Top 10 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games to get HYPED about! - 2021 & beyond -

Top 10 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games to get HYPED about! – 2021 & beyond

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Love me some pixel art indie games so here’s a look at 10 GORGEOUS titles to feast your eyes on!

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00:00 ► Start :
00:17 ► #10 Sons of Valhalla :
00:49 ► #9 The Last Night :
01:51 ► #8 Akatori :
02:48 ► #7 A Space For The Unbound :
03:36 ► #6 Wind Runners :
05:11 ► #5 Chained Echoes :
07:04 ► #4 Savior :
09:06 ► #3 :
10:20 ► #2 :
11:17 ► #1 :

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  1. Is The Last Night still in development? We haven't got any new news in awhile

  2. Dude Saviour is just WOW. I really hope that developer will hit those fluidity in animations. Game looks absolutely stunning

  3. I want every damn game on this list. When am i gonna find time to play any of these. Surprised you didn't mention Sacrifire, that game is shaping up to be amazing.

  4. All the hype for Momodora! Also, awesome list!

  5. Momodora is looking very cool! I hope the dev does not burn out if doing more momodoras is what he sees as what everyone expects of him

  6. The last night is still coming? I thought it's dead already.

  7. I always appreciate you putting these videos together as there are always those few games I haven’t heard of before that turn out to be good fun. I’ve particularly been into metroidvania’s recently so I’ve enjoyed those videos. Thanks! 😀

  8. Hot dang, they all look so good, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to Sea of Stars. Backed it ages ago, and I cannot wait for the release.

  9. Wait, what?
    Momodora is four games series?
    I played Momodora Reverie Under the Moon Light, but I didn't know there were sequels…
    (After Googling a little) Momodora Reverie Under the Moon Light is the fourth of the series!?

  10. Wow those pixel arts are gorgeous 😍. Wishlist 'em! Backlogs be damned 😁

  11. Just realized the story of Savior reminds me of Iconoclasts – you're an illegal outcast fighting an oppressive religious cult. If it's even half as good, it's going to be a masterpiece!

  12. Except for 6, all of these are on my list. Cannot put into words how excited I am for Savior.
    Gameplay, art, and to me most importantly the background music everything seems to be 10/10 ! Can't wait for it to be released

  13. This video highlights just how wonderful and diverse pixel art games are at this point in time. AAA video 😀

  14. I can't believe how many new and awesome-looking games you introduce me to. Thanks for your hard work!

  15. Sea of Stars looks crazy good. Can't wait for it.

  16. It's actually impossible to make just one top 10 list. There are so many more fantastic looking pixel art games in the works.

  17. The additional complex blocking and dodging mechanics of savior intrigue me, defo my personal favorite on this list. Akatori looks good too

  18. Can anybody elaborate on the politics of The Last Night? I looked it up but found conflicting information. Wikipedia says the dev was involved in a controversy because he was pro gamer-gate, but he apologized for it and said he no longer have these views. That's a shame. If that's the case, I'm no longer interested in his game because I'm tired of these cowards who refuse to acknowledge the thruth regarding gamer gate.

  19. kinda unrelated but currently playing 'tails of iron' and loving every second of it!

  20. I'm hyped for Astria Ascending coming out this month.

  21. "Wind Runners" remind me so much the old but gold "Chase Ace Deluxe" on PC, i hope it will be released on PS4 ^^

  22. I REALLY loved the "surprise" game!!

  23. Savior? Looked like that other one called Sands of smth where it's an homage to Prince Of Persia on the NES

  24. Wind Runners looks an awful lot like Jet Lancer, you guys know if theyre related in anyway?

  25. The last night doesn't even look like this anymore. He's reworked the game into next-gen.

  26. Windrunners reminds me of the Atari 2600 Empire Strikes back. Yeah…I go way back lol.

  27. WOW!

    I have come to a realization today about video game art : resolution is irrelevant, palette matters.

  28. Sea of Stars looks very interesting. Especially since I like Chrono Trigger. =D

  29. Savior looks absolutely incredible! Not just in visuals but story and gameplay. Although, it might need some fluidity. It could be an amazing pixel-art game.

  30. There’s an upcoming game simply called Witch which has a very nice scene at the beginning of the trailer of a woman riding a running horse.

  31. This channel has shown so many games that should be top sellers.
    So many of the games I have purchased based on your recommendations have become my solid favorites. I hope your channel grows and continues to highlight these great game developers.

  32. A space for the unbound looks interesting.

  33. glad to see Sea of Stars! I backed it early on. One of the most beautiful games I've ever seen

  34. Momodora take my money!!! My problem with Minoria is I hate games with a protagonist who is that size, much prefer smaller characters. Makes the world feel more open, less linear, more agile play.

  35. Typically saviour is not available on xbox….

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