Top 10 BEST SELLING Star Wars Games of All Time -

Top 10 BEST SELLING Star Wars Games of All Time

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The top 10 highest selling Star Wars games of all time! For more Battlefront 2, new Lego Star Wars, Jedi Fallen Order, and Star Wars gaming, stay bombastic 🕶

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  1. i have starwars the complete saga and i still play it to this day

  2. I get SWTOR is free but doesnt it have like 10 Million total players?

  3. The thumbnail makes it look like he is rating heroes lol

  4. I'm a bit surprised that Empire at War isn't on the list considering the still huge and still growing modding Community and the lack of a comparable game.

  5. I’m extremely sad that Star Wars Jedi academy wasn’t first 🙁

  6. I’m pretty surprised Kotor or Kotor 2 wasn’t on the list due to how popular it was! Overall I liked the list, but was definitely surprised that Battlefront (2015) was #1!

  7. Love force unleashed and new battlefront 1 and 2

  8. Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, & Real World Ambience says:

    So many of these games bring so much nostalgia for me. The battlefront and lego star wars series made for so many fun and memorable times during my childhood. The original Battlefront II is still a contender for my top spot of favorite game of all time. Thank you for the video! It's been a while since I've seen gameplay from some of these games. I hope to go back and play them all.

  9. So many Star Wars games came out on the year of lucky number 2005 as well as the best Star Wars movie in my opinion. It's a blessing and a curse to be born on that year. One on hand, your birth year is super popular. On the other hand, you had to wait a good amount of years to even be able to play these games and understand the movie. Still can't believe I'm 16🥳

  10. Me: Oh! He's actually talking about Jedi Fallen Order without the meme-
    Andrew: CaLcuLaTOr kEstIs!

  11. you can just get jedi fallen order on ea play for free

  12. If you want the best clone trooper experience I highly recommend getting the game squad and then downloading the galactic contention mod. It blew my mind how much I felt like an actual clone trooper.

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  14. I liked Republic Commando. I liked the Jedi Knight games (Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight and the expansion Mysteries Of The Sith, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy). I enjoyed KOTOR 1 and 2.

  15. We need a list of every comic to read (chronologically) in between Empire and Jedi

  16. Wait I thought Clone troopers from the clone wars show (2008) voiced him..

  17. It would be really pog if there was a sequel to the classic rts strategy game Star wars empire at war

  18. Fun fact about me the first Star Wars game I seriously played was the force unleashed it really wowed me when I was little I really
    Loved how powerful it felt

  19. I’m surprised that Jedi Outcast didn’t make it

  20. Can’t wait for your Easter eggs today or tomorrow

  21. How fallen order did better than force unleashed

  22. og battlefront 2; a million copies sold and a million more well on the way

  23. reasons why the newer games were sold more is because back in the day not everyone could afford and pc or console, nowdays its almost a common device like a fridge. Also there werent sales on the web, i mean every week there is a little sale for a game on steam. Still most selled is not most succesful, what star wars game does own your heart? Imma go with Force unsleashed, compelte saga, pod racer and EA BF1

  24. Shadows of the empire’s cutscene’s look amazing! I’d go so far as to say it looks like 2007

  25. Do you know if you have the second disc for the revenge of the sith dvd you can put it in your original Xbox and get a demo of battlefront II

  26. I was surprised that Squadrons and Republic Commando weren't on there.

  27. Did anyone else notice that at 2:57 he shot the gonk droid? What did gonk do to you?

  28. Can you do a video on Lego star Wars 3: the clone Wars? I really liked it and the characters!

  29. You should try star wars galaxies, legends server maybe?

  30. Galaxy of Heroes has probably made more money than all of these games put together

  31. We should get a new Battlefront game made by Pandemic (RIP), with all of the original actors. In the same style as the old games. That would be awesome

  32. Hell on Earth - The History Of Warfare says:

    I hate for so many movie scenes, the best redtion of them, is in lego. WE need a proper OT game.

  33. Hell on Earth - The History Of Warfare says:

    I'm schocked lego got on the list 3 times. esp. with a re-release.

  34. I wish Star Wars: Empire at War would have made it on the list, but I knew it did not. Still one of my favourites to this day.

  35. I am sad that any of Jedi Knight games and Republic Commando did not make it. They are my personal favorites.

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