Top 10 BEST Sega Genesis Games of All Time -

Top 10 BEST Sega Genesis Games of All Time

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There’s a lot of great Sega Genesis games out there but, really, which ones are the best ones. I showcase the top 10 best Sega Genesis games on the entire system.

Once you’ve played these, here are some great underrated Sega Genesis games you should check out.

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  1. Would you be interested in doing an episode of the Sony Kid Podcast with us? We love your content!

  2. They did release Rocket Knight (a version of it) on SNES…Sparkster

  3. Agree with every single game! 👏

  4. This is a decent list, however that X-Men game was terrible.

  5. The fact that you didn't include Earthworm Jim makes me sad…

  6. Wow marcos magic football didn't make the cut

  7. The only game I consistently play to this day is Warrior of Rome 2. Great strategy game.

  8. Sonic 1 shouldn't be on here… instead, eternal champions or the dessert strike game that's 3d

  9. My list in no order:
    Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    Streets of Rage 3
    Gunstar Heros
    Phantasy star 4
    Shining Force 2
    Shinobi 3
    Alien Soldier
    Crusader of Centy
    Rocket Knight Adventures
    Beyond Oasis

  10. Had 4 of my favorites in your list. I think Thunder force 3 , Strider and Ghouls and Ghosts should have been in this list👍

  11. Literally at the half way point I'm thinking, "X-Men 2 or at LEAST 1 better be represented here." That Soundtrack…You just earned a new subscription Brother
    Honorable Mentions:
    Road Rash
    NHL 94'
    Jungle Strike
    EarthWorm Jim
    Aladdin/Lion King
    I digress…

    Streets of Rage beats the Hell out of Final Fight. Just sayin'

  12. This is why you need to buy the Sega 6 pak cartridge ladies and gentlemen. It has 6 of the best games on the console on one game pak! A few of which are included here in this video!

  13. The X-men game is ok. I don’t think it would be on my top 10 list.

  14. My top 10
    1.) Streets of Rage
    2.) Sonic Spinball
    3.) Super Hang On
    4.) Columns
    5.) Maximum Carnage
    6.) Power Rangers The Movie
    7.) Arcade Classics
    8.) Castlevania Bloodlines
    9.) Mega Man Wily Wars
    10.) Golden Axe

  15. Sonic 3 and knuckles is the best in my opinion

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  17. Rocket knight, world of illusion. Great list.

  18. The SNES had Rocket Knight Adventures under the name of 'Sparkster'…

  19. Descent list, For sure I'd have the sonic games, golden axe, Streets of Rage, and MJ moonwalker is a classic!!! I'm surprised you gave no love for Altered Beast, Toe Jam N Earl, Ri star, road rash, and comix Zone.

  20. I loved Golden Axe: The sound of – swicka-swocko swicka-swocko thok thok kah

  21. I have so many fond memories of the Genesis. Some of my favorites were Centurion Defender of Rome, a total war style game long before Shogun Total War came out. 688 Attack Submarine, a detailed and realistic fast attack sub sim on the Genesis, what's not to like. Dungeons and Dragons, Warriors of the Eterna, Sun. An American style RPG AND D&D, it was fantastic. Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing. Still one of the best boxing games ever made. Madden, in the military everyone played this, I played thousands of games of Madden on the Genesis. F-22 Air Dominance Fighter. A 3D Polygon flight sim. It doesn't really hold up well today but back then the graphics were awesome.

  22. Gun star heros
    Comix zone
    Sonic 3 & knuckles
    Streets of rage 2
    Mickey mouse mania
    Rocket Knight Adventures
    Lion king
    Golden Ax
    TMNT Hyperstone Heist

  23. Sega was always a BS system. Yes, they might have had some games exclusive to their format, but they have always been junk. I worked at Toys R us when they were ramping up to sell the Dreamcast. My friend and I knew it would bomb and sure enough, it did. When the N64 could run the same games, it was proof it was bogus. Good for Sega to get out of of the console market. Don't miss them a bit.

  24. Toejam and earl is my fav sega genesis game. It’s such a weird rouge style game, but is so cool. Plus, the soundtrack absolutely slaps!

  25. Yea some Disney classics like lion king and Aladdin were also great.i thought street fighter 2 and RGP games like landstalker were also gems for the sega genesis!

  26. Alien Storm never gets enough credit. Glad you included that.

  27. Moonwalker on the genesis is better than the arcade imo. I have the rom on my arcade1up machine and prefer the shinobi style gen version. It reminds me of shadow dancer

  28. Xmen always gets flack for hero power limits funny the arcade game by konami does the same.

  29. Shining force 1 greatest genesis game of all time

  30. Jungle Strike and Urban Strike kept me entertained for hours!

  31. StarFlight, Best game ever I played this game for months!!!

  32. I know these kind of list are just self opinion. But my dude was meh the whole list. He even picked the bad xmen game, why not clone wars?

  33. Every one knows that the best sinic game is sinic 3 and knuckles

  34. Phantasy Star IV deserves to be in the top 10. There are not many RPGs on the Mega Drive, and that one is probably the best one.

  35. I respect your list but of course I would disagree a lot. Mostly I wanna say Stress Of Rage I is better then the II. And to mention a game I would have replacing several of yours would be Shadow Dancer.

  36. Ecco the Dolphin, Road Rash II, X-Men 2 the Clone War, Sonic Spinball, Jungle Strike, Jurassic Park, Comix Zone, Phantasy Star IV, Sonic 2, Shinobi III.

  37. Shining force? Remove The sonic games… They are way too easy…

  38. My top 10
    1. Street of Rage 2
    2. Shining force 2
    3. Shining force
    4. Gain ground
    5. Gunstar heroes
    6. Contra hardcorps
    7. Mutant hockey
    8. Castevania bloodlines
    9. Street of Rage 3
    10. Alienstorm
    11. Zero tolerance (yeppsipepsi!)

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