Top 10 BEST Stalker Enemies In Horror Games! -

Top 10 BEST Stalker Enemies In Horror Games!

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On this episode of Nerd Space Games I dive down into all of the horror games that feature some sort of Stalker Enemy. Made popular with Nemesis & Mr. X in Resident Evil, stalker enemies have been around for a very long time in horror games. With that in mind, the question becomes which stalker enemies are the best in the genre? Tune in and find out!

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0:00 Intro
1:32 Scissorman
2:40 The Hunter
4:12 Daniella
5:37 Walter Sullivan
7:00 Slenderman
8:22 Reborn Laura
9:55 The Stalker
11:22 Chris Walker
13:05 Mr X
14:52 Xenomorph

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What Games Are Featured In Today’s Video

Alien: Isolation
Amnesia: The Bunker
Clock Tower
Dead Space
The Evil Within
Haunting Ground
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Slender: The Arrival
Silent Hill 4: The Room


  1. I’d put the stalker over walker simply to the fact that encounters with walker are all scripted when the stalker is always looking for you

  2. I feel like Jack Baker from RE7 should be on the list…

  3. My pick isn't really a stalker but it disturbed me and that was the tall lady in fatal frame maiden of blackwater. I believe you can put her down but not all spirits go down first attempt she is creepy because she hangs out just in the distance and I remember her face being disturbing

  4. I would have added Sawrunner from Cry Of Fear, which it's free.

  5. I agree with the list, with one nitpick:

    Laura is technically not a stalker enemy. She appears in three scripted moments, and in two of them, you have to run. She is indeed terrifying, though. Also, you don't ever have to kill her in the end. You only have to fight her in the second encounter, but on the third (and hardest), you just need to deactivate the flames in the room to leave. She will give chase, but you will survive and never see her again. Killing her is also VERY hard unless you use a certain glitch. But, out of all the recurring enemies in the game, Laura surely is the most terrifying and efficient in keeping you on your toes… up there with Anima from the second game, who does feel more like a stalker in my opinion. Sadly, there needed to be more with her. She was, by far, the scariest thing in The Evil Within 2.

    And your #1 pick is also one of my favorite enemies of all time. The game is so good, and mostly thanks to that enemy.

  6. The xenomorph AI IS The most scariest thing in video games

  7. The evil within my favorite series 🙂

  8. I've never found Nemesis terrifying, original or remake, but I did love fighting him because of the dodge mechanics, and item drops. Mr.X on the other hand, both original and Remake was just flat out creepy. The way he silently walks menacingly towards the character, or bursting through walls is unsettling. Also his themes songs just make dealing with him more heart pounding. Nemesis themes are just catchy🎶

  9. I love Dead Space but man fuck those hunters lol, they gave me so much grief playing it. Still love the game and definitely I'm my top 5❤

  10. I thought Marta and Loutermilch both from Outlast 2 were scarier than Chris Walker.

  11. I totally get Mr. X in the remake. It took me a LONG time to gain enough courage to play through my first playthrough (Claire A) and I still feel the anxiety now with my second playthrough. (Leon B)

  12. “The creature design is subpar at best” bro what. you’re afraid of a spider lady be serious rn

  13. All of them are scary in these games😊

  14. Every outlast stalker is scary af😭

  15. Probably an unpopular opinion, but one of my fave stalker enemies would be the Gardener from Castlevania Legacy of Darkness.

  16. The hunter removes all fear factor from the game, knowing it’s always there the game gets more actiony and loses the spook factor, thing is also ez

  17. Daniella doesn’t want to just devour Fiona, she wants to specifically devour her womb and you can hear such if you get a game over from her.

  18. Alien isolation still has one of the best stalker enemies ever !

  19. Sorry but were Is fritz the maniac imp of Briandead 13🤔🤔🤔

  20. Laura, from the evil within, always gave me anxiety. Even when she appeared in the second game, I wanted to shut the gate down (I still played on, just with anxiety)

  21. Am I the only one who got jump scared by xenomorph?

  22. To me MR X will always be the scariest thing in a horror game.

  23. The stalker from Amneisa : the bunker, is scarier then Chris IMO, purely because your WAY closer to him and your treading the same ground over and over- meaning that if you options become limited more and more- meaning you have to go fast- but the faster you go the more times you encounter him

  24. But Prince of Persia warrior within is somewhat of a horror game

  25. That Xenomooph make you need to smoke a cigarette after playing alien isolation

  26. I kept getting flashbanged by the number transitions lol

  27. Wait wait wait… The Xenomorph learns? DX I did not know that, but that explains a lot…

  28. OG Nemesis is terrifying
    Remake Nemesis is just…… *sobs*… LOOK HOW THEY MASSACRED MY BOY

  29. Amnesia: The Bunker was unfortunately too short for my taste
    EZ nemesis with lot of Fuel

  30. The Alien freaked me out each time, I even got a bit surprised when it stopped just out of the flame throwers reach when I pulled it out!

  31. Jack baker scares me more than any stalker him taunting you, him possibly taking off your leg, his environment making noise everywhere you go he has a random encounter randomly .

  32. Jimmy Hall from At Dead Of Night is also a great one

  33. I never liked people calling the Beast, the stalker in amnesia the bunker it just sounds so much less menacing

  34. Their is a slender man table top customizable board game where slender man is as powerful & dangerous as the Queen chess piece as = to the Queen chess game piece's power. You can learn about the game by looking up the custom board games on YouTube.

  35. Holy crap that xenomorph jumpscare got me…

  36. Sadly Amnesia bunker isn't a monster I really got scared of. Playing stealth games I liked and I found there's load points. And I abused them being able to escape the beast easily. I will say I got a funny glitch where two (maybe more) would spawn xD

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