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Top 10 Best Soulslike Games

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Everybody loves Dark Souls. Everybody wants Elden Ring. Elden Ring news may be sparse, but 2019 and 2020 have been amazing for games similar to the Souls Series. Soulslikes as they’re called, are games that people who like Dark Souls are more likely to enjoy. At least that’s how I define it. Today I’ll be ranking the best Soulslike games in 2020. Instead of directly comparing them to Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III, Demon’s Souls, or Bloodborne, I will be judging them on their overall quality and how well they stack up in comparison to what people love about those games. I hope you all enjoy the video. Be sure to subscribe for more rankings and video essays to come!


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  1. "Ample build variety…" Kicks Lautrec off the cliff

  2. Ah yes, the hardest soulslike. SQUARESPACE

  3. hollow knight is dogshit change my mind… you dont even have a weapon you punch air at the enemy

  4. Missed *Mortal Shell*… Better soulslike than every game on this list.

  5. got the embrace the void achievement a few days ago… Hollow knight is just such a masterpiece

  6. This is Salt and Sanctuary Erasure. Also shout out to Death's Gambit

  7. Hollow Knight is the game that defines the term souls-like? I'd say Dark Souls is the game that defines the term souls-like. 😂 Hollow Knight is more of a typical metroidvania. It's a good game but i really don't understand why it's on pretty much every single "best souls-likes list".

  8. As someone that likes Dark Souls for his own reasons If i played the hollow Knight expecting a Dark Souls experience, I'd be very disappointed

  9. Stumbling on this video a year later, and still wondering when we'll get any more info on Elden Ring. At this point, I'm more impressed than disappointed. Either way, great vid!

  10. Ashen is an incredible souls like game and nobody knows about it! It really is a hidden gem, go check that out if you want a great souls like game

  11. I already knew Hollow knight was gonna be 1 place and oh i deserves to be up there

  12. I hate souls like games but love to watch other people play them

  13. Dead cells should had been #1 to be honest.

  14. Sekiro not souls like at all more like Tenchu like

  15. i thought i would hear from a new game here. was dissapointed

  16. Am I the only one that thought hollow knight and dead cells were both fucking trash??? And I LOVE roguelikes, been playing them since Nethack.

  17. "soulslike" this list may aswell be called "10 games i like" yikes

  18. I really don't like your comparison you should put the indie games in another list.

  19. Elden ring, Jan 21 2022 now we can stop posting elden ring memes

  20. Code vein is a really bad game in my opinion, even though i love anime games, this game has many abilities and combat classes but the only strategy that you need is to equip a greatsword and press square.

  21. Jedi fallen order have difficulty slider because its combat wasn't well thought out.

  22. My issue with fallen order is I have played like 3 hours and I have not seen an actual boss

  23. Sekiro: lack of variety
    Just go check Ongbal's Chanel he took sekiro combat to a whole new level 🙏
    Played DS, Bloodborne but i enjoyed sekiro the most ❤️

  24. I wouldn't even recommend code vein for like $5

  25. Code vein was not hard the bosses are just sponges.

  26. Finally started playing sekiro a few days ago and I absolutely love it

  27. I'm hoping that one time it will come out game with Dark Souls like mechanics, but without eternal gloom and doom of this series.

  28. Hey has anyone else played mortal shell ?

  29. Hollow knight is irreplaceable
    I dsicovered souls games because of it but it's still on top, and it's hard to top a Hidetaka Miyazaki game

    And I do think it has replayability

  30. Yeah code vein wasn’t a masterpiece but the surge, revenant from the ashes and blasphemous are ranked higher? I don’t agree with that, that’s wack

  31. I was disappointed when you put Remnant over Jedi Fallen Order despite its extremely dull and boring world design but everything made up when you put Hollow Knight in the number 1 spot. Hollow Knight is definitely the best game inspired by certain souls mechanics. From gameplay to lore to world design it's a perfect game on its own. It arguably even does certain things better than Souls that the Souls game could certainly take inspiration from and can not go wrong. Such as a map system that you have to find first and even after that, you have to fill it in as you go. So that you can always return to places you forgot simply by seeing an incomplete map area. Or that you know there's a secret item nearby through their distinct sound so you better start whacking all the walls in case one of them is illusory. Even though Dark Souls is one of my most favorite video game series, I have a love/hate relationship with it. The hate part comes from its many flaws. Flaws that Hollow Knight fixes that makes the game more accessible without cracking down on difficulty.

  32. Sekiro didn't work for me. I never got in to the whole samurai setting anyways.

  33. Sorry i rly love hk but sekiro or bloodborn deserves the num 1 spot

  34. Missing Pascal Wager best soulslike on mobile and now on steam PC?

  35. Great list. Im not a huge platformer. My only problem with this list is Sekiro being higher than Nioh 2. Nioh 2 has so much more replayablility appeal. Thats real value. My only argument for Sekiro would be the optics which are less cartoon color saturated and more Soulslike.

  36. I think dark souls is a pretty good souls like game

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