Top 10 BEST Survival Games in 2022! -

Top 10 BEST Survival Games in 2022!

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What would you rate this List of the BEST Survival games to play in 2022? Whats your favourite game in 2022 so far? Some games like 7 days to die are still up there with the best even after being out for years upon years, where as recently released games like V Rising are taking over the world!

1. Terraria
Platforms: Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series One/X/S, Switch, IOS/Android, PC

2. 7 days to die

Platforms: Playstation 4/5, Xbox One/X/S, PC

3. Scum

Platforms: PC

4. V Rising

Platforms: PC

5. Green Hell

Platforms: Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series One/X/S, Switch, PC

6. Raft

Platforms: PC

7. Kenshi

Platforms: PC

8. Valheim

Platforms: Xbox Series One/X/S, PC

9. Ark

Platforms: Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series One/X/S, Switch, PC

10. Grounded

Platforms: Xbox Series One/X/S, PC

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  1. scum game is made by croteam in croatia and i live in croatia
    check croteam games they have really good games

  2. in scum, the plates for cities say dubrava or trpanj, etc. and these are cities in Croatia

  3. Isn't raft a mobile game? I'm positive I played that on my phone

  4. I like that you put terraria in this video. It is a really cool game and its one of the games that i have like 500 hours in. Id recommend it 100%

  5. I refunded Raft because I kept dying of hungry and thirst because there's no tutorial and it's not obvious how to keep yourself alive. After 20 restarts I just got my money back.

  6. Apart from Raft, Green Hell and Vrising, I have all of these and they al have their unique things that make them so great to play.

  7. i have about 800hs in terraria, i love this game to death

  8. Ты походу в dayz не играл

  9. Me with not 1 single minute put into terraria 😂

  10. what the heck, do you understand surviving games ? not bull shit like here.

  11. I've played almost all of these games but I have to say… for realism, SCUM takes it man, hands down… Not in a single game have i see this realistic character metabolism n stuff. yes it used to have a lot of bugs but not any severe ones atm. Plus the devs are working round the clock fixing them. One of the best games I've ever played

  12. 7 DAYS THE BEST!!! I also think stardew should make top 5…just my 2 cents.

  13. Never played Terraria but Rust on the other hand I am coming up on 10,000 hours on it

  14. I can't believe you didn't add the forrest. The best survival game by far

  15. How you can leave minecraft out is beyond me , I get you may not be a fan but come on.

  16. kenshi was actually cool. you may die a lot, but its still enjoyable. quite diff from many other games.

  17. 6:08 "You might not agree with my opinion, and that's why its not at number one" .. That's not how things work. Especially since your number one is (in my opinion) a bore fest to even look at, let alone play. But, hey, that's why its not my number one.

  18. I’m surprised I haven’t seen stranded deep on any of these 😂

  19. Didn't watch the video, but I'm surprised to not see any mention of Don't Starve. Not even in the comments.

  20. deadside is underated people need to get on that game

  21. 7 days alpha 21 is on its way. Cannot wait for the 10 Beta's before final release in 2030. I've played every alpha and love it all. Great modding community also.

  22. No Project Zomboid? Probably THE best survival game ever

  23. I'm looking for the game but i forgot the turtle.. its a game about a woman stranded on an island and must survive and build a kano / ship to travel to another island. We can chop grass, hunt animal and craft weapon. Its released July or june 2022 and i think its indie game. Pls can anyone tell me what the tittle? I forgot 🙁

  24. I’ve gone off gaming until they make some new up to date survival games like 7 days to die it’s too old now but that’s exactly the type of game I want to play but it don’t exist in todays graphics and 7 Days to die doesn’t even have half as much content as PC has for the console. So no wonder PC players don’t complain about not having enough to do within the games they have.

  25. I'm surprised Project Zomboid isn't on this list. I'm curious of your thoughts on that game, and if you have not tried it, I highly recommend you do.

  26. 7 days to die is absolutely awful wtf most buggy game I've ever played

  27. I love Valheim. Kenshi is the sequel to a RTS. Raft needs more water enemies. 7 days to die is one of my favorite survival games, but the devs seem to not care about the player base since they keep making it so players slowly have to play a particular way and keep ignoring players concerns.

  28. Zasto mi pise trpanj na thumbnailu? Jel to ozbiljno il me neko jebe? XD

  29. Why mention Ark 2. It's not even going to come out this year

  30. I think that dayz should have been somewhere here ,but otherwise great review

  31. yeees, Scum is much better than Dayz! bugs are getting fixes, developers very active

  32. I have all these games already, big fan of survival games here. What I dont have is friends to play with.

  33. Nice list. I would personally put Grounded as nr. 1.

  34. 3 honorable mentions: Vintage Story, Project Zomboid, The Long Dark

  35. How come state of decay 2 not here? I thought it was the best of the genre 😱

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