Top 10 BEST SELLING Star Wars Games of All Time -

Top 10 BEST SELLING Star Wars Games of All Time

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The top 10 highest selling Star Wars games of all time! For more Battlefront 2, new Lego Star Wars, Jedi Fallen Order, and Star Wars gaming, stay bombastic 🕶

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  1. I wasn't surprised about the number one spot. Everyone wanted a new star wars battlefront, and didn't know it was going to be as shit as it was

  2. I am sad that any of Jedi Knight games and Republic Commando did not make it. They are my personal favorites.

  3. I wish Star Wars: Empire at War would have made it on the list, but I knew it did not. Still one of my favourites to this day.

  4. Hell on Earth - The History Of Warfare says:

    I'm schocked lego got on the list 3 times. esp. with a re-release.

  5. Hell on Earth - The History Of Warfare says:

    I hate for so many movie scenes, the best redtion of them, is in lego. WE need a proper OT game.

  6. We should get a new Battlefront game made by Pandemic (RIP), with all of the original actors. In the same style as the old games. That would be awesome

  7. Galaxy of Heroes has probably made more money than all of these games put together

  8. You should try star wars galaxies, legends server maybe?

  9. Can you do a video on Lego star Wars 3: the clone Wars? I really liked it and the characters!

  10. Did anyone else notice that at 2:57 he shot the gonk droid? What did gonk do to you?

  11. I was surprised that Squadrons and Republic Commando weren't on there.

  12. Do you know if you have the second disc for the revenge of the sith dvd you can put it in your original Xbox and get a demo of battlefront II

  13. Shadows of the empire’s cutscene’s look amazing! I’d go so far as to say it looks like 2007

  14. reasons why the newer games were sold more is because back in the day not everyone could afford and pc or console, nowdays its almost a common device like a fridge. Also there werent sales on the web, i mean every week there is a little sale for a game on steam. Still most selled is not most succesful, what star wars game does own your heart? Imma go with Force unsleashed, compelte saga, pod racer and EA BF1

  15. og battlefront 2; a million copies sold and a million more well on the way

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