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Top 10 BEST Spider-Man Games!!!

Evan Filarca
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Here is my own personal list of the Top 10 BEST Spider-Man video games! Thank you all so much for watching True Believers, and make sure to like this video, share, comment, and subscribe!

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  1. Imo
    1. Spider-Man/Spider-Man: Mile Morales (same game to me equally amazing)
    2. Spider-Man 2(web swinging and combos are so much fun and I swung around the city for 3 hours straight when first starting to play it)
    3. Ultimate Spider-Man (legit just a comic book come to life and graphics still hold up and VENOM)
    4. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (legit my childhood and so awesome as a concept to this day)
    5. Spider-Man 2000 (feels like a comic book come to life and suit selection still hasn't been beat and has almost all the best spider man villains)

    I haven't played web of shadows but want to, that air combat and wall combat looks insane and I hope they have something like it in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

  2. me who didnt know there were more than 10 spiderman games

  3. I mean Beenox only made 4 or 3 Spider-Man games, why wouldn't shattered dimensions be the best?

  4. The amazing Spiderman 1 was my favourite Spiderman game growing up

  5. Can't believe Edge of time didn't make it while all Tobey maguire movie games did

  6. Thank you for putting Web of Shadows in the top three

  7. I am so glad someone regognised ultimate spiderman

  8. Insomniacs web-slinging wouldnt have exsisted without Spider-Man 2's. It was the first Spider-man game to create physics-based web slinging and pioneered the way for all future Spider-man games

  9. First things first, my list:
    1: Marvel's Spider-Man
    2: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
    3: Ultimate Spider-Man
    4: Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    5: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
    6: Spider-Man: Edge of Time
    7: Spider-Man 2
    8: Spider-Man 3
    9: Spider-Man (2002)
    10: Spider-Man (2000)

    When it comes to your list:
    10: absolutely not, The Amazing Spider-Man shouldn't be on anyone's top 10 list. The story, like with all movie tie-ins, is hindered by the fact that it's a movie tie-in. The combat is an Arkham clone that manages to feel significantly worse. The traversal highly prioritizes looking good over feeling good, and it makes it awful. It's sequel improves graphically and mechanically in big ways, but the story is even worse.
    9: I feel like Spider-Man 3 deserves higher praise. It's mechanically the best of the Raimi tie-ins, and it has the absolute best QTE fail screens ever.
    8: Spider-Man (2002), like all the Raimi tie-ins, holds a special place in my heart because I grew up on them, but the other ones are better.
    7: Spider-Man (2000) was the only Spider-Man game I had available to me for a while, and while I had so much fun, it hasn't aged well, and that holds it back.
    6: I hold Shattered Dimensions in similar esteem, but as my list makes obvious, I feel like Edge of Time should've been here, and it's insane that it didn't make the list when a TASM game did. Shattered Dimensions is their best game, but Edge of Time is their second best. Most importantly, Shattered Dimensions is the reason the spider-verse as a concept was explored more, directly leading to the three best Spider-Man movies.
    5: this is a hot take, but Spider-Man 2 is overhyped. It was the foundation that future games were built on, and is the best of the Raimi tie-ins, but Spider-Man 3 was better mechanically and graphically. It has the best story of the movie tie-ins as well, but you can again only rank it so high because it's hindered by what it is.
    4: I considered putting Miles Morales higher simply for the best swinging in any Spider-Man game (until Marvel's Spider-Man 2 comes out and moves everything down a spot) but ultimately its story, while not bad, isn't strong enough to move it up.
    3: Ultimate Spider-Man is just a classic. Its stylized graphics make it almost timeless, and as the only one on the list to let us play as Venom (here's hoping we get that in the new one) it deserves proper respect.
    2: Web of Shadows was my all-time favorite until Marvel's Spider-Man released. Its story was pretty simple, but it was everything it needed to be. Plus, the inclusion of other heroes was absolutely awesome, especially Wolverine. The game definitely over-relied on web striking, but you can give it a pass since the other combat was incredibly satisfying. Seeing other characters with the symbiote and getting to fight them was the highlight of my childhood.
    1: Marvel's Spider-Man is just the best. Miles Morales improves on the swinging with a few tiny tweaks mechanically and some new animations, but it's still so satisfying to swing around the city. And the story, it's just amazing. The ending absolutely broke my heart in the best way possible, and it really comes down to the core of what Spider-Man is. Whether or not its sequel will have a better story remains to be seen, but if the gameplay is anything to go off of, it'll take the top spot hands down.

