear on whoever disrespected them: they brought the heads of their kills to their superiors for awards, and often killed their own in battle and dressed them in enemy armor to justify awards. They were gangsters who evolved into a military regime.

    The only Samurai game that is close to the real, historically accurate experience, is Way of Samurai.

  10. Missing:

    Way of the samurai
    Samurai Warriors
    Nobunaga's Ambition

  11. Loving Ghost of Tsushima! Can’t seem to find anything as good as Sekiro tho

  12. The hell you keen the art style off the nioh series isn't appealingig looks brilliant especially give the yokai/ayakashi that are the main focus

  13. It's funny how every game you mentioned referenced Ghost of Tsushima. In a few words, every game is good, but play Ghost of Tsushima. Which in my opinion is AWSOME


  15. bro is comparing everything with Ghost of Tsushima, I know the game is good but to the point that you compared everything to GOT isn't much of a review.

  16. Jangan lupakan juga… WAY of THE SAMURAY 4 (ps3) itu juga yang terbaik

  17. The fact Way of the Samurai isn't mentioned is a crime. Clearly a list made by someone who isn't a longtime samurai fan. Not to mention Onimusha, Samurai Warriors. But nothing can hold a candle to Ghost of Tsushima. Truly a gift from the heavens for samurai fans.

  18. 1. Ghost of Tsushima(must play, especially now since it's on PC too)2. Rise of Ronin3. Sekiro (could also be at n. 2 spot but it's debatable bc if u want flashy fighting both are great but Sekiro has more challenge go, which might not be favored by most casual players)

  19. Way of samurai series is the best samurai games and Tenchu 2 is a best ninja game

  20. Rise of the ronin basically is a huge cuck.

  21. You forgot Dynasty Warriors or Warriors Orochi.

  22. I thought Like a Dragon Ishin and Rise of The Ronin shared Historical events ? That both of their stories were inspired by the same Historical Context ? With the arriving Of European Ships and Japan opening to the world ?

    I did play Ishin last year and was waiting for a sale to buy Rise Of The Ronin even though i am not the biggest Japanese culture enthusiast 😊 ( Still, Yakuza is one of my favourite serie in Gaming and Yakuza 0/Like a Dragon are beyond my favourites games ever ).

    I am not very attached to Graphics so i wont be as critic as many have been even though i completely concieve the idea that, as a Playstation 5 exclusive, this Game Should look better than Ps4 titles ( but Playstation 4 was/is amazing with its graphics still, GOT or Rdr 2 alone proves it very much ).

  23. Everything is good until Tsushima legendary game arrives

  24. Trek to Yomi???!! Replace that with Onimusha (in particular Onimusha 2)

  25. Nah. Ghost of Tsushima is boring. The environment could not hold up to its repetitive after repetitive combat system.

  26. Rise of the Robin combat is nothing like Ghost, not sure why you would say that. The similarities between the games are superficial at best

  27. rise of the ronin plays like a cheap netease mobile game but in console

  28. kids these days dont even know about bushido blade

  29. rise of the ronin was a awful game compared to GOT

  30. اصلا کلا عاشق این بازی شدم و هستم همیشه

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