Top 10 Best Single Player Story Games for PS4 | PlayStation 4 -

Top 10 Best Single Player Story Games for PS4 | PlayStation 4

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What are the best single player story games for PS4? We countdown our favourite narrative games for the PlayStation 4 to date, from The Last of Us to The Witcher 3.

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  1. It's been a year since this was uploaded but I feel like I have to say that at least one of the fallout games definitely deserved a spot on that list. but that's my opinion 👌

  2. Need tissues Every time I hear you trying to pronounce the word …nuclear.

  3. How did u manage to make a top 10 list without horizon zero dawn and days gone. Also here is some more, u put god of war on the 5th position and the witcher 3 above god of war in the 2nd.
    And rdr2 ha DA great story and characters but that's all, nothing else – it shouldn't even be on a top 10 list much less above god of war and without horizon.

  4. Seriously – SotC a story driven game…. it has a complete absence of story, and somehow this idea of emotional narrative is just wishful thinking. People want to believe it's a classic, but it's actually a hot mess of half ideas and crap mechanics…. none of which are fixed in the remaster. Please – can someone tell me what is the emotional centre of this game, other than that of frustration atthe poor mechanics.

  5. Last of Us is a pale comparison when juxtaposed to to Ghost of Tsushima, as is evidenced by winning the Players Award. Failure to even mention it is just wrong. Perhaps GoT doesn't make the list because it is a complete class of its own. Got and then the rest.

  6. You look like that Liam the actor from Ireland.

  7. This guy has never played nier automata

  8. Why are Detroit Become Human and Zero Dawn Horizon on this list?? Both of those games are amazing.

  9. RDR 2 ,GTA v ,The last of us ,death stranding for sure

  10. I really enjoy mad max should be on your list 🙂

  11. I didn't understand Shadow of the Colossus either. Boy takes girl's corpse to tomb. Demonic spirits then tell him to slaughter large creatures.
    Why does he have a girl's corpse and how will demonic spirits do anything good with it?

    The Witcher also made zero sense. In the opening scene he tracks a woman (who turns into a bird) across a battlefield. We're led to believe he's the ultimate tracker, yet he has to do odd jobs for old women to get directions.
    Also, why do people think it's an RPG? The protagonist is fixed and there are only a handful of decisions that effect the game. CDPR rightly labels it as an open-world fantasy adventure. Calling it an RPG shows a lack of comprehension, just like when people say Dark Souls is an RPG because it has stats and levels.

  12. Shadow of the colossus is super boring, how can anyone like that game?

  13. Honest unpopular opinion. I find Horizon zero dawn boring and difficult to play
    Red Dead 2 ❤️
    Spiderman ❤️
    Uncharted 4❤️

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