  10. Miles morales will always be in my top 3, because of the hardships I had to face to get that game💀 it’s still a really good game as well

  11. Having Spider-Man 3 over TASM 1 is insane

  12. Soon your going to put spider man 2 because it comes out this week

  13. I am so fucking happy that web of shadows finally is getting the recognition it deserves. That game was fucking awesome

  14. Everyone in the comments not mentioning the newest Spider-Man 2 because y’all don’t have a PS5 💀

  15. 1.Spider-Man ps4
    2.Spider man 2 PS5
    3.Miles Morales
    4.Web of shadows
    5.Spider-Man 2

  16. 1. Spiderman ps4
    2. Spiderman Miles Morales
    3. Ultinate Spiderman
    4. Web of shadows
    5. Spiderman 3
    6. Shattered Dimensions
    7. Amazing spiderman 1
    8. Amazing spiderman 2
    9. Spiderman 1(I never played the console version of spiderman 2 so I'm not gonna add it over here)

  17. Spiderman 2 movie tie in game for console should be at least 3. It was the most amazing game we ever saw and holy shit it was a open world game in 2004 like that was unheard of back then. Every side quest you had to do felt meaningful and every mission was memorable. You can not say that about any other spiderman game ever made.

  18. 1. Spider-Man 2
    2.Spider-Man PS4
    3. Web Of Shodows

  19. Top 4:
    1: Spider Man 2
    2: Spider Man Miles Morales
    3: Spider Man Remastered
    4: Marvel’s Spider Man.

  20. i personally like spider man miles morales a lot more than spider man ps4

  21. 1.Spider-Man 2
    2.Spider-Man ps4
    3.Spider-Man web of shadows
    4.Spider-Man: miles morales

  22. Bud said miles morales is worse than ultimate spiderman 💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️

    Nostalgia is taking over your body like a symbiote

  23. Nah Fr for me it has to be
    1.spiderman 2
    2.web of shadows
    3. Shattered dimensions
    4. Ultimate Spider-Man
    5.Spider-Man 2
    6. Spider-Man 3 (definitely liked this and the movie more than a lot of people did)
    7.amazing Spider-Man 2
    8.amazing Spider-Man 1
    9. Miles morales (only because of how short it was-yes Ik its bc it was only supposed to be a dlc)
    10.none other really made it but a honorable mention that features our favorite web crawler is ultimate alliance 1 and 2 (SUPER underrated, and overhated, amazing games never played the 3rd I heard it was ass)

  24. 1. spider-Man ps4
    2. Miles morales
    3. Spider-Man 2000
    4. Spider-man 2
    5. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

  25. I thought spider man edge of time could of made the list but it’s pretty solid

  26. Everyone always forgets friend or foe. Dude that game was baller

  27. 𖣘𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖌𝖔𝖓𝕾𝖑𝖆𝖞𝖊𝖗𖣘 says:

    Ever since Marvel Spiderman 2 insomniac came, its gotta be in the number one list of the year
    Edit:Best game ever

  28. Spiderman 2 is the best spiderman game HANDSDOWN

  29. I remember playing web of shadows when I was little and it frustrates me that I cant find a way to play it on pc

  30. 1. Spiderman 2 insomiac

    2. Spiderman ps4 insomniac

    3. Spiderman miles morales insomiac

  31. Spider-Man 2 reminded me of Ultimate Spider-Man because you can play as Venom I’m so glad I got to play as Venom😂

  32. I like the list a lot. Especially for you adding Spider-Man 2: The Movie game and having it in the top 5. But, really think Spider-Man 2 (PS5) has taken that top spot now. My opinion tho.

  33. I actually enjoyed "Spider-Man: Friend or Foe" as a kid, although it's hardly ever mentioned due to its apparent poor design.

  34. Spider-Man 2 The Movie Game is by far and away the best and no one can ever convince me otherwise

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